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Thread: Shiny Trading Thread

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    Offering Japanese Shiny Palkia Lv55. Appears legit, can't say for sure as was GTS obtained. Met at Lv47 at Spear Pillar. Hates to lose. Current Stats: atk 149 def 128 Sp.A 189 Sp.D 150 Spd 131. Moves: Water Pulse, Blizzard, Heal Block, Spacial Rend.

    Looking for UT Shiny Mew or Shiny Groudon, or perhaps other shiny legendaries.
    EDIT: I haven't traded since BW, but looking back at this old flair makes me happy

    Currently trading and looking to trade for egg moves.
    I have: Dark Pulse zorua, Dark Pulse Deino, Snarl Zorua, Hypnosis/Zen Headbutt /Roost Zubat, Curse , Aqua Ring , Imprison , Muddy Water , yawn/wish/stored power . I'll do others on request. Can do natures for any of my egg moves, though in some cases patience is required, please understand.

    Visit my trade shop at
    White FC: 3525 9605 9952

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    Friend Code: (HG) 1076 5588 6603
    (White) 4212 3252 0766

    Looking for:
        Spoiler:- Spoiler:

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    Offering shiny axew, litwick

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    Shiny Crobat up for offer, PM me
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    White FC: 2923 8282 0235
    Currently experimenting with Inherited Natures Breeding. Looking for Adamant, Modest, Brave, Impish, Quiet and Relaxed dittos. Please PM if you have said pokemon. i can offer
    First, Third, Fourth and Fifth gens complete.
    Fossil Pokémon: Kabuto, Archen, Tirtouga, Omanyte and Anorith
    RARE POKÉmon:
    Zoura (DARK PULSE!)
    Plus quite a few older-gen Pokes like Growlithe

    When i get my 2nd DS any Legendary excluding Mew, Jirachi and Deoxys.

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    I am trading for all three monkeys; shiny (Panpour, Pansage and Pansear) PM me I will offer generously.

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    hi^^ i search shinys 5.Generation only and trade for:
    shiny Forretress
    shiny Unown
    shiny Castform
    shiny Slaking
    Shiny Golem
    Shiny Gengar
    Shiny Rhyhorn
    Shiny Umbreon
    Shiny Natu
    Shiny Linoone
    Shiny Tropius
    Shiny Kirlia
    Shiny Combee
    Shiny Lucario
    Shiny Luxray
    Shiny Buneary

    and two GTS Events:

    10th Deoxys and TRU Manaphy^^

    i trade 1 GTS for 1 5.Generation shiny

    or 5-6 Shinys for 1 5.Generation shiny

    pls pn^^
    Shiny Munchlax

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    Looking for Shiny Roggenrola/Boldore/Gigalith and Shiny Deino/Zweilous/ English legit and male
    Looking for Shiny Sandile/Krokorok/Krookodile male legit and English
    Looking for Shiny Litwick/Lampent/Chandelure male legit and Englsih
    Also looking for shiny starters of 5th gen.
    Pm what u want
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    LF : Shiny any Shiny 5th Gen. Offering:Shiny starter:male male ,male ,male male male , male male Shiny Legendary Pokémon : , , , ,
    Other Shiny Pokémon : male male , male ,female , male , , female , male , female female , male , female male , male , female , male , , female , and on my White game : , male Watchog , female Basculin , female Scraggy , Kyurem , Virizion White FC : 4470 0197 8172

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    Looking for the following shiny Pokemon:
    * Deino/Zweilous/Hydreigon - must be male and nicknameable, Modest/Timid nature, and either UT or fully EV'd in Special Attack and Speed.
    * Druddigon - must be male and nicknameable, Adamant/Jolly nature, and either UT or fully EV'd in Attack and Speed.
    * Sandile/Krokorok/Krookodile - must be male and nicknameable, Jolly/Adamant nature, and either UT or fully EV'd in Attack and Speed.
    * Axew/Fraxure/Haxorus - must be male and nicknameable, Jolly/Adamant nature, and either UT or fully EV'd in Attack and Speed.
    * Archen/Archeops - must be male and nicknameable, Jolly/Adamant nature, and either UT or fully EV'd in Attack and Speed.
    * Kyurem - Timid/Modest/Naive nature and UT.

    I can RNG abuse for shiny versions of practically any (breedable) past-generation Pokemon. (These will all be nicknameable and come UT.) I also have a few events; see below for examples.

