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Thread: #084 Doduo / #085 Dodrio

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    Looking for the Dream World Doduo. Please PM me with an offer so I can give you a list of all 2,000 events that I have XD. Thanks.
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    My trade list

    My Shiny Trade list

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    I am looking for a doduo or any other poke in this tree for purposes of Pokedex completion. I have most starters and basic gen 5 pokes, PM me with any offers

    Also don't bother asking for shinies or legendaries. I will laugh at you.
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    PM me if you add me, I'll add back

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    Looking for any doduo thank you

    evolution Items I am giving away:
    firestone x15
    metal coat x3
    up grade
    water stone x19
    sun stone x2
    King's rock x2
    Dragon scale x2
    Razor claw
    moon stone x2
    thunderstone x5
    magmarizer x5
    sachet x3
    oval stone
    deep sea scale x2
    prism scale
    dawn stone
    everstone x3
    My 3ds fc:4441 9598 4755

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    Looking for any doduo or evolution.

    I have all pokemon you can possibly have using BW2 cartrige only, so feel free to ask me.
    PM me, my FC is in my sig

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yusaburu View Post
    breeding doduo for any pokemon from my wishlist

    I need a Doduo/drio. I have Kecleon and Munchlax! ; )
    Claimed Pidgeotto and Morty of Pokemon!
    White 2 FC - 0906.1633.6882
    **I'm looking for multiple Pokes in multiple threads. MESSAGE me back plz~**

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    I’m looking for a female of the first form of this Pokémon with their hidden ability. I can breed a few other DWFs. And I can breed any Pokémon with egg moves. PM if you want to make a deal.
    Looking for 2 SHINY SQUIRTLE (or any evolved form) and 1 SHINY UNOWN. I don't care about its stats or where it was born.
    I can breed any pokemon with 5ivs, Nature, ability (Available Hidden or not), and egg moves.

    Willing to bread more then one Pokemon for any depending on complexity
    Pm with offers

    My safari: Shuppet; Pumpkaboo & spiritomb
    FC: 1779 1486 1744

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    need for pokedex completion have all unova pokemon and a couple of rare dwf like dwf dragnoire, dwf poliwag, dwf vulpix, dragnoir with extreme speed ect. pm if interested
    EDIT: no longer needed
    Last edited by alexfirefist6; 28th August 2013 at 8:45 PM.
    my beautiful shinies that i obtained myself!
    Wild Encounter(shiny charm):
    Traded: s/f s/f s/f ;633; ;535;
    Event shiny:
    If I have traded you a hacked pokemon then tell me immediately and I will trade it back, no questions asked. I no not accept trade backs after a day has passed. Black 2 fc: 2409 6868 9361 ps. i can only trade during weekens unless its a holiday/school break

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    I am in need of a doduo or dodrio for Pokedex purposes
    Pm me for trade negotiations
    Friend codes
    (Main) White 2 : 3311-4929-2615
    (Egglocke run) Black :
    (Alternate) Black 2 : 4686-1328-2817
    Looking for eggs of anything except Unova Pokemon or starters
    have pokerus and all starter except Kalos region for trade.
    All trades to be carried out on my white 2 record

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