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Thread: Shiny Trading Thread

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    Looking for 5th Generation shinies!
    If you have a shiny version of the following and it does not match the requirements perfectly (ex: it's not nicknameable, or it's BT, etc.), I will still consider. ;D
        Spoiler:- The following Pokemon in particular:

    I can RNG abuse for shiny versions of practically any (breedable) past-generation Pokemon. So if there's nothing below that you see which interests you, I can probably breed something else shiny! (These will all be nicknameable and come UT.)
    Examples include but are not limited to:
        Spoiler:- Mini-list!:

    PM me if you think we could work something out! =D

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    Shiny Events:
    Jolly Fru2010 Shiny Pichu
    JP Crown Shiny Entei, Raikou and Suicune
    WIN2011 Shiny Entei, Raikou and Suicune

    Non-RNG'd shiny 5th Gen pokemons:
    Calm Snivy (Glare)
    Modest Sewaddle (NN'able)
    Hasty Blitzle
    Adamant Cubchoo
    Jolly Maractus
    Serious Audino
    Serious Woobat
    Careful Rufflet
    Relaxed Cottonee
    Modest Shelmet
    Modest Deino
    Lax Trubbish
    Naughty Ducklett
    Hardy Zorua
    Brave Venipede
    Docile Karrablast
    Impish Sandile
    Jolly Yamask
    Sassy Terrakion
    Serious Axew
    Serious Purrloin
    Adamant Golurk

    RNG'd UT Near Flawless shiny 5th Gen pokemons:
    Timid Sigilyph (31/30/31/30/31/31 HP Grass 70; Ancient Power, Roost)
    Timid Zorua (31/31/31/30/31/31 HP Electric 70; Dark Pulse, Protect)
    Timid Starter Oshawott (30/18/30/31/31/30 HP Electric 70)
    Timid Starter Tepig (30/18/30/31/31/30 HP Electric 70)
    Timid Starter Snivy (30/18/30/31/31/30 HP Electric 70)

    RNG'd UT Flawless shiny 5th Gen pokemons:
    Calm Yamask (Nasty Plot)
    Jolly Minccino (Knock off)
    Timid Vanillite (Water Pulse)
    Careful Karrablast (Pursuit)

    RNG'd EV'd shiny 5th Gen pokemons:
    Jolly Minccino (Lv.32; Flawless; 6 HP, Attack, 252 Speed; Tail Slap, Bullet Seed, U-Turn, Rock Blast)
    Timid Zoroark (Lv.50; 31/31/31/30/31/31 HP Electric 70; 6 HP, 252 Special Attack, 252 Speed; Flamethrower, Nasty Plot, Dark Pulse, Focus Blast)
    Timid Accelgor (Lv.50; 31/31/31/30/31/31 HP Electric 70; 6 HP, 252 Special Attack, 252 Speed; U-Turn, Spike, Acid, Bug Buzz)

    RNG'd UT shiny DW female pokemons:
    Timid Drought Vulpix (31/30/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70; Hypnosis)

    RNG'd EV'd shiny DW female pokemons:
    Timid Drought Vulpix (Lv.49; 6 HP, 252 Special Attack, 252 Speed; 31/30/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70; Fire Blast, Will-O-Wisp, Protect, Energy Ball)

    Non-RNG'd UT shiny past gen pokemons:
    Serious Lapras (x/14/15/30/30/31 - NN'able)

    RNG'd near flawless English UT past gen shinies:
    Relaxed Tangela (31/31/31/31/31/30 HP Ice 70; Move: Ingrain, Constrict, Leaf Storm, Leech Seed)

