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    Can someone with Black 2 trade me or let me borrow their Registeel?

    I need it to awaken Regigigas.

    I can also trade something from my Pokemon X as an added incentive. PM me please.


    STill looking for Registeel for my 5th Gen game.
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    Transferred to X
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    Hi, help me complete my Black 2 Pokedex before the WIFI gets closed down in May! Please!

    I Want any legit versions of the following:
    Jirachi, Deoxys, Darkrai, Arceus, Victini

    Have For Trade: (All legit, caught myself on Pearl/Black 2, un-used since capture)
    Registeel - Lvl.65 – Timid Nature
    Regirock – Lvl.65 – Rash Nature
    Regigigas – Lvl.68 – Hardy Nature
    Uxie – Lvl.65 – Hasty Nature
    Mesprit – Lvl.65 – Naughty Nature
    Azelf – Lvl.65 – Jolly Nature

    Will also throw in a Phione or a couple of any other newly hatched pokemon you need (Including any starters, fossils or version exclusives)!

    Pm me if interested, thanks, Tom.

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