hi im offering the following shinys UT:

adamant larvitar
modest growlithe
modest vulpix
adamant bulbasour
naughty chansey
adamant charmander with belly drum
modest houndour
timid sqartle
adamant magby with firte punch
admant scyhter
adamant bagon with dd
adamant rioulu with sky uppercut and blaze kick
modest yanma
adamant gible
adamant dratini with dd
naughty pineco
adamant heracross
adamant nidoran male
calm togepi
modest gastly
mild evee with curse
adamant ralts
modest porygon
adamant totodile with dd
naughty elekid with ice punch
adamant beldum
adamant nincada
modest chimchar
lonely turtwig
naughty murkrow
adamant seal
timid elektrike

im looking for shinys with good natures or events
PM with offers