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Thread: #592 Frillish / #593 Jellicent

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    Edit - Done
    Now I can offer DWF frillish
    PM me with offers
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    Wanted - Shinies, events, and more!

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    I have a bunch of frillish for offer, most with max ivs in some stat as well as some good natures for it (Calm, Modest, etc). PM me if you want.
    Mainly looking for (sorted by priority):

    -max IV pokes
    -battle-ready pokes (EV'd, good nature, good moveset, IVs optional)
    -legends, shinies, events, and non-unova starters

    Also looking for a male Larvitar/Pupitar/Tyranitar w/ Superpower
    Friend Code: 4399-3998-2878
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    For Trade (all Pokemon are 5-6 IV):
    • Modest Magnemite (Heavy Ball)
    • Jolly Magikarp (Dive Ball)
    • Jolly Growlithe (Premier Ball)
    • Modest Pichu w/ Fake Out (Repeat Ball)
    • Timid Trace/Telepathy Ralts
    • Modest Hydration Wingull (Dive Ball)
    • Naughty Bagon w/ Dragon Dance (Great Ball)
    • Quiet Honedge (Dusk Ball)
    • Adamant Stamina Mudbray w/ Close Combat (Ultra Ball)
    • Adamant Mimikyu (Dusk Ball)
    • Bold Regenerator Mareanie w/ Haze (Lure Ball)
    • Pokerus and any BP item

    Looking for Apricorn Balls, Lucky Eggs, Rare Candies, Master Balls, or other competitively bred Pokémon, but I'm also open to any other offers. VM/PM me if you'd like to trade

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    Looking for a legit UT male shiny Frillish. Preferably with water absorb as its ability. Will trade any of the following shinies, all are legit UT:
    Bagon, Swablu, Ponyta, Pinsir, Elctrike, Cubone

    Pm if interested, and please only if the shiny Frillish is legit and male.

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    I have a bunch of calm frillish ready to be traded! Pm me I take items!

    Pokemon Y frc 1332-7913-8331

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    lvl1 Bold female Frillish with max IVs in Def, SAtk, SDef

    looking for: Gible with max IVs in Atk and Spd / Larvitar with max IVs in Atk and Spd

    pm me ^^
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    #592 Frillish (), Available: 2
    Ability: Water Absorb , Nature: Bold, Gender: Male
    IV: 31/31/31/31/31/31, Hidden Power 70 DARK
    Egg Moves: Pain Split

    See my trade shop for details!
    Dragonheart Sanctuary (OT: Ilane)
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    Offering a shiny jellicent. Would really like a darkrai of any type.
    I wanna be... The very best... No, but seriously, I just wanna catch 'em all.
    Also an aspiring competitive player

    Add me so we can use each others friend Safari's (I'm Ghost type btw)
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    I'm breeding a frillish for my cousin and I'm going to have a grab bag of left overs. Various natures, all know pain split and acid armor.

    I'm really looking for someone who stll has Gen IV capabilities. I want a stunky that fits the following:

    Nickname: Punk
    Nature: Attack boosting
    Ability: Stench
    Moves: Sucker Punch (Gen IV move tutor)
    DW list got too long. I can breed most DW pokemon from the forest, sky, sea, and manor, quite a few from the mountain and a couple from the cave. Pm if you want to ask about something specific.

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    I have a shiny female frillish I'd be willing to trade for a REALLY good offer. It is the first shiny I've ever caught myself, so I might be tough to crack
    PM me with an offer!

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