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    I have the following Pokémon related to this family and I’m offering it to anyone who is interested. Coincidently I'm looking for certain Pokémon which I'll list afterwards.

    It is not a requirement for you to have anything on my Wants list in order to get these Pokémon from me as if you don't have any then you can just trade me a junk Pokémon.

    Anyway, without further ado

    Shiny Gligar- Brave

    DW Gligar

    252 HP+Def, 6 Atk
    Sand Veil
    -Earthquake, Aerial Ace, Knock Off, Roost

    252 HP, 196 SpDef, 60 Speed
    Hyper Cutter
    -Baton Pass, Rock Polish, Swords Dance, Taunt

        Spoiler:- Gimme Gimme Gimme:

    The most up to date list for things I’m offering can be found in my shop.

    Feel free to post in the shop or to PM me if you want to contact me

    Thank you for reading this
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