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Thread: Shiny Trading Thread

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    Looking for shinies please trade with me just tell
    Me what you want i really want the shiny event Entei and the event celebi

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    Trading a 40 shiny Kabutops that i picked up in GTS.
    English with no nickname, apparently met at lv:20 in pewter city. Gentle nature with Good perserverance.

    looking for other shinies that are english with no nicknames.

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    Looking for a shiny dratini preferably with adamant/lonely/naughty nature.
    Pm me if your interested and say what you would want for it. Thanks
    Friend code:0475 7564 9290 diamond
    white friend code:4212 3660 0762

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    Looking for new shinies, trading 1 of my event for 2 of your shinies, pm me.

        Spoiler:- Full List:
    HG Friend Code ~ 0260 2606 6202
    Platinum FC ~ 3696 6801 5973
    BLACK FC ~ 1420 5989 8997

    Can offer : anything in trade shop, includes tons of events, shinies, etc.

    Trade Shop:

    Looking for 5th gen events, pm for my offers..

    ~Current 5th Gen Events Obtained~
    Liberty Pass Victini/Jolly/15 UT

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    I've been hoarding a bunch of UT 100% legit FAL2010 Mews:

    Calm x 2
    Bold x 2
    Hardy x 2
    Modest x 1
    Hasty, Timid, Serious x 1

    I'm specifically looking for Shiny Ralts(f), shiny furret(f), shiny vulpix (f), shiny buneary (f), and any spanish language legendaries. (If you have a spanish cart ill be willing to trade a bunch of regular pokies for spanish dex entries)

    Feel free to offer other shinies, but they all must be nicknameable (including the ones above).
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    Huh, didn't notice this thread.

    Okay, I'm looking for the following things, all Untouched, non shiny:
    Timid Entei
    Timid Raikou
    Adament Ho-oh
    Bold Latias

    In return, I'm offering the following Shiny Smeargle (One per thing)
    Each is untouched, and can be renamed to what ever you want. They were chained, not RNGed or cloned. I can give them Pokerus if you need it.

    Current Name (Nature, Gender, Ability, Ball Icon, Move) IVs: HP-Att-Def-SpAtt-SpDef-Speed
    Picasso (Jolly, Female, Own Tempo, Ultra Ball, Miricle Eye) IVs: 28-18-0-16-22-16
    Georgia (Jolly, Female, Own Tempo, Nest Ball, Miricle Eye) IVs: 6-2-26-20-29-16
    Heston (Jolly, Female, Technician, Luxury Ball, Miricle Eye) IVs: 6-12-26-24-20-26

    Banksy (Jolly, Male, Own Tempo, Luxury Ball, Miricle Eye) IVs: 22-10-31-0-4-8
    Adelaide (Timid, Female, Own Tempo, Luxury Ball, Sketch) IVs: 2-0-4-20-24-10
    Penny (Jolly, Female, Own Tempo, Luxury Ball, Miricle Eye) IVs: 24-8-24-8-27-16

    Smuggle (Quirky, Male, Own Tempo, Luxury Ball, Miricle Eye) IVs: 18-16-18-29-4-10
    I also have a spare Crown Raikou and a spare Crown Suicune to offer.

    If you wish to trade, please VM or PM me! I have already had two offers for Heston, although one seems to have forgotton and the other turned out not to have the right type of wifi. ¬.¬

    All this and more on my tumblr!
    I can breed premier ball Johto starters and other rare ball pokémon. Not currently accepting new trades.
    3DS: 1160-9852-7611
    Will-Powered Spriter

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    Shinys up for offer.
    Offer me events please.
    White Friend Code - Jordan - 0991 1136 8348
    HG Friend Code - JORDAN - 3782 1888 2292
    Pearl Friend Code - ROXY - 1290 1247 3374

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    Wanted: NO RNG-shinies! Clones I can handle.
    Shiny Hoppip/Skiploom!
    Shiny Pinsir
    Shiny Weezing
    Shiny Ariados
    Shiny Sandslash
    And other shinies. If it's not on the following list, I'm most likely interested.

