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Thread: #170 Chinchou / #171 Lanturn

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    Looking for any chinchou thank you

    evolution Items I am giving away:
    firestone x15
    metal coat x3
    up grade
    water stone x19
    sun stone x2
    King's rock x2
    Dragon scale x2
    Razor claw
    moon stone x2
    thunderstone x5
    magmarizer x5
    sachet x3
    oval stone
    deep sea scale x2
    prism scale
    dawn stone
    everstone x3
    My 3ds fc:4441 9598 4755

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    I need a dwf chimchou. I can offer anything breedable as well as dwf dratini vulpix poliwag larvitar nidoran and much more

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    Outside Erika's Gym


    Pokes I am looking for: Weedle, Spinarak, Chinchou, Natu, Yanma, Quilfish, Stantler, Lotad,
    Sableye, Torkoal, Lunatone, Keckleon, Tropius, Luvdisc, Burmy, Cherubi, Skorupi

    If you have any of the above or any of their evolutions, and want any of the following, then please PM me.
    I don't care level/name/gender/nature/shininess/DWA or anything about them.
    I won't turn down any offer involving these pokes, and I have all of these to offer:

    Any of the 15 starters, Spiritomb, Phione, and absolutely any basic evolution of any poke not in my want
    list above. The only pokes I unfortunately am not willing to offer would be legendaries. Thank you
        Spoiler:- Pokedex:

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    Offering a shiny Japanese Lanturn, level 43, Hasty nature. I believe it's UT. I'm obviously not the OT. I'd like a shiny or event in return. Pm with offers please.
    SoulSilver friend code: 3268 7756 7717
    White friend code: 3955 9592 8890
    White 2 friend code: 4342 5081 9665

    3DS friend code: 2122 6643 3100
    My shinies for trade:

    My Events for trade:

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    Looking for an Iron Fist female Timburr , an Intimidate female Scraggy , Rough Skin female Gible , Skill Link female Mincinno , Toxic Boost female Zangoose , Moody female Snorunt , Moxie female Pinsir , Moxie female Heracross , Reckless female Mienfoo , Adaptability female Corphish , Mold Breaker female Druddigon , Vital Spirit female Elekid , Vital Spirit female Magby , Water Absorb female Chinchou , Regenerator female Tangela , Reckless female Staravia , Run Away female Venonat , Rattled female Cubchoo , Analytic female Elgyem , Run Away female Caterpie , Sap Sipper female Girafarig , Swift Swim female Psyduck , Hydration female Lapras , Sap Sipper female Miltank , Rain Dish female Wingull , Simple female Woobat , and Sap Sipper female Blitzle .

    If you have 3 of the above Pokemon, I will personally RNG breed you any breedable Pokemon there is and give it to you at level 1. If you want me to EV train it, that's 4 DWFs, and if you want me to eV train it and leve it up to lv 100, that's 5 DWFs.

    Please check my Signature to see if I still need the Pokemon too .
    My team for Pokemon Y:

    Also, if you have an all 30 IV Ditto I would be happy to trade with you for basically anything, even 2 pokemon! .

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    Looking for any chinchou! PM me
    Finally completed the Pokedex and Obtained them all.

    Time to prepare for X and Y!

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    looking for anyone in this family or in my sig let me know what you want & i will see if i have it
    FC 3196-6996-5971 ign jason
    Electric safari. dedenne, galvantula, helioptile

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    Looking for Shiny Flawless Chinchou uncloned, ut. Will offer events/legends/shiny flawless starters or anything else that might suit your fancy and I would like you to nick name it for me if possible. pm me !
    And yes, I am a lady

    Looking for:

    Shiny pokemon I don't already have
    List coming soon

    PokeDex completed
    Mmmmmm, Pokemon flavoured victory

    I have all starters. Can give Pokerus!
    Just pm me for request.
    I can now clone anything without a ribbon

    Legendaries/Fossils for trade:

    Shiny Pokemon: Over 100 and counting pm me

    Friend code: for Black 2: 2323 7480 1968
    Friend code: for White 2: 0648 7446 2712
    I am usually available to trade after 4pm est

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    Does anyone have a Water Absorb chinchou? PM I have plenty of things to offer.

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