    RNG'd flawless English past gen shinies UT:
    Timid Bulbasaur (Light Screen, Magical Leaf, Leaf Storm, Power Whip)
    Modest Squirtle (Aqua Jet, Flail, Aqua Ring, Yawn)
    Adamant Growlithe (Crunch, Flare Blitz, Morning Sun)
    Calm Mr.Mime (Light Screen, Reflect, Substitute)
    Adamant Scyther (Vaccuum Wave, U-Turn)
    Calm Eevee (Wish, Yawn)
    Adamant Dratini (Extremespeed, Dragon Dance)
    Bold Chikorita (Reflect)
    Timid Pichu (Charm)
    Jolly Gligar (Double Edge, Baton Pass)
    Jolly Sneasel (Taunt, Fake Out, Ice Punch, False Swipe)
    Hasty Houndour (Pursuit, Beat Up)
    Careful Larvitar (Curse)
    Adamant Larvitar (Dragon Dance, Outrage, Sandstorm)
    Jolly Torchic (Night Slash, Agility, Rock Slide, Crush Claw)
    Careful Mudkip (Yawn)
    Adamant Turtwig (Body Slam)
    Naive Chimchar (Fake Out, Blaze Kick, Taunt)
    Jolly Gible (Outrage)
    Adamant Beldum
    Timid Charmander
    Jolly Pidgey
    Adamant Ekans
    Jolly Ponyta
    Mild Gastly
    Adamant Onix
    Relaxed Staryu
    Timid Eevee
    Timid Polygon
    Careful/Impish Snorlax
    Timid Cyndaquil
    Adamant Totodile
    Modest Yanma
    Impish Shuckle
    Jolly Smeargle
    Timid Treeko
    Modest Wurmple
    Adamant/Timid Ralts
    Bold Baltoy
    Modest Piplup
    Adamant Cranidos
    Modest Burmy
    Timid Drifloon
    Jolly Glameow
    Adamant Riolu
    Timid Rotom

    RNG'd shiny (Gen 1-5) legendaries UT:
    Adamant SS Groundon (31/30/30/x/29/29)
    Naive SS Rayquaza (26/31/31/31/25/30)
    Timid HG Articuno (Flawless)
    Timid HG Zapdos (Flawless)
    Timid HG Moltres (Flawless)
    Timid HG Mewtwo (Flawless)
    Timid HG Suicune (Flawless)
    Timid HG Lugia (Flawless)
    Timid SS Latios (Flawless)
    Jolly Terrakion (Flawless)

    Looking for:

    Dream World Events:
    Solar Power Charmander
    Rain Dish Squirtle
    Speed Boost Torchic
    Damp Mudkip
    Shell Armor Turtwig
    Defiant Piplup
    Poison Hand Croagunk
    Guts Flareon
    Magic Bounce Espeon
    Ice Body Glaceon

    With proof of legitimacy only...

    Can take other "fair" offer. PM/VM if interested.
    3DS FC: 0731-5807-5483

    Pokemon X (JP) OT: シオン
    Safari Type: Normal
    Pokemon: Kecleon, Dunsparce, Chansey

    Visit my XY trade shop!

        Spoiler:- Successful(?) MM'd IV'd shinies:

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    Have lvl 100 shiny mewtwo, lvl 100 shiny ditto close to perfect iv's (hacked), 10 aniversary celebi looking for shinies (maily starters)
    Pokemon White Fc 2021 9164 4418

    Only looking for English,legit, non-nicknamed Pokemon(if they are an event it is fine to be in a different language)

    Will trade for shinies AND Events PM ME

    Come to my shop!

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    Bumping up my old UFT list! It's now updated with new shinies and events and some foreign Pokemon for trade! Link in my signature for the full listing.

    UFT Shinies and Events! Shinies now sorted by REGION!

