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    Apr 2011


    Able to breed Gastly anytime!
    !Quick Trades! *Available to trade anytime of the day/most of the night!!
    -Unsure of natures that can be bred with the Gastly.
    **Willing to evolve Gastly to Haunter before trading to you so you can get Gengar fast and all the pokedex information**
    Send a PM with offers if you're interested in a Gastly, Haunter or Gengar. Not looking for much in return! ^^

    Currently trading:
    Gastly F Lvl1 Timid Nature
    Gastly F Lvl1 Timid Nature
    Gengar F Lvl72 Calm Nature
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    Soul Silver FC:
    3DS FC: 2208-5654-7785

    Currently FT: 5 IV Chansey w/ egg moves & Bold nature. 5 IV Noibat w/ Timid nature, Infiltrator.
    PM if you'd like to make an offer~

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