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Thread: Shiny Trading Thread

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    Seeking shiny BW Pkmn !

    Have (shiny unless otherwise specified):


    Charmander (Lv. 1) {F} [Brave] UT
    Banette (Lv. 37) {M} [Adamant]
    Masquerain (Lv. 24) {M} [Quiet]
    Sharpedo (Lv. 30) {M} [Impish]
    Xatu (Lv. 27) {M} [Rash]
    Porygon-Z (Lv. 7) [Serious]
    Espeon (Lv. 41) {M} [Mild]
    Cacturne (Lv. 33) {M} [Modest]
    Dragonite (Lv. 57) {M} [Naive]
    Flareon (Lv. 8) {M} [Mild]
    Glalie (Lv. 42) {M} [Docile]
    Mightyena (Lv. 19) {M} [Quirky]
    Mewtwo (Lv. 70) [Hasty] UT?
    Ho-Oh (Lv. 45) [Bold] UT?
    Skorupi (Lv. 1) {F} [Sassy] UT
    Igglybuff (Lv. 1) {F} [Modest] UT
    Porygon (Lv. 1) [Bashful] UT
    Treecko (Lv. 1) {F} [Modest] UT
    Bulbasaur (Lv. 1) {M} [Jolly] UT
    Squirtle (Lv. 1) {M} [Mild] UT
    Cubone (Lv. 1) {M} [Quirky] UT
    Magneton (Lv. 35) [Quiet]
    Budew (Lv. 4) {F} [Serious] UT?
    Unown *O* (Lv. 5) [Hardy] UT
    Goldeen (Lv. 15) {M} [Bashful] UT
    *French* Skarmory (Lv. 56) {F} [Lax] UT?
    Larvitar (Lv. 6) {M} [Hasty] UT
    Phione (Lv. 1) [Mild] UT
    Ekans (Lv. 1) {M} [Mild] UT
    Machamp (Lv. 39) {M} [Serious] UT
    Feebas (Lv. 1) {M} [Naive] UT
    Pachirisu (Lv. 9) {M} [Gentle] UT
    *Japanese* Oddish (Lv. 13) {M} [Sassy] UT
    TAUBSI/Pidgey (Lv. 50) {F} [Quirky] UT
    *Japanese* Sudowoodo (Lv. 20) {M} [Modest] UT
    Drowzee (Lv. 10) {F} [Timid] UT
    *Japanese* Volbeat (Lv. 49) {M} [Lax] UT
    Dialga (Lv. 47) [Hardy] UT
    *Japanese* Skarmory (Lv. 53) {F} [Brave] UT
    Kricketot (Lv. 12) {M} [Bashful] UT
    Eon/Eevee (Lv. 1) {F} [Naive] UT
    VIPITIS/Seviper (Lv. 35) {M} [Timid]
    Slugma (Lv. 27) {F} [Hardy] UT
    *Japanese* Kabuto (Lv. 20) {M} [Gentle] UT
    *Japanese* Tentacool (Lv. 10) {M} [Gentle] UT
    Tentacruel (Lv. 45) {F} [Lonely] UT
    Dratini (Lv. 10) {M} [Docile] UT
    *Japanese* Psyduck (Lv. 22) {M} [Hardy] UT
    Kangaskhan (Lv. 15) {F} [Modest] UT
    Rattata (Lv. 16) {M} [Impish] UT
    Golbat (Lv. 24) {M} [Rash]
    Ponyta (Lv. 40) {F} [Serious] UT
    Krabby (Lv. 22) {M} [Rash] UT
    *Japanese* Geodude (Lv. 5) {F} [Hardy] UT
    Beedrill (Lv. 10) {F} [Quiet]
    Phanpy (Lv. 20) {F} [Timid]
    Tangela (Lv. 41) {M} [Naughty] UT
    Spearow (Lv. 20) {M} [Naughty] UT
    Tentacool (Lv. 5) {M} [Sassy] UT
    Sneasel (Lv. 32) {F} [Timid] UT

    *Also have PokeRus Pkmn*

    ~Legendaries may require more than one trade.~
    If interested, feel free to send a VM/PM my way, and I'll try to get back ASAP.
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    Hi. I have some shinies I hatched LEGIT from my Pokemon Pearl that I just traded to Pokemon white. In pokemon white, I am looking for the power items like power anklet, power band, power belt, power bracer, power lens, power weight.