        Spoiler:- Shinies:

    Current Hunts
    Heatmor {MM - On hold}; Squirtle {MM - On hold};
    YouTube DeviantART -- RE Banner by Nakashima <3

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    I'm looking for:

    (Trade pending)

    (Trade Pending)

    I'm offering:
    (Ditto is french)

    (Trade Pending)

    (Trade Pending)

    Also Offering DW:
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    Offering lots of different pokemon.
    (all listed here are in my Pokemon white game. My sig is pokemon in my diamond game, which I can transfer if needed. )

    UT shinies:
    Timid Darkrai- Max sp. atk and speed IV's
    Adamant Ralts (m)
    Impish Bronzor (japanese)0 Max atk. IV
    Calm Tranquill
    Quiet Gyarados
    Timid Piplup - Max Hp IV, knows Hydro pump

    Non UT shiny:
    Lonely Ditto

    DW pokes (male or female):
    Vulpix-Modest, or modest with Max. Sp. atk IV

    Egg Move
    Ut Modest zorua Max sp. atk IV-Dark pulse, counter both genders.

    LV 100 Perfect IV's Jolly Zekrom EV trained 252 speed 252 atk 6 hp.
    Deemed legit by Hack-check thread

    I'm mostly looking for 5th gen shinies, But Pm me any offers
    Pokemon Sun FC: 4468-1058-9518

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    here and there


    offering pokemon in sig
    Friend code black:5071 3206 3650


    none shinys
    lvl50 naughty
    lvl70 hardy
    lvl49 adamant
    lvl76 ;kyurem adamant
    lvl39 quiet**
    lvl100 giratina sassy*
    lvl100 blastoise naive*
    lvl100 palkia hasty*
    lvl1 snivy
    lvl1 oshawatt
    lvl1 tepig
    lvl1 deino (dark pulse)

    lvl37 conkeldurr docile*
    lvl1 charmander sassy
    lvl31 vanillite quirky*
    lvl47 darkrai gentle*
    lvl1 blulbasuar timid
    lvl1 squirtle bold
    lvl1 axew adament like to trash about
    *possible hack
    **certain hack

    Looking for any legit shiny.

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    looking for shiny zorua, beldum, litwick. ponyta, spirittomb, and onix W/ metalcoat
    Last edited by POKEMON FAN4LIFE; 16th April 2011 at 3:31 PM.
    ----------------------------------------shiny's up for trade ---------------------------------------------
    tentacool female lvl 20 UT
    gyarados female lvl 30
    Ranpardos male lvl 43 (nn-CHARKOS)
    Victreebel female lvl 59 (W/ PKRS)
    Altaria female lvl 100 (jap)
    sharpedo female lvl 100
    beedrill male lvl 100 ( nn- BIBOR)
    will accept almost any shiny's
    charizard lvl 48
    emboar lvl 46
    mesprit lvl 50
    kyogre lvl 99
    torterra lvl 74
    bulbasaur lvl 1
    lucario lvl 58
    machamp lvl 32
    deoxys lvl 48
    gorebyss lvl 20
    mudkip lvl 8
    mew lvl 30
    spiritomb lvl 51

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    Update!- Now have Dreamworld and Eggmove section! New shinies and events have been added, check my sig!

    UFT Shinies and Events! Shinies now sorted by REGION!

        Spoiler:- Shinies:

    Current Hunts
    Heatmor {MM - On hold}; Squirtle {MM - On hold};
    YouTube DeviantART -- RE Banner by Nakashima <3

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    Trading shiny gloom for legit deoxys pm me

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    Trading Shiny Voltorb,Sawk, Trapinch, and Spiritomb! looking for other shinies
    Last edited by jacobwilliamgray; 16th April 2011 at 4:52 PM.
    White FC: 2623-2680-3610
    Shinies for trade!!!
    Dialga Modest
    Charizard Docile
    Magnemite Hardy UT
    Gyrados UT quirky
    Gyrados Gentle
    metagross Adamant (only been ev in attack)
    Jolteon Timid Ev speed/spec attk
    Mienshao lv 50 bold UT
    UT virizion jolly
    lv 100 hitmonchan gentle T
    Eevee serious UT wish,yawn
    Entei adamant UT Event
    SUicune relaxed UT event
    For serious offers only (Flawless UT shiny DW vulpix)
    Lv 100 volcarona Naive Speed/spc attk. Flawless spec attk and speed.

