Need a male Squirtle, etc. Preferably level 1 (UT, egg, bred legit). Not worried about stats and nature. I have on hand...

- Zorua lvl 1 both genders w/ Counter and Dark Pulse
- Eevee lvl 1 both genders, Anticipation; w/ Covet, Curse, Stored Power, Wish
- Gible lvl 1 male Rough Skin; w/ Earthquake, Dragon Claw, and Stone Edge
- Swinub lvl 1 female Thick Fat; w/ Icicle Crash and Icicle Spear

PM me please, I'd be using White, and Friend Code is in my sig. Please have F.C. ready in your profile, and specify which cart (if you have more than one game in your sig.) you'll be using, plus in-game name.