        Spoiler:- Event Pokemon:

        Spoiler:- RNG Bred Shinies:

    PM me if you think we could work something out! =D
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    looking for any 5thGen shiny pokemon.


    Shinys for Trade
    Shiny Victreebel UT Bashful
    Shiny Cherrim (Jap) lv100 Mild
    Shiny Roserade Lv100 Timid
    Shiny Shaymin UT Impish
    Shiny Charizard lv100 Modest
    Shiny Magby UT Timid
    Shiny Magmar Jolly
    Shiny Chimchar (Jap) UT except Day Care Modest
    Shiny Chimchar UT Modest
    Shiny Totodile UT Hardy
    Shiny Feraligatr lv100 Hardy
    Shiny Squirtle UT Bold
    Shiny Mudkip UT Hasty
    Shiny Piplup UT Lonely
    Shiny Rotom Pokerus Cured Timid
    Shiny Zubat UT Hardy
    Shiny Tailow UT Quiet
    Shiny Swellow Hardy
    Shiny Mantyke UT Lonely
    Shiny Lugia UT Modest
    Shiny Ho-Oh Lax
    Shiny Ralts UT (M) Quiet
    Shiny Mime.Jr UT Modest
    Shiny Skunktank Modest
    Shiny Sneasel Naive
    Shiny Cimecho UT Bold
    Shiny Darkrai UT Brave
    Shiny Clefa UT Mild
    Shiny Glameow UT Adamant
    Shiny Happiny UT Mild
    Shiny Spinda UT Brave
    Shiny Zigzagoon UT Quiet
    Shiny Dustox Quiet
    Shiny Scorupi UT (except Daycare) Rash
    Shiny Bonsly UT Mild
    Shiny Golduck UT Rash
    Shiny Spiritomb UT Timid
    Shiny Dirftloon UT Lonely
    Shiny Machamp UT Naive
    Shiny Riolu UT Modest
    Shiny Dialga UT Modest
    Shiny Palkia UT Mild
    Shiny Manaphy UT Modest
    Shiny Phione UT Rash
    Shiny Giratina UT Rash
    Shiny Azelf UT Naive
    Shiny Uxie UT Gentle
    Shiny Mesprit Careful
    Shiny Cresselia Lax
    Shiny Togepi UT Lax,Rash,Quirky
    Shiny Chikorita UT Mild
    Shiny Cyndaquil UT Naughty
    Shiny Delibird UT Quiet
    Shiny Castform UT Serious
    Shiny Suicune UT/Cured PokeRus Serious

    pm me
    Name: Anthony
    Water Enthusiast
    Pokemon Sun FC - 1478 3749 8124
    Pokemon Y Trades

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    Default latios trade

    looking for a shiny latios eny got a lot to offer
    I'm looking for any shinys

    DS Friend code 1590-4764-8105

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    Got for trade:

    Lv. 100 Adamant Breloom (Fully Ev'd (394 attack, 227 speed))
    Lv. 7 Timid Shroomish (touched)
    Lv. 50 Docile Cresselia
    Lv. 35 Adamant Rotom (Touched, chinese/japanese?)

    Looking for Shiny Zorua/Zoroark/Deino/Axew, but might consider other offers too I prefer 5th gen. Pm me!

    Also looking for a japanese Zorua/Zoruark/Deino/Axew
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        Spoiler:- FC and my Safari!:


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    I have a shiny legit horsea that i traded up to my pokemon white game from pokemon pearl. I am looking to trade it for a choice band from a 5th generation game (since you can't trade items up to the 5th generation) so please attach it to a 5th generation pokemon.
    let me know if you are interested through PM. thanks!

    Pokemon Pearl
    Name: Theresa
    white friend code: 3739 8820 4597
    pearl Friend Code: 1933 7464 2470

    pokemon white fc: 3739 8820 4597

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    I need Raikou, Lugia, Ho-oh, and Scizor (or a Scyther holding a Metal Coat). If you trade me one of these, I'll give any of following in exchange:
    -Level 50 Articuno
    -Level 81 Blaziken
    -Level 100 Blaziken
    -Level 70 Celebi
    -Level 67 Charizard
    -Level 33 Deoxys
    -Level 56 Dialga
    -Level 47 Groudon
    -Level 69 Groudon
    -Level 71 Groudon
    -Level 5 Jirachi
    -Level 45 Kyogre
    -Level 100 Kyogre
    -Level 51 Metagross
    -Level 50 Mesprit
    -Level 10 Mew
    -Level 70 Mewtwo
    -Level 100 Mewtwo
    -Level 70 Rayquaza
    -Level 71 Rayquaza
    -Level 40 Regice
    -Level 40 Regirock
    -Level 40 Registeel
    -Level 50 Zapdos
    -Level 65 Zapdos