        Spoiler:- These I have, but won't trade:

    Offering: (UT, nicknameable and uncloned)
    Shiny Gastly (Timid)
    Shiny Makuhita (Adamant, Impish)
    Shiny Misdreavus (Quiet, Brave)
    Shiny Voltorb (Bashful)
    Shiny Caterpie (Docile)
    Shiny Snubbull (Adamant, Docile)
    Shiny Sneasel (Docile)
    Shiny Pidgey (Adamant)
    Shiny Beldum (Adamant, Jolly. Both adamant ones are in Master Ball)
    Shiny Spoink (Calm)
    Shiny Krabby (Bold, Adamant)
    Shiny Bidoof (Adamant)
    Shiny Phanpy (Lonely)
    Shiny Farfetch'd (Hardy, Hasty)
    Shiny Silcoon (Adamant) (This was caught as Wurmple, but it doesn't have experience. lvl 12)
    Shiny Chatot (Serious, Master Ball)

    And if you don't mind, that the pokemon is a clone:
    Shiny Mudkip (Brave)
    Shiny Squirtle (Lonely)
    Shiny Groudon (Jolly)
    Shiny Regirock (Rash)
    BUT I won't trade these four for anything that is chainable.
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    +++ Divide By Cucumber Error. Please Reinstall Universe And Reboot +++ ~HEX
    Credit to Northern Lights for the badge

    AND my chained shinies
    Hunting: Axew (MM)/Lileep(SR)/Mewtwo(SR)/Yanma(RE)

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    ok i have a shiny starly which i dont need its legit and is lv 1 if intrested plz pm me with offers i am mainy looking for high lv pokemon from hoen or nearly most shinys from hoen or kanto and i dont mind clones
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    Offering a TRU Regigigas, uk event Arceus (with pokerus) and a legit lv 70 shaymin (with pokerus)
    looking for the following legit shinies

    PM if you want to trade

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    Just got the new gmstp Celebi (x2) so those are now available in exchange for shinies

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    I'm looking for shinies, here's my list of events. pm me to work something out.

        Spoiler:- Events:
    HG Friend Code ~ 0260 2606 6202
    Platinum FC ~ 3696 6801 5973
    BLACK FC ~ 1420 5989 8997

    Can offer : anything in trade shop, includes tons of events, shinies, etc.

    Trade Shop:

    Looking for 5th gen events, pm for my offers..

    ~Current 5th Gen Events Obtained~
    Liberty Pass Victini/Jolly/15 UT

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    Default shiny

    does anyone have a shiny ditto...if so private message me

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    Just looking for about any shiny pokemon, especially latios, and rayquaza. I'm also looking for the GBA event shiny zigzagoon(ot name is either ruby or sapphire.)

    I have, 2 10th anniversary celebi, the dogs, some shinies, two diff egg-move pokemon, latiases, lv100 shedinja with mimic.
    I have a lv 14 celebi that I have no clue what is. It might be an ageto one, but I'm not sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by electroccute View Post

    Shiny Raikou, Entei, Suicune x2
    Shiny Shroomish, Gible, Turtwig, Sableye, Snorlax, Starmie, Cyndaquil
    Celebi x2
    Mew x2
    Entei, Suicune, Zapdos, Articuno
    Raikou x2, Moltres x2
    Do you still have the Gible? I can offer a totally untouched Croconaw from Colosseum. It's not shiny, but it's not easy to get, either, and it's totally legit.

