Seeking: A Timid Eevee (or a Timid Jolteon w/ Baton Pass). Really want high IVs, esp. in speed and special attack. If it has like 5 IVs in attack then that's fine (obviously). If it's Timid with good IVs AND Hidden Power Ice, then I'll love you forever.

Willing to offer: I have the following trained Pokemon that I can part with: Dusknoir, Torterra, Metagross, Salamence, Tyranitar (my best Pokemon -- near perfect IVs in every stats), Heracross (likewise really good), Staraptor, a shiny Chimchar w/ Naive nature, Garchomp (Adamant, solid IVs). Any starter from Kanto/Johto/Hoenn. A lot of legendaries (inquire--I probably have it). More details upon request.

Yep. PM if you can help.