    For a SHINY Raikou, Lugia, Ho-oh, or Scizor/Scyther(Metal Coat), I'll trade any of these:
    Level 29 SHINY ROSELIA
    Level 100 SHINY SABLEYE
    Level 100 SHINY KECLEON
    Level 100 SHINY DODRIO
    Level 33 SHINY SPEAROW
    Level 5 SHINY MAGBY
    Level 2 SHINY STARLY
    Level 100 SHINY PRIMEAPE
    Level 100 SHINY ALTARIA
    Level 100 SHINY LUXRAY
    Level 40 SHINY DRAPION
    Level 100 SHINY MACHAMP
    Level 100 SHINY WALREIN

    For a SHINY LEVEL 100 Raikou, I'll trade any of these:
    Level 47 SHINY PALKIA
    Level 100 SHINY CELEBI
    Level 50 SHINY MESPRIT
    Level 100 SHINY MEW
    Level 70 SHINY GROUDON
    Level 32 SHINY REGICE
    Level 100 SHINY JIRACHI
    Level 100 SHINY LUCARIO
    Level 100 SHINY MEWTWO
    Level 50 SHINY SUICUNE
    Level 100 SHINY DEOXYS
    Level 100 SHINY KYOGRE

    Please PM your offers.

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    behind you


    I have the following shinies:


    Ekans, female, Adamant, lvl.26
    Ekans, male, Quirky, lvl.26
    Electabuzz, female, Jolly, lvl.39
    Electabuzz, male, Calm, lvl.39
    Electabuzz, male, Adamant, lvl.39
    Krabby, male, Adamant, lvl.48 (x3)
    Krabby, female, Adamant, lvl.48
    Krabby, male, Naughty, lvl.48
    Krabby, female, Rash, lvl.48
    Krabby, female, Mild, lvl.48
    Krabby, female, Quiet, lvl.48
    Magnemite, Hardy, lvl.39
    Magnemite, Quirky, lvl.39
    Magnemite, Bold, lvl.39
    Magnemite, Relaxed, lvl.39
    Magnemite, Modest, lvl.39
    Nidorino (male), Modest, lvl.31
    Nidorino (male), Timid, lvl.31
    Nidorino (male), Hasty, lvl.31
    Nidorino (male), Adamant, lvl.31
    Nidorino (male), Lax, lvl.31
    Weepinbell, female, Naughty, lvl.49
    Weepinbell, male, Modest, lvl.49


    Flaaffy, female, Jolly lvl.39
    Flaaffy, female, Lonely, lvl.39
    Gligar, male, Sassy, lvl.16 (x2)
    Gligar, male, Brave, lvl.16
    Gligar, female, Sassy, lvl.16
    Gligar, female, Gentle, lvl.16
    Pineco, Male, Bold, lvl.13
    Pineco, Male, Mild, lvl.13
    Sudowoodo, Female, Brave, lvl.31
    Sudowoodo, female, Calm, lvl.31
    Shiny beast event Raikou (x2)


    Anorith, male, Quirky, lvl.1 (has 31 IV's in HP)
    Electrike, male, Timid, lvl.10 (x3)
    Electrike, female, Timid, lvl.10 (x2)
    Electrike, male, Calm, lvl.10
    Electrike, male, Brave, lvl.10
    Electrike, female, Brave, lvl.10
    Electrike, male, Naughty, lvl.10
    Mudkip (nicknamed "Swampy"), male, relaxed, lvl.1
    Seviper, male, Timid, lvl.20
    Seviper, female, Modest, lvl.20
    Seviper, male, Modest, lvl.20
    Seviper, female, Quiet, lvl.20
    Shedinja, Adamant, lvl.30 (31 IV's in Attack and speed)
    Zangoose, female, Adamant, lvl.18


    Drifloon, male, Naeive, lvl.1 (30 IV's in HP)

    Looking for:

    - Flawless Ditto/Ditto with 5 flawless IV's (will trade 3 shinies for this)
    - Male Pokemon with at least 4 flawless IV's (especially those within the "bug"
    and "dragon" egg groups, will trade 2 shinies for this)
    - Ekans/Arbok with the following IV's: 31/X/31/x/31/x or 31/31/X/X/31/X

    will consider other offers.

