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Thread: #204 Pineco / #205 Forretress

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    Looking for any PINECO or FORETRESS for X and Y

    please PM me if you have any in X or Y

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    Looking for a pineco or foretress level 70+ that knows selfdestruct. Thats all I want. I can offer a level 65 metang.

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    Default Pineco

    I need a level 70+ pineco or foretress, that knows selfdestruct. I can offer a level 65 metang

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    Looking for any pineco or forretress
    Pokes in my sig for offer
    Friend Code: 2595-1763-8092 IGN: Dorthy
    Safari Pokemon: (Fighting) Machoke, Sawk, Breloom (Feel free to add, Just PM me your FC)
    Trade shop:

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