Hi, help me complete my Black 2 Pokedex before the WIFI gets closed down in May! Please!

I Want any legit versions of the following:
Jirachi, Deoxys, Darkrai, Arceus, Victini

Have For Trade: (All legit, caught myself on Pearl/Black 2, un-used since capture)
Registeel - Lvl.65 – Timid Nature
Regirock – Lvl.65 – Rash Nature
Regigigas – Lvl.68 – Hardy Nature
Uxie – Lvl.65 – Hasty Nature
Mesprit – Lvl.65 – Naughty Nature
Azelf – Lvl.65 – Jolly Nature

Will also throw in a Phione or a couple of any other newly hatched pokemon you need (Including any starters, fossils or version exclusives)!

Pm me if interested, thanks, Tom.