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    Im looking for a Shiny Terrakion if anyone is willing to trade it. I can offer any event that you may want. I can promise the Event pokemon is UT. PM me if you want to know anything. And in the PM, please Include the OT of the event pokemon. So I know which one to look for.

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    Looking for Jolly Terrakion guys! Tons of lengendary's for trade plus tons of other stuff. Looking for tons of low level legendary's and cool shinys. Look in my sig for what I'm after. Toss me a offer regardless if you have one of them or not you never know. Worst I can say is no. Coincidentally I have a lvl 42 Terrakion for trade if anyone has any of the other poke's I'm looking for
    Looking for a perfect 5IV (no Sp. Atk) Adamant Technician with Bug Bite and Defog.

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    I have spare terrakion Looking for older gen legendaries.
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    Hi, help me complete my Black 2 Pokedex before the WIFI gets closed down in May! Please!

    I Want any legit versions of the following:
    Dialga, Thundurus, Jirachi, Deoxys, Darkrai, Arceus, Victini, Thundurus

    Have For Trade: (All legit, caught myself on Pearl/Black 2, un-used since capture)
    Registeel - Lvl.65 – Timid Nature
    Regirock – Lvl.65 – Rash Nature
    Regigigas – Lvl.68 – Hardy Nature
    Uxie – Lvl.65 – Hasty Nature
    Mesprit – Lvl.65 – Naughty Nature

    Will also throw in a Phione or a couple of any other newly hatched pokemon you need (Including any starters, fossils or version exclusives)!

    Also now have the following up for grabs:
    Cobalion Lvl.42 – Bold Nature
    Terrakion Lvl.42 – Adamant Nature
    Virizion Lvl.42 – Calm Nature
    Kyurem Lvl.70 – Naughty Nature
    Cresselia Lvl.68 – Serious Nature
    Heatran Lvl.68 – Naďve Nature

    Pm me if interested, thanks, Tom.

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