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    I need any skitty, and can breed any pokemon not in my signature.
    EDIT: I got one! I can breed one for anything in my signature.
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    So i guess I'm back on now ^_^ I have yet to pick up a copy of white/black 2 but have a complete pokedex on my White. I have access to every pokemon, and can breed anything you want, w/egg moves if really neccesary. In exchange, I ask for your throwaway legends, such as ones you can obtain in the game, as well as any pokemon that evolves with a stone since I seem to be running short on those. What Im trying to do is get the event legends back through the gts, and once I get White/Black 2 I will transfer them over, as well as the other 600ish pokemon, to complete the pokedex on there. Please feel free to offer whatever you want, unless my inbox gets too filled, Ill probably just accept no matter if it is worth it or not.

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