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    i want to trade an onix with metal coat for a similar onix with metal coat to get a steelix. here is what i have to offer:

    Level 48 male onix, nature: hasty, ability: rock head with active Pokerus virus

    Level 48 female onix, nature: mild, ability: rock head (can be given Pokerus if requested)

    PM me with offers
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    Looking for trade based evolution pokemon to complete pokedex. Most interested in:
    | Poliwhirl -> Politoed | Clamperl -> Huntail | Clamperl -> Gorebyss |
    | Onix -> Steelix | Seadra -> Kingdra | Feebas -> Milotic |

    PM me if interested.

    Want Pokerus? Just ask.

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