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Thread: #165 Ledyba / #166 Ledian

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    I am in need of a lediba or ledian for Pokedex purposes
    Pm me for trade negotiations
    Friend codes
    (Main) White 2 : 3311-4929-2615
    (Egglocke run) Black :
    (Alternate) Black 2 : 4686-1328-2817
    Looking for eggs of anything except Unova Pokemon or starters
    have pokerus and all starter except Kalos region for trade.
    All trades to be carried out on my white 2 record

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    I'm looking for a male non-english Ledyba or Ledian, with Dizzy Punch.
    A female non-english Ledyba or Ledian with it's Hidden Ability.
    Any IVs of 31 are appreciated. Attack and Speed are desirable.
    Feel free to PM with offers. I have X and Y also, so if you'd like something in the new gen game, just let me know. But this particular Ledyba/Ledian I need for Black/White.
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