    I have a SHINY hasty chimchar "Likes to fight" level 1
    I have a SHINy naive shinx "often scatters things" level 1
    I also have a shiny basculin that I caught in my japanese pokemon white. I probably am not going to trade that one b/c its the first shiny i caught in the new gen. but if you are really interested make an offer.
    Make offers by personal message.

    Pokemon Pearl
    Name: Theresa
    white friend code: 3739 8820 4597
    pearl Friend Code: 1933 7464 2470

    pokemon white fc: 3739 8820 4597

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    I have a shiny glaceon, drowzee, wurmple and poochyena. i dont have b/w yet but pm me offers if your interested

    I have a lot of event pokemon to trade including multiple diancie and hoopa.

    I am also an eevee breeder, feel free to pm me of you want a tailor made eevee.

    Pokemon Y - Cooki 0361-6144-0164

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    All I am looking for is a shiny Ducklett !! Gender isn't all that important to me just as long as it's shiny

    let me know what you would like in return (fair trade) and I will try my hardest to get it to you.

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    I really just want any 5th gen pokemon shiny. I have most pokemon EV trained. Pm me with the pokemon you want and the pokemon you have.

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    i want a shiny scraggy or scrafty i ltrade a shiny ninetails or rattata, pm me

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    I have a Shiny Sneazel for trade, Adamant nature, capable of taking hits, lvl 34... no EVs

    I'd really only want a shiny Ghastly/Haunter/Gengar (EV trained for special sweeper!)

    (but I do just like ghosts in general)

    I can throw in the Gamestop Celebi and/or my Reshriam (I have a lot of pokemon in my collection, those are just recently popular ones)

    (by the way Shiny Sneazels are pink ;D )
    Black Friend Code: 4684 7735 8722
    New to 'serious' pokemon playing and really want to learn how to IV breed!

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    I have a shiny litwick deino and axew but they are Japanese. And I rally Want th English ones so I'll trade them plu 2 more shiny pokemon each from gen 1-4

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    Looking for a shiny Cherubi/Cherrim (UT).

    Can offer other shinies.

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    Hey I have a shiny sceptile, shiny charizard, shiny regirock, shiny kyogre, shiny nincada, shiny golurk, shiny rapidash(lvl 100), shiny gardevoir, shiny eevee, shiny pellipper for trade.

    The only thing I am looking for is a female Dream World Poliwag with the ability swift swim.

    FC:5240 8468 7009

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    Hi I am looking for either FOREIGN(outside united states) or preferably shiny of any of these pokemon: Turtouga Sigilyph Solosis Litwick Golett Heatmor or Dwebble. I dont have any shinies but I'm sure we can work something out! PM me offers pleaaasee.

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    I have a shiny Jumpluff, it has been trained to level 27, and I'm looking for basically any other shiny, preferably untouched. PM for offers.

    Anything! PM me with the Pokemon, gender, nature and/or nickname. I cannot breed IVs, though I can go by the highest IV (the extra detail on the Pokemon's summary).

    Trade times (GMT):
    06:00-07:00 and 17:00-23:00 Weekdays
    13:00-23:00 Weekends
    I will ONLY trade within these times.

    White FC: 3396-2964-5376

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    Ok... 2 other pokemon places could not help me... so here I am in search of my most desired shiny.

    I am looking for a shiny solrock O_O. Yes I know I could chain in pearl if I had ruby but I don't have ruby @_@. A decent or neutral nature would be preferred as I do intend to battle with it.

    Anyone out there able to help me?

    I can offer....

    starters: All fire starters, treecko, turtwig, snivy, piplup, oshawott (i will breed these starters for ya, so all level 1)

    shiny: shiny 65 Arcanine brave (intimidate) that showed up from the gts (they gave it to me), unsure about it's legitimacy(no idea how to check), but I didn't even want it besides to fill out the pokedex.