    All of my shinies are UT. I do not clone pokemon but will accept clones.
    White FC: 0733 8904 4819

    white 2 FC: 0777 2290 2356

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    Offering the following
    UT WIN2011 Raikou
    UT WIN2011 Entei
    2 UT WIN2011 Suicune
    Looking for other shinies (5th gen preffered but all shinies will be considered)

    PM if you want to trade.

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    umm i have a shiny piloswine that i caught at giant chasm in pokemon black. i'd be willing to trade it for a shiny rufflet or braivary and ill give you any of the Unova starters that you dont have. you can trade me anything for those. alright...yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh o_0

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    Cool hey everybody! looking for a few shinys in specific...

    i was wondering if somebody could lend me a hand. i dont have much to offer but this is what im looking for...

    zorua and zorark (spelled right?)
    and any other cool looking suggestions :P
    any help would be greatly apreciated

    PM me or quote this with any offers
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    hi^^ i search shinys 5.Generation only and trade for:
    shiny Forretress
    shiny Unown
    shiny Castform
    shiny Slaking
    Shiny Golem
    Shiny Gengar
    Shiny Rhyhorn
    Shiny Umbreon
    Shiny Natu
    Shiny Linoone
    Shiny Tropius
    Shiny Kirlia
    Shiny Combee
    Shiny Lucario
    Shiny Luxray
    Shiny Buneary
    Shiny Munchlax

    Shiny Raikou
    Shiny Entai
    Shiny Suicune
    ---> this three all the german Event shinys

    and two GTS Events:

    10th Deoxys and TRU Manaphy^^

    i trade the two GTS for 1 good 5.Generation shiny, or 1 GTS for 1 5.Generation Shiny

    or 5-6 Shinys for 1 5.Generation shiny

    pls pn^^

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    Default FT: Shinies

    Shiny ;
    Chimchar, Torchic, Flareon (x2), Turtwig, Eevee, Umbreon, Jolteon, Suicune (crown), Caterpie

    Almost all have perfect IV's.

    not really the best,
    just kinda bored of them in my box

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    Since I've traded a lot since my last post...

    Shiny Charmeleon - lvl 25 {I trained it myself for a while, MM}
    Shiny Marshtomp - lvl 20 {I trained it myself for a while, MM}

    Low Leveled {Below 20} Audino Shiny
    Shiny Woobat

    Previous Successes

    Message me for FC exchange!

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    I'm looking for shiny Zorua and am willing to offer any previous gen pokemon for one

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    I'm looking for shinies:
    Pansage, Pansear, Panpour, Roggenrola, Drillbur, Cryogonal, Heatmor, Tympole, Larvesta, Maractus, Archen.

    Can offer most other 5th gen shinies, just waiting on some trades
    And I have any 1st-4th gen shinies.
    Pokemon Y friend code is : 4184 2936 5727
    Electric friend safari with Dedenne, Pikachu and Luxio

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    Hello, fellow serebii members! Welcome to the grand opening of my travelling trade shop! I am having 3 special offers to commemorate the opening of my Travelling Trade shop on serebii, first, whenever you complete a trade for one of the "High priority" wants on my list, you will receive a free rare candy as part of the deal!
    Second, for each item on my wants list you trade with me, whether Priority or not, you will receive one bonus point you can use to buy something else from my shop later! Also, no matter what trade you make with me, I will provide you with pokerus absolutely free! So let’s get started with what I want from you:


    "High priority" are marked with a asterisk (*) after the name.

    (all point values are negotiable, all sales are final.)

    Item/Pokemon - Point Value

    Leftovers 5
    Life orbs* 8
    Choice Band 6
    Choice Specs 7
    Air balloon* 6
    Tirtouga (any)* 2
    Master Ball* 11
    Any Female Dream
    World Pokemon Make offers.

    Any UT Pokemon
    With at least 3
    Perfect IVS and a varies (make an offer) or I can swap you one of mine from the list.
    Appropriate nature

    Here’s what I can offer you:

    (Note: just because a Pokemon is not UT does not mean it is fully Ev trained, just that I got it off the GTS or that it has been used in battle a few times.)