    Platinum FC: 4169-2395-1348
    Soul Silver FC: 1334-6458-8950
    Black FC: 4169-4534-8784

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    Hi everyone,
    Another updated list:
    If there are any typos (like in the ID) please let me know. If any of my events are missing the required item let me know and I will try hard to find one to put on it.
    Looking for:
    Pokemon Black and White Japanese events when the English game comes out
    PCNY 00001 events in 2003 UT
    10 ANIV/ANNIV/Jahre events UT
    ポケパ-ク celebi UT
    アゲト celebi UT
    Japanese Ruby and Sapphire Zigzagoon
    Any UT HVR2011/INV2011 shiny beast
    I will take any other events I do not have listed below, but please look at all of them before offering me one.

    Near flawless pokemon:
    syther lvl 1 (adamant)

    Shinies (All UT unless stated otherwise):
    Absol lvl 20 (lax, gentle)
    Beldum lvl 53 caught in masterball but legit chained myself (hardy)
    Elektrike lvl 7 (hardy, brave, adamant)
    Aron lvl 30 (careful, mild, gentle, impish)
    Floatzel (a little trained like killed 2 pokes) lvl 53 (naďve)
    Pinsir (Has pokerus) lvl 49 (hasty, lonely, bashful)
    Magnemite lvl 29 (naďve, hardy, quiet)
    Lickitung lvl 36 (timid, docile)
    Unown F lvl 5 (modest)
    Ditto Trained lvl 45 (Lonely)
    Psyduck lvl 11 (hardy)
    Tentacruel Trained lvl 30 (careful)
    Larvitar Trained lvl 10 had pokerus (Hasty)
    Charmander lvl 1 (Adamant)
    Charmander lvl 1 (Adamant) Knows Belly Drum
    Stantler lvl 15 (Quiet)
    Gible lvl 1 Has PKRS (Adamant) Knows Outrage, Earthquake, and double team
    Japanese birth island deoxys lvl 30 (Bold)
    Japanese birth island deoxys Trained lvl 100 holding amulet coin (Modest)
    Newmoon Island darkrai trained lvl 50 (Sassy)
    Flower Paradise Shaymin caught in a masterball lvl 30 (Jolly)
    SHINY 10 ANIV Bulbasaur ID 00010 lvl 70 (Bashful)
    SHINY 10 ANIV Pikachu lvl 70 ID 00010 holding a Light Ball (Bashful)
    SHINY Agetoアゲト Celebi lvl 10 ID 31121 (Lax)

    Events(All UT unless stated otherwise):

    Celebi Events:
    Japanese Movie celebi ID 07100 Holding Jaboca Berry:
    Trained level 51 July 10, 2010 (adamant)
    UT January 12, 2011 (Bashful)

    INV2011 Celebi ID 01211 Holding Jaboca berry:
    February 3, 2011 (Modest)

    HVR2011 Celebi ID 01211 Holding a Jaboca berry:
    February 1, 2011 (Modest)

    WIN2011 Celebi ID 01211 Holding Jaboca Berry:
    February 14, 2011 (Calm)
    February 21, 2011 (Relaxed) GameStop one legit got my self

    GAMESTP celebi ID 02271 Holding a Jaboca Berry:
    March 1, 2011 all perfect IVs (modest)

    GBA Celebi Events:
    10 Aniv celebi ID 00010 (Naďve, Sassy)
    ミツリン Celebi ID 60720 (Quirky)
    アゲト Celebi Trained lvl 34 ID 31121 (Hasty)
    SHINY Ageto アゲトCelebi lvl 10 ID 31121 (Lax)

    Pikachu Events:
    Colosseum Pikachu ID 31121 Holding a light ball:
    Jun 26, 2007 (Quiet)
    Japanese Ash’s Pikachu ID 07150 Holding light ball:
    July 15, 2010 (naughty)
    TRU Ash’s Pikachu ID 01301 Holding light ball Naughty nature:
    February 1, 2011 X3 (legit got myself)
    PKTOPIA Pikachu 06257 Holding a light ball:
    April 26, 2009 (Hardy)
    7-Eleven セブン ID 08200 Pikachu Holding Light Ball:
    August 20, 2010 (Docile)
    Nzone Pikachu ID 10278 Holding a Light ball:
    November 20, 2008 (Bashful)
    Poketopia Pikachu (Japanese) ID 12146 Holding a Light ball:
    April 24, 2007 (Hardy)
    Makku Pikachu ID 05308 Holding a Light ball:
    May 31, 2008 (Bashful)
    Ario Pikachu ID 11219 Holding a Light ball:
    November 22, 2009 (Bashful)