    Or maybe just make an offer and I'll see if I have it, but the above is what I think I have the best to offer.
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    Looking for:
    Shiny UT Zorua
    Shiny UT Archen
    Shiny UT Deino
    Shiny UT Litwick
    Shiny UT Axew

    What I have to offer(PM me for details such as if they are UT or their natures.):
    Shiny Beautifly
    Shiny Starmie
    Shiny Ninetails
    Shiny Steelix
    Shiny Golem
    Shiny Scizor
    Shiny Medicham
    Shiny Bronzor
    Shiny Octillery
    Shiny Wailmer
    Shiny Charmander
    Shiny Treecko
    Shiny Absol
    Shiny Azelf
    Shiny Fearow
    Shiny Raticate
    Shiny Shinx
    Shiny Gengar
    Shiny Cresselia
    Friend Code: 2365 4873 2076

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    Shiny UT mild Glameow

    Shiny UT Sassy Snorunt

    Shiny UT jolly charmander

    Shiny ut docile torkoal

    shiny EV'd hardy Mawile- Lvl 100 Ev'd in either att and speed or hp and speed. Don't remember which.

    shiny ut sassy wurmple

    shiny ut timid zigzagoon

    shiny ut impish skitty

    shiny ut jolly Ponyta

    Shiny UT Rhydon - Rash, Serious 2x, Bashful, Bold, Sassy,

    wshmkr jirachis- I have the bonus disk, so name your nature. It's very difficult to get a certain nature, so unless you're offering something good, don't expect me to work too hard on a particular nature.

    UT modest Almia Darkrai

    UT timid new moon Darkrai

    UT relaxed/timid TRU shaymins

    Looking for:

    Pretty much any 5th gen shiny (no patrat/watchog)

    I don't take hacks/clones, so don't offer them. PM me offers. Thx!
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    I'm really want the following Shinies:


    If you have any of these, PM me and we can work something out. (I don't have any Gen 5 Shinies, though)
    TSV: 1301

    White 2: 0777-5568-1398
    3DS: 2981-6233-6740
    XBL: IX Phantom IV

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    I have a few fith gen shinies for grabs
    All legit and have been checked
    lvl 1 Snivy
    lvl 1 Tepig
    lvl 42 Virizion
    lvl 43 rufflet
    lvl 21 solosis
    lvl 38 Deino
    lvl 24 Ferroseed
    lvl 5 lilipup
    lvl 36 Gothorita
    lvl 26 Litwick
    lvl 28 Woobat
    lvl 39 Boldore (ask if you want it to evolve)
    lvl 21 Minccino
    lvl 21 Yamask NM Ramses
    lvl 31 Axew

    Im looking for fifth gen shinies
    Will give two for a shiny Zorua/Zoroark
    Please PM as I keep loosing my posts xD
    Pokemon Y friend code is : 4184 2936 5727
    Electric friend safari with Dedenne, Pikachu and Luxio

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    LF Shiny zorua and shiny tepig, i have a event win2011 celebi unused, an unsed crown entei, and q lvl 100 linoone, and dark pulse zorua, of most natures
    PM me
    White 2
    Name: Ace
    Gen V FC: 1464 2004 8714

    Pokemon Y
    Name: Ace
    Gen VI FC: 2552-1498-2703
    Friend Safari: Steel
    Magneton - Fortress - Bronzong

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    Looking for: Shiny Rufflet (preferably UT) with nickname Valor

    I can offer:
    Level 70 Lugia
    Level 50 Articuno
    All 3 legendary dogs (Normal and Event)
    Eevee and all it's evolutions
    Adamant Dittos
    Shiny Gyarados (Lake of Rage level 30)
    Some Sinnoh Pokemon
    Just PM me if your interested!
    Name: Anthony

    HG Friend Code:4383 6938 9222
    White Friend Code:5286 0876 2937
    Looking For: Low Level Shiny Vulpix- Drought would be awesome!

    Proud Christian

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    I have a shiny UT Patrat up for grabs. Looking for some 5th gen shinies.
    Pokemon Y Friend Code - 3239 3057 5910
    Friend Safari: Lampent, Pumpkaboo, Golurk

    Offering: 5th Gen: Shiny(UT), , , (UT)

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    i've still got that shiny zorua to trade.

    looking for RNG'd pokemon or pokemon with (near) perfect stats.
    black fc: 1677 9749 3067, 3DS fc: 0602 6402 6266 (Attila/アティラ)

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    I need the following Items for my new Pokemon black game; I have assembled an exchange system. you trade me items to get their value in points and then the points can be exchanged for various legendary Pokemon or services, such as breeding or Ev training, also, for a limited time, trade 5 or more pts worth of goods and get pokerus free! All items and or Pokemon must be legit.

