I'm going back to my roots and giving away the Pokemon on this list.
I need to clear 2 boxes of Pokemon I have no use/need for. I don't want anything in return, really.
Once they're gone, they're gone! Don't bother asking me for natures, gender etc...
I won't be breeding more and don't have the time/energy/desire to rifle through them all to get what you want.
I'll literally just be grabbing the first one and giving it to you, got it?

Oh...and manners don't hurt

2x Bulbsaur
3x Treecko (1x is lvl.6)
1x Chikorita
1x Turtwig
2x Croconaw (lvl.22 & lvl.19)
2x Torchic
2x Cyndaquil
2x Tepig (Egg Move: Flame Charge)
1x Chimchar (Japanese)

1x Pansage
2x Panpour
2x Pansear (1x lvl.14, lvl.7 & 2 with Egg Move: Incinerate)

3x Spheal (Egg Moves)
1x Darumaka (Japanese)
1x Wobbuffet (nicknamed Maximo)
1x Nidorino
1x Rhyperior
2x Happiny
1x Rhyhorn
1x Magnezone
1x Gengar
1x Golem
1x Delibird
1x Drifblim
1x Hippopotas
1x Scyther
1x spinda
1x Cleffa
1x Kingler
1x Emolga (Japanese)
1x Unfezent
2x Deerling (Orange & Pink)
2x Bisharp (Egg moves)
1x Scolipede

1x Lileep
1x Archen
4x Tirtouga