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Thread: Shiny Trading Thread

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    looking for shiny careful aron with curse, and shiny bulbasaur with defensive nature and curse/ amnesia. can offer 6th gen shinys
    please PM
    BLK2 FC: 2709 9945 0568
    X FC: 1134 6965 6188

    I RNG, If you have any requests just PM me. Also, I have many RNGd legends, events, and more.

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    offering shiny greninja 5iv timid HA

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    I have several self-obtained, untouched, and uncloned RUBY and SAPHIRE shiny Zigzagoon up for trade. In exchange for your choice of any of these Pokemon, please surprise me! I am receptive to any one-for-one offers of a roughly equivalent value, such as for legendaries, shinies, and events. My only request is that the Pokemon you offer me be uncloned in turn. Please feel free to contact me via PM for further details.
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    Friend Safari: Minccino, Lillipup and Ditto

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    Shiny Metagross up for trade!

    My Shiny Metagross, Byzantium, who is Lv. 50-something, is up for trade for a 4-6 IV Ditto. It is 100% legitimate, caught by me in Pokemon Black 2. I can give it a new nickname prior to trading with you if you like! I can also provide its stats via PM if you're interested. I BELIEVE its nature is Quirky, although I'll have to double-check. It does not have perfect IVs or HA. It was not bred, but caught in the wild by chance.

    For the Ditto, I can also include a 3 IV Eevee (Atk, Sp. Atk, HP/Defense) and/or a DW Caterpie.
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    As my signature says, I'm looking for anyone and everyone to come out of the woodwork and offer me a shiny Ageto Celebi. Famed Pokemon checkers have denounced its existence, but hey.

    If you think yours is legitimate, please let me know! I'll accept any and all obviously-not-hacked ones. Even a properly created one with accurate data, since it's physically identical to the real deal. I can offer you a wide range of 50+ shinies, near flawless pkm, RNG's, egg moves, Pokerus, legendaries, etc. I can also digitally create any legitimate legendary, event, or any Pokemon you want using Pokegen (technically EVERYONE has this capability, but I can do it for you personally if you wish). If you are unsure about the legitimacy of a hand-created Pokemon, consider that if the creator is careful and attentive to detail, he or she can build an exact twin of an event whose coding is identical in every way shape and form, with the only minor difference being where/how it actually originated. There is no physical difference in the coding.

    Please let me know if you are interested! I'm trying to collect these Pkm gems.
    Offering Pkmn copies that are unhacked and legitimate. Black 2 code is: 2710 1469 1968...

    Events and Legendaries:


    Looking for these. Events can be shiny or not. Non-events must be shiny. Egg-moves/flawlessness are good, too. Legitimate copies are perfectly fine.
    (and if you happen to have a legitimate shiny event here, I'd be willing to pay a lot. )

    Furthermore, I am looking for a shiny Celebi, and its existence is widely refuted. If ANYONE has it or knows of someone who does, let me know.

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    For Trade: UT shiny Murkrow w/ prankster from Kalos

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    LF Shiny Goomy, preferably ut.
    3DS Friend Code: 5171-9608-5466 (PM when you add me)
    Rock-type Friend Safari

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    ***NO LEGENDS PLEASE*** unless 5-6iv kalos legendaries ***kalos bred shinies only***
    ******P.s. not all information about most of my pokes are updated, so ask if you want any details on any of them :P******
    I have FT (all Kalos Caught) all are shiny

    5iv shiny dwebble *NFT*

    6iv shiny protean Greninja

    6iv shiny Duskull

    6iv shiny Gastly

    6iv shiny timid eevee

    5iv shiny bold eevee

    6iv shiny solar power charmander

    6iv shiny careful harvest trevenant

    5iv shiny heracross

    5iv shiny carbink

    6iv shiny adamant shuppet

    5iv shiny prankster sableye

    5iv shiny trace gardevoir

    4iv shiny lucario (hp maybe? havent checked on this one :P)

    5iv shiny jolly binacle

    5iv shiny tentacool

    6iv larvatar

    5iv shiny skarmory

    5iv shiny slurpuff

    5iv shiny drilbur

    5iv shiny (0 speed) quiet solosis

    5iv shiny Pinsir

    5iv shiny inkay

    5iv shiny HA(swift swim) anorith

    5iv shiny larvesta

    5iv shiny frillish water absorb (female)

    5iv shiny frillish water absorb (male)

    6iv shiny cofagrigus (quiet nature)

    5iv shiny blissey

    5iv shiny horsea

    5iv shiny aron

    5iv shiny pawniard

    5iv shiny lotad

    5iv shiny tynamo

    6iv shiny archeops

    5iv shiny misdreavus

    5iv shiny nidoran (boy)

    5iv shiny chespin

    5iv shiny hippopotas

    5iv shiny espurr

    5iv shiny scatterbug (ocean pattern)

    5iv shiny meowth

    5iv shiny piplup

    5iv shiny spritzee

    5iv shiny chimchar (fake out, thunder punch, fire punch) iron fist ability

    5iv shiny tirtouga

    5iv shiny tyrunt

    5iv shiny aumara

    6iv shiny fletchling

    6iv shiny golett (no gaurd)