    Pokemon – Level – UT, Y/N – Nature – Point Value

    Rayquaza 70 Y Brave 3

    Kyogre 70 Y Calm 4

    Kyogre 73 N Docile 3

    Groudon 70 Y Hardy 3

    Groudon 70 Y Impish 4

    Pokemon – Level – UT, Y/N – Nature – Point Value

    Mesprit 50 Y Hasty 2

    Uxie 50 N Gentle 2

    Azelf 50 Y Timid 3

    Manaphy 1 Y Careful 2

    Mewtwo 70 Y Rash 4

    Mewtwo 70 Y Rash 4

    Cresselia 50 Y Modest 4

    Articuno 50 Y Bold 3

    Zapdos 50 N Adamant 2

    Zapdos 60 Y Naughty 2

    Zapdos 60 Y Naďve 3

    Moltres 60 Y Serious 3

    Entei 44 N Jolly 3

    EVD Pokemon:

    All fully Ev’d appropriately and ready to fight

    Pokemon – Level – Moves ______________Nature – Point Value

    Shifty 50 Leaf storm, dark pulse, Lonely 6
    Fake out, Explosion.

    Tyranitar 56 Earthquake, Stone Edge, Adamant 6
    Crunch, Aqua Tail

    Milotic 50 Hydro pump, Toxic, Calm 7
    Protect, Recover

    Blissey 50 Counter, Seismic Toss, Careful 8
    Toxic, Soft-boiled

    Lucario 55 Me First, Close Combat Jolly 5
    Swords Dance, Extremespeed

    Perfect Iv UT Pokemon: Train them however you want!

    (any Pokemon over level one were trained solely through the daycare, or were obtained ut at their current level)

    Pokemon – Level – Egg moves_____-Nature – Perfect IV’s -------Point Value

    Larvesta(F) 1 Substitute Timid Speed, Satk, Def. 5

    Zorua(M) 1 Dark Pulse Timid Speed, Satk. 5

    Darumaka(F) 1 Substitute Jolly Speed, Atk, Sdef. 5

    Solosis(M) 1 Night Shade, Sub. Relaxed Speed, Def, Sdef. 5

    Magmortar(F) 50 - Modest Satk 5

    Axew x 3 1 Substitute Jolly HP, Atk 6 Each
    (all with mold breaker)

    Larvitar x2(F) 1 Outrage, Jolly HP, Atk, Speed 7 Each
    Dragon dance,

    Rotom x2 1 - Timid Satk, Speed 6 Each

    Frillish(M) 20 - Calm HP, Def, Sdef 6

    Drilbur (M) 10 - Naďve Hp, Atk, Speed 5

    (If Ev’d, the EVs are appropriate for the Pokemon)

    Pokemon – Level – EVD Y/N – Nature ===== Point Value

    Pikachu x 2 24 N Quiet,(F) Careful(M) 7 each

    Machamp 50+ Y Rash(F) Brave(M) 11(M) 8(F)

    Rapidash 50+ Y Naughty 10

    Corsola 50+ Y Modest 8

    Delecatty 49 Y Calm 8

    Magnezone 50 Y Modest 10


    Power Bracer- 5 pts
    Assorted Gems- 1 pt each
    Breeding services- Varies (Pm me and we can try to work out an offer)
    Eving any Pokemon and leveling it to level 50 – 5 pts + 1 pt for every 10 vitamins I need to buy for it (they’re not cheap, ya know!) 

    I can also offer most starters, fossils, and other misc rare Pokemon- 2 pts each

    That’s it for now, I’ll update as I Poke shift over more stuff. You can post in this forum, but for fastest reply you should also Pm me.

    Thanks, and happy shopping!

    I don't cheat, (since red... missingno ^^) don't RNG, and don't want or accept any pokemon obtained this way, I breed to perfection, and can't wait for HG! also, plz, all you people who have the logo that says that you treat your pokemon like freinds, or living things instead of automatons... please get over it, that's all they are, and all they ever will be!

    (take it from me, I tried to pretend that...) I felt sooo ridiculous.

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    Shiny male Darmanitan or Darumaka
    Shiny male Drilbur

    Shiny Female 100 Hydreigon
    Shiny female 79 Milotic

    Pm me
    3DS FC: 3496-9740-3964
    SHINYS (NOT FOR TRADE) : Wishcash (September 29th, 2009), Sliggoo (October 20th, 2013), Magmar (November 8th, 2013), Sliggoo (November 8th, 2013), Braixen (November 9th,2013), Frogadier (November 10th, 2013)

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    Looking for a shiny Gyrados. I can offer a lot of different Pokemon, not shiny though, sorry mates. PM me if you're interested!

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