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Thread: #642 Thundurus

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    Migrating my pokemon to Y forgot to get Landorus.

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    Looking to borrow a Tornadus so I can catch Landorus. Will lend my Thundurus if needed.
    Completed Soul Silver on July 27, 2010.
    Completed X on February 23, 2014.

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    Trade completed.
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    Hi, help me complete my Black 2 Pokedex before the WIFI gets closed down in May! Please!

    I Want any legit versions of the following:
    Jirachi, Deoxys, Darkrai, Arceus, Victini, Thundurus

    Have For Trade: (All legit, caught myself on Pearl/Black 2, un-used since capture)
    Registeel - Lvl.65 – Timid Nature
    Regirock – Lvl.65 – Rash Nature
    Regigigas – Lvl.68 – Hardy Nature
    Uxie – Lvl.65 – Hasty Nature
    Mesprit – Lvl.65 – Naughty Nature

    Will also throw in a Phione or a couple of any other newly hatched pokemon you need (Including any starters, fossils or version exclusives)!

    Also now have the following up for grabs:
    Cobalion Lvl.42 – Bold Nature
    Terrakion Lvl.42 – Adamant Nature
    Virizion Lvl.42 – Calm Nature
    Kyurem Lvl.70 – Naughty Nature
    Cresselia Lvl.68 – Serious Nature
    Heatran Lvl.68 – Naďve Nature

    Pm me if interested, thanks, Tom.
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    I am looking for a legit Thundurus. I am willing to do a temp trade with my Tornadus, or a permanent trade for any of my 1st-5th gen starters, Uxie, Heatran, Darkrai, Arceus or Rotom. All of my pokemon are legit.

    Edit: I got a Thundurus. 83
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    looking for thundurus good nature. NO HACKS NO CLONES.

    offering shiny pokemon (X)

    Shiny Pokemon – Some UT

    Xx Palkia
    Xx Dialga
    Xx Deoxys 6IV
    ^from the GTS

    Xx dratini
    Xx gengar
    Xx pelipper
    Xx gastrodon
    Xx tentacruel
    Xx raichu
    Xx staraptor
    Xx seaking
    Xx crobat 6IV
    Xx kricketune
    Xx pigeot
    Xx golem
    Xx geodude
    Xx haxorus
    Xx gyarados
    Xx event Pikachu VT (SPR2010)

    X2 gyarados
    X1 golduck
    X1 darumaka
    X1 girafarig
    X1 conkledurr
    X1 chandelure
    X1 linoone
    X1 watchog
    X1 arbok
    X1 gigalith
    X1 corsola
    X1 sceptile 6IV
    X1 deino
    X1 druddigon 6IV
    X1 growlithe
    X1 ninetails
    X1 wailord

    X2 clauncher
    X1 conkeldurr
    X1 machamp
    X1 starmie
    X1 relicanth
    X1 absol
    X1 amoonguss
    X1 duosion
    X1 reuniclus
    X1 vileplume
    X1 clawitzer
    X1 barbaracle
    X1 luvdisc
    X1 arcanine
    X1 octillery

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