    Gamestop Events (complete, I think):

    Gamestop beasts (All legit got myself):
    Raikou ID 01031 holding micle berry Rash nature:
    Januray 8, 2011
    Januray 3, 2011 X2
    Entei ID 01171 Holding Custap berry Adamant nature:
    January 21, 2011 X3
    Suicune ID 01311 Holding rowap berry Relaxed nature:
    February 2, 2011
    February 4, 2011
    February 5, 2011

    Gamestop Jirachi ID 0227 Holding liechi berry:
    March 31, 2010(Docile) Has pkrs (Legit got myself)
    Gamestop pichu ID 01300 Holding an Everstone:
    January 9, 2011 (Jolly)
    Gamestop deoxys ID 06218 Holding a NeverMeltIce:
    June 21, 2008 (Rash)

    Hayley Events:
    Hayley Phione ID 01000 August 12, 2008 (Lonely)

    GCEA Events:
    Cyndaquil ID 51224 lvl 10 (Timid)
    Mudkip ID 51126 lvl 10 (Lonely)

    DUKING Events:
    (Some dates are questionable but I think it is the DS clock)
    Larvitar ID 37149 March 17, 2012 (Quirky)
    Plusle ID 37149 March 17, 2012 (Quirky)
    Meditite ID 37149 February 17, 2012 (Impish)

    Pokebox Events:
    Swablu March 17, 2012 (Hasty) Knows False swipe, peck, and growl

    10 ANIV events/ Bryant Park 10 ANIV ones:
    SHINY 10 ANIV Bulbasaur ID 00010 lvl 70 (Bashful)
    SHINY 10 ANIV Pikachu lvl 70 ID 00010 holding a Light Ball (Bashful)
    10 ANIV Typhlosion ID 06808 (Hardy)

    TRU Events:
    TRU Arceus ID 11079 Holding a Rowap berry:
    November 7, 2009 (Hardy)
    TRU Shaymin ID 02089 Holding a Micle berry:
    February 8, 2009 (Mild)
    TRU Regigigas ID 03089 Holding a Custap berry:
    March 8, 2009 (Hasty)
    TRU dragonite ID 11088 Holding a Yache berry:
    November 8, 2008 (Mild)

    WIN2011 Beasts:
    WIN2011 Raikou ID 02071 Holding a Micle berry Rash nature:
    February 8, 2011
    WIN2011 entei ID 02141 Holding a custap berry Adamant nature:
    February 17, 2011
    WIN2011 Suicune ID Holding a Rowap berry Relaxed nature:
    None yet

    Mew Events:
    OTO2010 Mew ID 10160:
    October 15, 2010 (Lonely)
    FAL2010 Mew ID 10160:
    January 1, 2011 (Adamant) (Legit got myself)
    Aura mew ID 20078 (Hardy)
    mystry mew ID 06930 (Rash, impish, relaxed)

    Pokemon Ranger Events:
    Kyle Riolu ID 03208:
    November 21, 2008 (Serious)
    Almia darkrai ID 03208:
    February 9, 2011 (Lonely)
    Oblivia events:
    Heatran ID 03060:
    January 6, 2008 (Quiet) (Questionable date but I think it was the DS clock)
    Shaymin ID :

    Deoxys ID :

    Manaphy egg (unhatched)

    VGC/WORLD events:
    WORLD08 Lucario ID 08178:
    August 17, 2008 (Adamant)
    WORLD09 Weavile ID 08159 Holding a focus sash:
    August 15, 2009 (Jolly)
    VGC09 milotic ID 05099 Holding a flame orb:
    May 16, 2009 (Timid)
    VGC10 eevee ID 05080 Holding a lucky egg:
    May 8, 2010 (Hardy)