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    offering shiny deino with Dark pulse Pm me offers looking for 5th Gen shiny's
    3ds Fc = 2766 - 9127 - 2456
    Safari type : Ground :- trapinch, Dugtrio, gastrodon

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    Looking for a shiny sigilyph and pokes I want in my sig. Pm if u like the shinies I'm offering in my sig! I also have events!
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    Have three japanese dittos up for trade! Looking for shinies! Pm me with offers!

    -credit to aggiegwyn-

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    san diego, california


    offering haxorus, hydreigon, milotic, gyrados, charizard, and zoroark
    they are all shiny
    i also have the three legendary dogs (suicune,raikou,entei) all shiny (from gamestop event)
    White FC: 3482 1872 9142

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    I need a shiny Zorua and a shiny Accelgor.

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    Offering these shinies:


    Looking for these shinies:


    Please PM me with offers.
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    ~I have claimed Glalie~

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    I have a shiny UT cofagrigus. it's level 36. I'll take most anything for it. Make me an offer.
    3DS FC: 0748-3041-6462

    Thanks for the banner American--Pi!

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    Default shinies

    Hello i have a shiny Spiritomb, Voltorb and terraikon for trade!!!! looking for mroe shinies
    White FC: 2623-2680-3610
    Shinies for trade!!!
    Dialga Modest
    Charizard Docile
    Magnemite Hardy UT
    Gyrados UT quirky
    Gyrados Gentle
    metagross Adamant (only been ev in attack)
    Jolteon Timid Ev speed/spec attk
    Mienshao lv 50 bold UT
    UT virizion jolly
    lv 100 hitmonchan gentle T
    Eevee serious UT wish,yawn
    Entei adamant UT Event
    SUicune relaxed UT event
    For serious offers only (Flawless UT shiny DW vulpix)
    Lv 100 volcarona Naive Speed/spc attk. Flawless spec attk and speed.

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    Guess who has an updated list of shinies! c:
    Looking for:
    Any shiny that is not in my shiny list, preferably UT preferably fifth gen.
    Shiny Piplup UT (Trade pending)
    Shiny Clamperl UT
    Shiny Skitty UT (trade pending)
    Shiny Tynamo UT
    Shiny Cranidos UT
    Shiny Sigilyph UT
    Shiny Lileep UT
    Shiny Onix UT (trade pending)

    Offering shinies:
    Charmander: UT, Bold
    Bulbasaur: UT, Brave
    Scyther: UT, Serious. (French, name INSECATEUR)
    Zubat: UT, Docile
    Dratini: UT, Jolly
    Ninetales: T, Quirky
    Zubat: UT, Docile
    Gyarados: UT, Quiet (Japanese)
    Chansey UT, Sassy (NN: Joyanna, caught by me)
    Pidgeot: EVs reset, Brave
    Golem: UT, Sassy
    Venonat: UT, Docile (NN: Lucky)
    Seaking: BT, Impish
    Raticate: UT, Relaxed
    Vaporeon: UT, Gentle (NN: Desu)
    Tentacool: UT, Naive
    Kabuto: UT, Jolly
    Eevee: UT, Lonely (Japanese)
    Golduck: T, Bashful
    Lapras: T, Hasty
    Ponyta: EVs reset, Lonely (NN: Pyrois, caught by me)
    Gastly: UT, Impish
    Clefairy: BT, Brave
    Staryu: UT, Timid
    Gloom: UT, Quirky
    Aerodactyl: UT, Calm/ T, Naive
    Gloom: UT, Quirky
    Tauros: UT, Naughty
    Cloyster: UT, Bashful (Japanese)
    Dragonite: T, Hardy
    Growlithe: UT, Hasty
    Poliwhirl: UT, Mild
    Horsea: UT, Mild (NN: Venus)

