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Thread: #648 Meloetta Aria Forme / Pirouette Forme

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    I need a Meloetta to finsish my Dex, can almost you almost everyhting for the rest. Please PM or VM me
    The Shiny Swalot is back, feel free to PM me!

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    I am looking for genesect/meloetta/keldeo/celebi for to complete the national dex. I have most other pokemon. I will do both permanent and dex info trades.

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    Looking for a Meloetta! I only need one for the Pokedex but I would like to keep a clone.

    I have a number of event Pokemon in my Diamond I can trade in return: various Manaphy, Arceus, Shaymin, Jirachi, Mew, Celebi, Deoxys and possibly a few more hidden gems.

    EDIT: Got a Meloetta! If anyone would like a clone of it, just PM me!
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    Only started playing Pokemon Black a few months ago and as such obviously had no chance of catching any events. I'm after Keldeo, Meloetta and Genesect. If anybody can trade me there's just so I can log it on pokedex and I'd be most grateful and of course tradeback.

    P.S. Also with your permission I would like to clone them by copying my save file with my via my R4 flash card however if this makes you uncomfortable I will respect your wishes not to.

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    I am looking for a legit or clone of a legit Meloetta and would prefer it to be Naive-natured.
    Edit: Thankfully, I got one now from someone who cloned me one.
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    Meloetta for Victini and Darkrai and Manaphy and shinies - i'll trade 5 or more for this one pokemon!
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    A shiny Lugia + blaziken megastone for meloetta even if it's a clone. The Lugia has 5 ivs no attack iv.
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    looking for any events people don't need

    offering shinies


    Palkia / jolly - pressure lv.100 (GTS) 1iv
    Dialga / sassy – pressure lv.100 JPN (GTS) 1iv
    Deoxys / modest – pressure lv.100 (GTS) 6iv
    Gyarados / relaxed – intimidate 6iv lv.100 impish – intimidate 1iv lv.41 modest – intimidate lv.30 1iv
    UT Geodude / hasty – sturdy lv.12 1iv
    Golem / relaxed – sturdy lv.100 1iv
    Pidgeot / serious – tangled feet lv.100 1iv
    Kricketune / jolly – swarm lv.100 1iv
    Seaking / docile – swift swim lv.100 1iv
    Crobat / timid – inner focus lv.100 6iv
    Raichu / lonely – static lv.100 2iv
    EVENT Pikachu / jolly – static lv.61 1iv
    Staraptor / brave – lv.100
    Tentacruel / lax – liquid ooze lv.100 1iv
    Pelipper / calm – keen eye lv.100 1iv
    Gastrodon pink/ timid – sticky hold lv.100 1iv
    Gengar / quiet – levitate lv.100 1iv
    UT Dratini / mild – shed skin lv.1 1iv

    easily trade ^
    something good for >

    UT druddigon / relaxed JPN – rough skin lv.50 6iv
    UT deino / quirky – hustle lv.38 SPA 2iv
    Mewtwo / jolly – pressure lv.74 6iv
    UT Rapidash / modest – flash fire lv.49 1iv
    Sceptile / sassy – overgrow lv.49 6iv
    UT gyarados / rash – intimidate lv.33 1iv
    UT gyarados / quiet – intimidate lv.30 GER 1iv
    Arbok / bashful – shed skin lv.62 2iv
    Chandelure / careful – flash fire lv.51 1iv
    Watchdog / modest – keen eye lv.21 1iv
    Linoone / rash – pickup lv.21 JPN 1iv
    Girafarig / timid – inner focus lv.25 JPN 1iv
    Zoroark / sassy – illusion lv.100 6iv
    Golduck / relaxed – cloud nine lv.38 1iv
    Starmie / adamant – natural cure lv.25 1iv KALOS
    UT Relicanth / rash – swift swim lv.35 SPA 1iv KALOS
    UT Gigalith / lonely – sturdy lv.34 1iv
    UT roggnerola / hardy – sturdy lv.1 6iv
    UT Growlithe / adamant – flash fire lv.1 2iv
    Hippowdon / relaxed – sand stream lv.71 1iv
    Ninetails / docile – flash fire lv.50 1iv
    Machamp / careful – no guard lv.30 2iv KALOS
    UT Cacturne / modest – water absorb lv.30 2iv KALOS
    UT Darumaka / bashful – hustle lv.14 1iv
    UT Conkeldurr / modest – sheer force lv.55 1iv
    UT Clauncher / adamant – mega launcher lv.25 2iv KALOS

    also have meloetta for trade. make me an interesting offer

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