    Jirachi events:
    SMR2010 jirachi ID 06260:
    June 27, 2010 (Quiet)
    NZ Jirachi ID 06199:
    June 29, 2009 (Relaxed)
    Channel Jirachi ID 40122 (Relaxed)
    Negaiboshi jirachi ID 30719 Trained level 100 holding a big root (Lax)
    wishmkr jirachi ID 20043 Holding Ganlon Berry (adamant)
    SHINY WISHMKR Jirachi ID 20043 lvl 5 Had PKRS (Modest)

    Saikyou Events:
    Saikyou Dragonite ID 01158 Holding a Yache berry:
    January 15, 2008 (Mild)
    Saikyou Salamence ID 02158 Holding a Dragon Fang:
    February 15, 2008 (Naughty)
    Saikyou Milotic ID 12157 Holding a Flame orb:
    December 15, 2007 (Bold)
    Saikyou Magmortar ID 12017 Holding a Charcoal:
    December 1, 2007 (Hardy)
    Saikyou Electivire ID 11157 Holding a magnet:
    November 15, 2007 (Serious)

    Stamp Events:
    Stamp Pichu ID 30821:
    October 7, 2007 (Bashful)
    Stamp absol ID 30821 Holding a Ganlon berry:
    October 23, 2007 (Lonely)

    Miscellaneous Events:
    E-card togepi ID 08756 (Sassy)
    12 aniv pichu egg
    UT MATTLE HO-OH ID 10048 (Careful)
    Trained level 100 mattle ho-oh ID 10048 (Hardy)
    Trained level 100 distant land lugia, suicune, and raikou (Gentle, Quiet, and modest respectively)
    SPR2010 pichu ID 03050 Holding an Everstone:
    March 20, 2010 (Jolly)
    MICHINA arceus from germany ID 02010 Holding a Draco plate:
    February 20, 2010 (Jolly)
    kansaato (concert) chatot ID 10286 Holding a Soothe bell:
    October 28, 2006 (Jolly)
    Japanese regigigas Pokemon Movie 08 ID 07198 Holding a Custap berry:
    June 20, 2008 (Relaxed)
    pokefesta magmar ID 11256 Holding an electirizer (Quiet)
    pokefesta electabuzz ID 11256 Holding a Magmarizer (Naughty)
    (The reason for the electirizer and magmarizer being switched is so it does not evolve when traded unless you want. If not then the magmar and electabuzz are a pair traded)
    PKTOPIA electivire ID 06257 Holding a Magnet:
    September 27, 2007 (Adamant)
    PKTOPIA magmortar ID 06257 Holding a Charcoal:
    October 20, 2007 (Modest)
    Shokotan Tropius ID 02027:
    February 6, 2007 (Jolly)
    Yamamoto whiscash ID 03217 Holding a Rindo berry:
    March 21, 2007 (Gentle)
    Mizonutami Manaphy ID 12226 Holding a King’s Rock:
    January 20, 2007 (Naughty)
    Goruko Octillery ID 10147 Holding a Focus Band:
    October 14, 2007 (Serious)
    Shiny SAPHIRE Zigzagoon ID 30317 Holding a Liechi Berry (Calm)

    PM for info and PM if interested
    Visit my 4th Gen trade shop for a lot of great events/shinies:

    Also visit my 5th Gen trade shop for great events/shinies:

    My Friend Codes:
    Diamond (My event pokemon cartridge): 1463 4076 3550
    Platinum (My shiny pokemon cartridge): 3782 8311 5274
    White (My 5th gen trading cartridge): 1206 0642 0959

        Spoiler:- Current Shiny Hunts:

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    I have many gamestop celebi's. I am looking for rare trades.

