I'm a pkmn breeder.
I've Prototyped Psyduck (now Golduck ) with--
Yawn, Soak and Synchronoise (the other move is Scald, but it doesn't matter).
I tried to make a video of my Golduck Prototype (we can call her "Simone") beating a rt 14 Audino and getting massive exp; but my skillz are not madd in that dept.
If anyone wants a Yawn/Soak/Synchronoise (or just Yawn/Synchronoise; as Psyduck learns Soak at lvl 35 and Golduck learns it at lvl 37) Psyduck/Golduck .. plz pm me.
Also tell me if there are other combinations that will work well (a la Yawn/Dream Eater) and I'll look into it.