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Thread: Shiny Trading Thread

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    I'm looking for shiny Japanese legendaries besides Rayquaza and Genesect. I'm willing to trade Japanese events for them or 6th Gen stuff.

    I don't mind if they are cloned because I only want them for dex purposes. This said, I don't reeeeeeeally mind if they are hacked (shiny Arceus and such) but I'd rather have legit ones. In the cases they are cloned or hacked, please don't ask too much.
    FT: French Pokeball Vivillon, Wonderland Darkrai and Japanese Fancy Vivillon

    Kalos Shinies:

    Shiny Polar/Tundra/Continental/Elegant/Meadow/Modern/Marine/High Plains/Sandstorm/River/Monsoon/Savanna/Ocean/Jungle. Chesnaught (M). Greninja (F)

    Pokerus and Mega Stones.

    4527-8721-8292 - ワイ (Monsoon)
    FS: Electrode, Pikachu, Manectric

    0602-7374-3204 - エックス (Elegant)
    FS: Kecleon, Lillipup, Smeargle

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    LF: 6Iv kalos bred/caught azumarill line with huge power
    6IV klingklang line kalos bred
    6IV volcarona line kalos bred

    6IV shiny sceptile
    shiny spanish event pikachu
    shiny slakoth
    shiny luvdisc
    shiny gyarados
    shiny seaking
    deoxys-gen 3 event
    5iv chansey (multiple combinations of IV,nature and abillity)
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    Hello, I have some shinies available for trade, please see my signature for what I´m looking for.

    The shinies I have as of right now are:

    Hoppip, Ditto, Smoochum, Gible, Marill, Mr. Mime, Groudon, Gigalith and Crobat.

    Depending on the offer I can exchange one of these.
    I´m looking for:

    Poké Bank Event Calm, Modest, Timid or Bold Celebi with great IVs.
    Calm, Timid or Bold Lugia with great IVs.

    I have some shines, legendaries, 5-6 perfect IVs, HA Pokémon, etc.

    Pokémon Y
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