    Totodile: Ev trained, Sassy
    Meganium: T, Lax
    Sneasel: EV-trained in attack and speed, Naughty
    Heracross: T, Sassy
    Mareep: UT, Nicknameable
    Smeargle: T, Timid (NN:Gold) (Appears to have been levelled with rare candies)
    Skarmory: UT, Adamant
    Larvitar: UT, Adamant (NN: Libya)
    Espeon: UT, Quirky/ T, Brave (Both Japanese)
    Scizor: T, Timid
    Donphan: Ev trained 252ATK and 84SPEED
    Pichu: UT, Modest
    Blissey Naive, Appears to have been levelled only with Rare candies
    Miltank: T, Bashful
    Gligar: UT, Naive (NN: Theo)
    Yanma: UT, Adamant
    Shuckle: UT, Serious (NN: Wiggles)
    Spinarak: BT, Docile

    Treecko: UT, Brave
    Mudkip: UT, Careful
    Torchic: UT, Adamant
    Cacturne: UT, Naive
    Duskull: UT, Docile (NN: Reaper)
    Sableye: UT, Modest
    Meditite: UT, Sassy
    Mothim: T, Impish
    Shroomish: Ut, Docile (w/ Poison Heal)
    Masquerain: T, Timid
    Anorith: UT, Quirky (Not for trade)
    Ralts female, UT, Serious (NN: Pirouette)
    Wailord: UT, Bold
    Castform: UT, Mild
    Cacturne: UT, Naive
    Trapinch: UT, Impish
    Hariyama: UT, Naive
    Absol EV trained in Attack and Speed, Lonely
    Ninjask: T, Lax
    Milotic: UT, Timid (VGC09 event)/ T, Lax
    Zangoose UT, Adamant
    Aron BT, Rash
    Altaria: UT, Hardy
    Roselia: UT, Rash (NN: Black Rose)
    Chimecho: T, Serious

    Chimchar: UT, Adamant
    Turtwig: UT, Brave
    Infernape, EV trained in Special Attack and Speed, Modest
    Gible: EV trained in Attack and Speed w/Outrage, Serious (Only for EV trained shinies or other good offers)
    Gastrodon: UT, Gentle
    Rhyperior: T, Brave
    Shinx: BT, Impish
    Skorupi: UT, Lax
    Roserade: T, Timid (Japanese)
    Lucario: T, Rash
    Buneary: UT, Bold
    Spiritomb: UT, Adamant
    Rotom: UT, Rash
    Combee: UT, Lax (Female)
    Magmortar: T, Bashful (NN: Destructo)
    Drifloon: UT, Gentle
    Bibarel: UT, Mild
    Riolu: UT, Modest/ UT, Adamant with egg moves Blaze kick and sky uppercut (Only for shiny with egg moves)

    Tepig, UT, Docile
    Snivy: UT, Docile
    Heatmor: UT, Calm
    Braviary: T, Mild (Japanese)
    Litwick: UT, Relaxed (NN: Flicker)
    Axew: UT, Adamant
    Deino: UT, Bashful, with Dark Pulse
    Excadrill Jolly, Perfect IVs, EV trained in Attack, Speed (Will only trade for flawless IV shinies or other good offers)
    Darumaka UT, Brave
    Venipede: UT, Adamant
    Zorua, UT, Gentle
    Zoroark: T, Calm
    Woobat: UT, Bashful
    Volcarona: UT, Bold (NN: URUGAMOSU)
    Serperior: T, Lonely
    Shelmet UT, Calm
    Karrablast: UT, Modest (NN: j5e)
    Ferroseed: UT, Lax
    Solosis: UT, Calm
    Joltik: UT, Timid (NN: Jiggawatt)
    Golett: BT, Bold
    Druddigon: T, Serious
    Krookodile: T, Bashful
    Scraggy: T, Brave
    Pawniard: UT, Timid (NN: Reich)
    Mienshao: UT, Brave w/ regenerator
    Sewaddle: UT, Brave
    Rufflet: UT, Hasty
    Liepard: UT, Careful
    Vanillish: UT, Sassy
    Sawsbuck: T, Timid
    Tympole: UT, Calm
    Whimsicott: UT, Hardy (w/Prankster)
    Petilil: UT, Lax (NN: Alice)
    Cofagrigus: UT, Sassy (NN: Grimm)