    5iv shiny noibat

    5iv shiny hawlucha

    5iv shiny darumaka

    5iv shiny 0 speed aegislash

    6iv shiny bagon

    5iv shiny staryu

    5iv shiny shinx

    6iv shiny gliscor (poison heal lv 2)

    5iv shiny HA litwick

    5iv shiny shroomish (quik feet)

    5iv shiny snorunt (HA moody) (timid nature)

    5iv shiny ekans

    5iv shiny grimer

    5iv shiny lapras

    5iv shiny pancham

    5iv shiny skrelp (modest nature)

    5iv shiny kabuto (swift swim)

    5iv shiny feebas

    5iv shiny kangaskhan

    5iv shiny joltik

    5iv shiny litleo

    Shiny Munna Sassy 31/x/31/31/31/0 with egg moves

    Shiny Spritzee Relaxed 31/x/31/31/31/0

    6iv shiny furfrou impish//Work up, refresh

    5iv shiny carvanha adamant//Ancient power, hydropump, destiny bond, brine

    5iv shiny deino modest//Dark pulse, earth power,

    5iv shiny beldum jolly clear body

    5iv shiny bunnelby adamant HA agility,

    5iv (0 speed) shiny ferroseed relaxed iron barbs// Harden, spikes, leech seed, stealth rock,

    5iv shiny horsea modest swift swim// Muddy water, octazooka, signal beam, clear smog,

    5iv shiny nidoran F jolly Hustle// poison tail, iron tail

    4iv (0 speed) shiny steelix relaxed// Heavy slam, stealth rock,

    6iv shiny zorua timid// Snatch, extrasensory, sucker punch, counter ,

    5iv shiny shellos modest storm drain// mirror coat,

    5iv shiny cottonee bold prankster// Beat up, swticheroo, memento, encore,

    5iv shiny scraggy jolly moxie// Low kick, drain punch, Ddance, ice punch,

    5iv tyrogue adamant steadfast// High jump kick, vacuum wave ,

    5iv shiny yanma timid speed boost// whirlwind,

    5iv shiny torchic adamant speed boost// baton pass,

    6iv shiny milotic bold competitive// Confuse ray, dragon pulse, hypnosis, haze ,

    5iv shiny marill adamant huge power// Aqua jet, belly drum, super power,

    5iv shiny cleffa calm magic guard// metronome, stored power, aromatherapy, wish

    5iv shiny togepi timid serene grace// growl, charm, safeguard, nasty plot

    5iv shiny growlithe jolly intimidate// morning sun, close combat, flare blitz, roar

    5iv shiny porygon-z modest download// nasty plot, trick room, magic guard, zap cannon (lv1)

    Hidden power shinies, (kalos)

    perfect shiny drought vulpix (hp ice, luxury ball, female, 4 egg moves) 31/24/30/31/31/31 (perfect spread)

    perfect shiny HP ice houndour (egg moves)

    perfect shiny Hp ice, solar power helioptile (glare egg move relearnable)

    perfect shiny Hp ice, dry skin heliolisk (glare egg move)

    perfect shiny hp ice elektrike

    Shiny perfect Hp ice Solosis Quiet 31/30/31/31/31/0 (trick roomer)

    perfect shiny Hp ice rotom

    perfect shiny Hp fire petilil (egg moves)

    Shiny perfect Hp fire Horsea Modest 31/x/31/30/31/30

    perfect shiny Hp fire bulbasaur (egg moves)

    perfect shiny Hp fire exeggcute (egg moves)

    perfect shiny Hp fighting frillish (female) (egg moves)

    perfect Shiny HP Fighting Yamask Quiet 31/x/30/30/30/0 (trick roomer) (with egg moves)

    perfect shiny Hp rock pansage timid gluttony// Leaf storm, nasty plot

    perfect shiny hp grass poliwag modest HA// refresh, encore, bubble beam, mud shot,

    perfect shiny hp magnemite


    6iv shiny smoochum/timid nature/hydration ability/ meditate, ice punch, nasty plot, fake out, egg moves

    5iv shiny brave 0 speed gollet (missing spatk so its perfect)

    (non kalos)

    6iv shiny darkrai

    6iv shiny genesect

    6iv shiny giratina

    6iv shiny chandelure

    6iv shiny cofagrigus

    6iv shiny ditto

    5iv (0speed ditto)

    Hp fighting ditto

    6iv shiny zorua

    5iv shiny 0 speed bannete brave frisk/cursed body// BW dream world special move cotton gaurd

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    Looking for Shiny Mamoswine

    send PM
    Pokemon Y FC: 3582 9600 6411
    In-Game Name: NinjaCommand

    Pokedex count: 718

    I'm looking for Shiny Mamoswine


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    Looking for a shiny low level squirtle. I have other shinies for trade. This is for my white 2 version. Pm for offers.

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    i have a shiny tentacreul looking to trade for a different shiny or something else awesome just PM me offers

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