Looking for an Iron Fist female Timburr , an Intimidate female Scraggy , Rough Skin female Gible , Skill Link female Mincinno , Toxic Boost female Zangoose , Moody female Snorunt , Moxie female Pinsir , Moxie female Heracross , Reckless female Mienfoo , Adaptability female Corphish , Mold Breaker female Druddigon , Vital Spirit female Elekid , Vital Spirit female Magby , Water Absorb female Chinchou , Regenerator female Tangela , Reckless female Staravia , Run Away female Venonat , Rattled female Cubchoo , Analytic female Elgyem , Run Away female Caterpie , Sap Sipper female Girafarig , Swift Swim female Psyduck , Hydration female Lapras , Sap Sipper female Miltank , Rain Dish female Wingull , Simple female Woobat , and Sap Sipper female Blitzle .

If you have 3 of the above Pokemon, I will personally RNG breed you any breedable Pokemon there is and give it to you at level 1. If you want me to EV train it, that's 4 DWFs, and if you want me to eV train it and leve it up to lv 100, that's 5 DWFs.

Please check my Signature to see if I still need the Pokemon too .