Trading UT dream radar legendaries I caught myself. Looking for untouched legit shiny deoxys.

Giratina Level 5/Hardy/Often scatters things/Stats 31/1517/15/17/14
Giratina/Level 5/Bold/Thoroughly Cunning/Stats 30/13/18/16/17/14
Giratina Level 5/Calm/Hates to lose/Stats 30/13/17/15/19/14
Giratina Level 5/Lonely/Highly Curious/Stats 30/16/15/16/17/15
Giratina Level 10/Hasty/Quick to flee/Stats 50/27/27/26/30/27
Giratina Level 10/Bashful/likes to thrash about/Stats 52/28/30/27/31/24

Dialga/Level 5/Mild/Hates to lose/ Stats 25/17/15/23/16/14
Dialga Level 5/Bold/Quick to flee/Stats 25/15/18/20/15/14
Dialga Level 5/Hasty/Somewhat stubborn/Stats 25/18/16/21/16/15
Dialga Level 5/Brave/Quick Tempered/Stats 25/19/17/20/15/13
Dialga Level 10/Hardy/Somewhat stubborn/Stats 41/31/31/37/27/24
Dialga/Level 5/Serious/Sturdy body/ Stats 25/17/18/20/15/14

Ho-oh Level 5/Quirky/Sturdy body/ Stats 25/18/15/16/21/14
Ho-oh Level 5/Rash/Proud of its power/ Stas 26/19/15/17/18/14
Ho-oh Level 5/Calm/Often dozes off/Stats 27/16/15/16/22/14
Ho-oh Level 5/Rash/Likes to thrash about/Stats 26/19/14/17/18/15
Ho-oh Level 5/Relaxed/Quick to flee/Stats 26/18/16/17/20/13
Ho-oh Level 10/Careful/Likes to thrash about/Stats 42/33/24/26/40/24

Palkia Level 5/Brave/ Highly curious/ Stats 24/18/16/21/17/13
Palkia Level 5/Brave Strongly defiant/ Stats 25/18/15/20/18/14
Palkia Level 5/Quiet/Quick tempered/Stats 25/18/16/22/17/13
Palkia Level 5/Sassy/Sturdy body/Stats 24/18/16/20/18/13
Palkia Level 5/Adamant/Like to thrash about/Stats 24/19/16/18/18/15
Palkia Level 10/Calm/Often scatter things/Stats 40/27/27/36/33/25
Palkia Level 10/Jolly/Hates to lose/Stats 39/29/25/32/31/28

Lugia level 5/Hardy/Hates to lose/Stats 25/14/16/15/21/17
Lugia Level 5/Brave/Alert to sounds./ Stats 25/15/18/14/20/15
Lugia Level 5/Jolly/Good endurance/Stats 26/14/19/13/20/17
Lugia Level 5/Lax/Proud of its power/Stats 25/15/19/14/18/16
Lugia Level 10/Naive/Hates to lose/Stats 41/23/33/25/34/29
Lugia Level 10/Bold/Likes to run/Stats 43/22/34/23/36/30