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    Looking for a (legit and not cloned) mew, I can trade one or more legendary/shiny on my sign.
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    3DS FC: 0344-9667-2080

    National Dex Complete!
    I'm looking for HA and Shiny pokemons.
    I can Breed 5/6 Iv's and Egg Moves!
    Friend Safari Ground: Phanpy, Marowak, and Diggersby.
    Some Legendaries for trade: Zapdos (Still not caught, so you can choose the nature), Mewtwo (Quiet or a nature of your choice), Regirock (Impish), Uxie (Rash), Mesprit (Rash) and Azelf (Adamant)

    All my pokemons are legit and not cloned, therefore I only accept legits and not cloned pokemons, If interested PM me with your offers.

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