    Shiny Legendaries:
    Moltres: T, Jolly
    Ho-oh: T, Impish
    Lugia: T, Jolly
    Latios: T, Bold (NN: HYDRYU)
    Dialga: T
    Palkia: T, Relaxed
    Deoxys: T, Impish
    Cresselia: UT, Lax
    Rayquaza: EVs reset, Careful
    Mew: EVs reset, Timid/ UT, Calm (Japanese)
    Latias: T, Naughty (Japanese)
    Shaymin: UT, Hasty
    Kyogre EVs reduced, Modest
    Giratina: UT, Careful
    Verizion: BT, Jolly
    Heatran: T, Jolly
    Suicune: UT, Relaxed
    Entei: UT, Adamant
    Darkrai: T, Sassy
    Raikou: UT, Rash
    (For shiny legendaries I ask for two regular shinies)

    Event Pokemon:
    Mattle Ho-oh
    10 ANIV Celebi: UT, Modest
    PKTOPIA Electivire: UT, Adamant
    TRU Shaymin: UT, Modest
    Shiny GAMESTP Suicune: UT, Relaxed
    Shiny WIN2011 Raikou: UT, Rash
    Shiny GAMESTP Entei: UT, Adamant
    Last edited by PolioParalyzer; 16th April 2011 at 11:26 PM.
    Hi I'm Polio and I love shiny things <3

    Pokemon Y FC: 2036 6566 9951
    Friend Safari: Ponyta, Slugma, Fletchinder (Fire)

    Pokemon X FC: 5284 1410 7734
    Friend Safari: Sneasel, Nuzleaf, Sableye (Dark)

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    Gen 1: 51 shinies
    Gen 2: 34 shinies
    Gen 3: 37 shinies
    Gen 4: 35 shinies
    Gen 5: 84 shinies
    Legends: 47 shinies
    Events: 8 shinies
    TOTAL: 241 normal, 47 legend, 8 event = 296 shinies

        Spoiler:- GEN 1-5:

        Spoiler:- Shiny Legends & Shiny Events:

    What I seek in return:
    -UT Shinies I do not have. (No nicknames!! :/)
    -Replacing my BT or T shinies with UT
    -Replacing my nicknamed shinies with normal named ones (of course you choose something else, unless you're looking for that nicknamed Pokemon lol)
    Last edited by FILIP22; 18th April 2011 at 3:49 AM.

    ^ My NEW EVENTS Archive (WIP) ^
    Pokemon (U)S/(U)M: 1075-0900-1193 FILIP.
    EST Timezone

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    Default Trade?

    Im looking for a shiny Smeargle Torchic Sigilyph Tynamo Cubchoo Archen minccino Eevee and Zorua!

    Offering all shinies in my sig as well as WIN2011 dogs and celebi and several legendaries

    (PS only trading my 5th gen shinies for 5th gen shinies)
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    3DS FC: 3067 - 5438 - 9132

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    That one place.


    Hello one and all. Im in desperate need of a shiny cryoganol. I think it looks so cool. All my shinies r in my signiture. Some though are not up for trade. (i.e. charizard, treecko plus more). PM me if interested!!!

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    Looking for shiny cryoganal, mothim,tirtouga/carracosta, and mareep. Along wih the shinies in my sig I'm offering a shiny grimer( UT) shiny spiritomb, and lunatone( UT)

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    I edited my earlier post, but im still looking for the pokes in my signature. I have a shiny darkrai to trade, and i'm looking mainly for groudon. Thanks!
        Spoiler:- Signature:

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