Hi everyone, I am really looking for a Marill with sap sipper ability and with ice punch move ... I am willing to trade a:

-Heracross level 74 with stone edge, earthquake, close combat and megahorn
-Levanny level 74 with shadow claw, x-scissor, poison jab and leaf blade
-Weavile level 80 with ice shard, night slash, shadow, claw, dig (i can also make it have posion jab or x-scissor if you prefer)
-Victini level 80 with psychic, flamethrower, thunder and flare blitz
-Zekrom level 50 with dragon claw, zen headbutt, fusion bolt, giga impact

My pokemon white friend code is: 1377 6684 3131 ... please feel free to private message me too if you guys like ... I really need a growlithe, togepi and marill soon please!!