    Mostly interested:

    1.Shiny Adamant trapinch- chained or legit
    2.Shiny Trapinch
    3.Legit shiny legendary pokemon
    4.Shiny starters other than Totodile :P
    5.Any good deal-PM me
    Honest Trainer, no hacks please

    Soul Silve FC: 0733 2453 3873
    White FC: 086226460238

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    I want a timid or modest uncloned celebi with 25-31 in SPATK and Speed. Can trade -

    Uncloned shiny dogs *Can sr for iv's*
    Uncloned brave jirachi with good iv's, 24 in HP Attack and speed the rest are meh
    Any breedable shiny
    Or if clones don't bother you these shinys -
    Modest latios
    Naughty Cresselia
    Impish zapdos
    Relaxed groudon
    Modest newmoon island darkrai
    Mild UT Azelf (Pokerus) Has 31 in SPATK and 17 Speed
    Modest UT Uxie
    Bashful phione
    Serious UT Moltres
    Mild UT Rayquaza
    Hardy palkia Japanese
    Careful Latias
    Calm Hoenn Ho-oh
    Calm UT Giratina
    Sassy mesprit
    Brave raikou (Might be a hack, unsure)
    Modest Flower Paradise Shaymin
    Naive regigigas touched at level 76 Caught in snowpoint temple
    Calm Regice
    Gentle regirock
    Naughty Articuno
    Also have many chained and random encounter shiny regulars if you dislike rnging.
    My ingame pokemon Y name is Child and I am no longer interested in trading safaris. On pokemon sun I am Cloud. Shiny value - 3223 Y - 2328 Sapphire - 0181 Ruby 3065 - Sun
    Shiny pokemon I've successfully chained to date: Platinum 92 Pokemon Y 3 Alpha Sapphire 7 Grand total 108 MM Pokemon 6 Soft reset shinies 19 Sos chain on Sun 5My 100th chained shiny is plusle with wish!

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    I have several shinies for trade. I'm looking for Japanese events or shinies I don't have. I'd preferably want the starters and legendaries first but I'll accept any shiny I don't have. I'm also interested in getting shinies of both genders.
    Proof of getting shiny Xerneas/Yveltal
        Spoiler:- LF:

    X/AS 0602-7374-3204 (Elegant Vivillon) Y/OR 4527-8721-8292 (Monsoon Vivillon)

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    Shiny Typhlosion, Maganium, Pichu, Nincada, Groudon, Caterpie up for grabs. I want events!

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    Looking for anyone who collects shinies, who isn't terribly picky with what they get in return. By that I mean someone who isn't looking for special event Pokemon, or perfectly EV/IV'd Pokemon. Someone who's willing to accomodate a breeder who simply likes to breed noncompetitively. I am willing to breed anything, you see, as long as the specifics aren't too strict (my main game SoulSilver is running very low on box space).

    Please PM me for offers, and my apologies for the long and possibly unnecessary post.
    Platinum FC: ASH 2880 5968 5947
    SoulSilver FC: Tsuki 4899 2121 6547
    Black FC: Melanie 5286 2457 2362
    White FC: Zeke 2838 4255 7208
    White 2 FC: Dixie 1980 1508 2421
    3DS FC: 1650-1541-7926
    AC Dream Address: 4600-3147-0229

    Heavy Metal

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    Looking for this shinies:
    Sablye, rhyorn, skorupi, feebas, clampearl, relicanth, vulpix, shieldon and lillep.
    PM if u have any of those. I will offer good.
    My shop is now open! Can't find your flawless pokemon? Well, look no further! Just come to my place:
    ****GLACE's 'lil Shop of Flawless Shiny Pokemon****

    Friend codes
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    In Equator of Emerald


    Offering: shiny ursaring
    Wanted: gamestop celebi
    Pm me if you like

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    shiny gyarados, raikou, and zubat. yeah.

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    I have a Shiny Pidgeotto
    Looking for a Shiny Budew/Roselia/Roserade. Preferably female.

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