: Hi Guy's Imma be a Witch, what aree you going to be today?

Hmm..Slowpoke, sorry, you're a bit late Halloween was in October *hug* Today is Valentines, where we spend time with our loved ones, even though we don't need a special day devoted to saying we love our others...you should be saying that all the time =p

Anyway we here at Fizzby, we love everyone..cept you *points* mwhahahaha..kidding

And for you all today Arnie has a gift for you this little
heart container and what does it do, well let me shouw you:

Heart Container
Hold Item
When hit the heart container fills up, once all 4 segments are filled up (4 hits) the user can use the container to heal themselves for 10% of their health.

Hope everyone has a good time and a happy Valentines day.