I'm looking for a Cottonee OR Whimsicott of either gender that has the Egg Move BEAT UP (this is a Must)

Gender, Nature, Characteristic is non-issue as I don't mind doing the breeding game myself but if the stars align an Alert to Sounds Timid Cottonee would be just perfect - but as I said all I'm looking for really is that it MUST HAVE BEAT UP.

I only have Black and I'm not that great so I can't offer too much but I do have quite a few spare Croagunk's with the egg moves FAKE OUT and DRAIN PUNCH and quite a few Ferroseeds with LEECH SEED so if those would fit in your collection we can make a sweet deal.

Otherwise I just might have something that you don't on a whim. Otherwise, I'd appreciate an act of goodwill? PM me if you're interested, thanks!