    (Items marked with * are highest priority, and get you 1 bonus point for every trade you make)

    Don’t forget that items must be in a black game to be traded, I can't use items stuck in the d/p gen games. Thanks


    Life orb - 6 pts
    *Focus sash - 5 pts
    Choice items - 4 pts each
    *power items (eg. power weight, band, belt) - 6 pts each
    Leftovers - 4 pts



    UT Careful manaphy, level 1 – 3 pts
    UT Adamant manaphy, level 1 – 3 pts
    UT Hardy Groudon – 3 pts
    UT Timid Azelf – 3 pts
    UT Gentle uxie – 2pts
    UT Impish Groudon, 31 sdef – 4 pts
    UT timid Cresselia - 4pts
    UT modest Giratina- 5pts
    GTS jolly Entei, Faraway land – 2 pts
    GTS naughty zapdos – 2pts
    UT brave Rayquaza – 3 pts
    GTS naďve, zapdos with pokerus – 3pts
    UT Rash Mewtwo 31 Atk IV – 4 pts


    EVD trained Hp and Def careful blissey, “Luckychan” moves: seismic toss, toxic, counter, soft-boiled. – 8 pts great IVS
    EVD porygon2, hp, def, Satk bold – 3 pts
    EVD spe and atk naďve ambipom ice and fire punches, fake out, u turn level 88 – 4 pts
    EVD adamant Scizor, max sdef and atk IVS bullet punch, superpower, pursuit, u turn- 8 pts (this will not last long!)
    EVD Garchomp atk and spe, lonely, nickname: blue, outrage, earthquake, crunch, dragon claw- 5 pts
    EVD Starmie spe and Satk, thunderbolt, ice beam, surf, psychic- 5 pts
    EVD Mesprit, 31 hp IV, modest, evd hp and Satk, ice beam, thunderbolt, extrasensory, calm mind- 4 pts
    EVD Tyranitar, hp and Atk, adamant, earthquake, crunch, aqua tail, stone edge.
    EVD Metagross adamant nickname: terminator ice punch, thunder punch, earthquake, bullet punch.
    EVD Charizard adamant atk and spe- belly drum, crunch, substitute, and fire punch- 5 pts
    EVD forettress, relaxed, 31 spdef- spikes, protect, gyro ball, explosion

    3 UT pikachu’s: gentle, quiet, careful,- 4 pts each
    UT spoink, bold- 6 pts
    UT starly, calm- 4 pts

    Trained level 65 lonely infernape- 2pts
    Japanese ditto- 3 pts
    UT metang w explosion, both jolly and adamant, one has some evs in its attack, but that’s where they’re going anyways.
    Level 96 Mr. Mime timid, clam mind, thief, psychic, thunderbolt. Good for grinding the elite 4 in any game.-3 pts

    If there are any specific Pokemon you want or, services such as Ev training or breeding, pm me with your wants.

    The list will continue to be updated as I add Pokemon and remove traded ones.

    I don't cheat, (since red... missingno ^^) don't RNG, and don't want or accept any pokemon obtained this way, I breed to perfection, and can't wait for HG! also, plz, all you people who have the logo that says that you treat your pokemon like freinds, or living things instead of automatons... please get over it, that's all they are, and all they ever will be!

    (take it from me, I tried to pretend that...) I felt sooo ridiculous.

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    Looking for a shiny Zorua, shiny reshiram, shiny Kibago, shiny Komatana or kirikizan, Shiny Lillipup, and shiny Snivy.

    I use Japanese names for the ones I don't know.

    Can offer all "WILD BATTLE!" pokemon
    Including Audino, Drilburr, ducklett, Basuaro(blue), and any others.
    I can offer Zorua eggs!
    I can offer these shinies-
    And golbat
        Spoiler:- My Sig:

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    LF for shiny of the new trio, virizion , cobalion or terrakion , any of them UT , if have one and want to trade pm me , as my offer for it just say what you want in retun for them xD

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    Looking for a Shiny Braviary, a Shiny Rufflet will do as well I will trade a Kyurem, or lvl 70 Volcarona, or Reshiram for it (none of them are shinies sadly)!!!!

    Please PM me if you have one (I have various other pokemon but none are shiny I have yet to be lucky enough to run into one T-T)

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