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Thread: #580 Ducklett / #581 Swanna

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    Looking for DW female Ducklett/ Swanna. PM me for what I have to offer/ Negotiations.
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    Hello everyone!

    I just caught a shiny Ducklett with a Great ball yesterday, it´s male and it has an Adamant nature, it´s completely legit. I´m not really into shinies so what I´m asking in exchange for this is any of the Pokémon listed in my signature, they have to have the specified nature and good IV´s, besides the ones in the list, I´m also interested in the Therain forms of the DUS trio, Tornadus would have to be Timid if Therain, Landorus Adamant, and Thundurus Modest. They have to be legit, no hacks please! PM if interested.
    I´m looking for:

    Poké Bank Event Calm, Modest, Timid or Bold Celebi with great IVs.
    Calm, Timid or Bold Lugia with great IVs.

    I have some shines, legendaries, 5-6 perfect IVs, HA Pokémon, etc.

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    Hi, looking for DW female Ducklett. Can offer shards, rare candies, DW females not listed in my sig. Let me know if keen.
    I'm looking for Kalos DW females! I am breeding these guys if anyone wants one:
    Chespin (Bulletproof) | Fennekin (Magician) | Froakie (Protean) | Fletchling (Gale Wings) | Bunnelby (Huge Power) | Scatterbug (Friend Guard) | Litleo (Moxie) | Skiddo (Grass Pelt) | Espurr (Own Tempo) | Swirlix (Unburden) | Binacle (Pickpocket) | Helioptile (Solar Power) | Dedenne (Plus) | Goomy (Gooey) | Phantump (Harvest) | Pumpkaboo (Insomnia) | Bergmite (Sturdy) | Noibat (Telepathy)

    Also have plenty of Gen 1-5 DW Pokemon too. PM me for a full list of what I can breed you.

    Shinies I'm offering: Gulpin, Conkeldurr, Gogoat, Espurr

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    Looking for DW Ducklet, have all sorts for trade -ask me!
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