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Thread: Event Trading Thread

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    Default Event Trading Thread

    Post any event Pokemon you have up for trade and/or want here. Remember to follow all rules, including no hacks (including fan events) or Korean Pokemon, and not posting too often.

    Info about event Pokemon is here.

    be sure to read the rules of every section before posting ;)

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    I have all the following events, and I am looking for any event I don't have, or any 5th gen ones that haven't come out yet. I'm getting Pokemon White on March 6th, so pm me early to work out a deal

        Spoiler:- Events:
    HG Friend Code ~ 0260 2606 6202
    Platinum FC ~ 3696 6801 5973
    BLACK FC ~ 1420 5989 8997

    Can offer : anything in trade shop, includes tons of events, shinies, etc.

    Trade Shop:

    Looking for 5th gen events, pm for my offers..

    ~Current 5th Gen Events Obtained~
    Liberty Pass Victini/Jolly/15 UT

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    Hi everyone, can someone help my little brother from someone in europe preferably sweden.
    Its like this my computer crashed for about 4 weeks ago and i missed the info about the crown beasts wifi event and missed raikou and entei because of that and i promiset my little brother that i would get all three of them but the time the computer was fixed i could only get suicune.
    My brother has been sick for 2 weeks an his birthday is coming up in 20th of march and i want to help him get the legit euorpe raikou an entei and and he can offer you starter pokemon and some others please help. Have a great day =) the zekrom movie looks more appealing to me for zekrom himself, some of the side pokemon promised to appear only in zekrom's movie (the zebras and wargle) and also less reshiram, not because i hate him, but because watch him flying with his big fat fatness and his furdick makes me feel funny (not in the good way). at least reshiram is pretty.

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    i have crown entei and crown raikou looking for (ut) reshiram and/or (ut) tornadus i get white on the 4th so be able to trade about the 6th pm me if interested

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    I'll be looking for the Movie 14 Victini and the Barkout Zoroark after the US release. I have events and Shinies I can trade even EV'd pokemon just PM me and ask.
    I clone my Pokemon. If you want clones of our trade back ask me.

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    Black FC: 0304 0608 2474
    ^^Wifi Battles^^
    XBox Live: Phetty x

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    I have these four legit DW Bulbasaur, obtained via password (will ask my friend to take photo of the magazine tonight)

    Timid/Modest/Bold IV: 31/30/31/30/31/30 HP Fire 70 - Special thanks to Bond679 (Smogon) for helping me RNG this.
    Naive IV: x/30/13/29/29/29

    Also have:
    Modest ALAMOS Darkrai
    Naive Gamestop Deoxy
    Gamestop Jirachi
    TRU Shaymin
    Fru2010 Shiny Pichu
    Modest Liberty Ticket Victini
    All JP crown beasts, fresh (meaning, doesn't use them for the event yet)
    Iris's Naive Kibago
    Ash's Adamant Scraggy
    Pokesma! Cubchoo
    Pokesma! Bark Out Zoroark
    Rash DW Arceus

    And some more still needed to be shifted, including:
    TRU Regigigas
    WIN2011 Crown Beasts

    Looking for other DW starters and Eeveelution with some kind of proof that you've obtained them legitly, and maybe other good event pokemons you might have. Be warned though. I'm not a event collector, so if you want to offer me event pokemons, please make sure that they are somewhat good for competition and breeding as well. PM me if you're interested.

    PS. Is it just me, or does anyone else get the feeling that DW pokemons need their own thread...? -.-"
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    Pokemon X (JP) OT: シオン
    Safari Type: Normal
    Pokemon: Kecleon, Dunsparce, Chansey

    Visit my XY trade shop!

        Spoiler:- Successful(?) MM'd IV'd shinies:

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    All US 10 ANIV Pokemon UT
    Mystery Mew UT
    Rocks Metang UT
    Alamos Darkrai UT (Uncloned)
    TRU Shaymin UT (Uncloned)
    TRU Regigigas UT (Uncloned)
    Gamestp Deoxys UT (Uncloned)
    Pokemon Box Skitty UT (Nicknameable)
    Pokemon Box Swablu UT (Nicknameable)
    Pokemon Box Zigzagoon UT (Nicknameable. Adamant. Will evolve to have Glotony)
    Any 4th gen breedable shiny through RNG (With egg moves if wanted)
    English Ditto
    DW Chimchar

    Looking for:

    5th gen shinies. Preferably with good nature and IVs.
    DW Torchic
    DW Eevee evolutions
    ANA Darkrai

    I'm here, I'm furry, And I'll try not to shed. =^_^=

    Chimecho👉🎐 Octillery👉🐙 Piplup👉🐧 Omanyte👉🐚 Scolipede👉🐛 Wailord👉🐳 Lumineon👉🐠 Torkoal👉🐢 Pidove👉🐤 Skitty👉🐱

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    Looking to trade for the Raikou from the recent Gamestop event. Prefer to trade an Entei for it but not picky. If you want something and I've got it I'll consider it.

    Looking to trade TRU Arceus, Gamestop Celebi, and Gamestop Entei/Suicune (May have a TRU Shaymin for trade as well.) for...

    (event or not, as long as legitimate)

    PM with offers, all will be considered.

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    this is what i have to trade, im looking for world10 crobat

    pktopia pikachu lv.10 ut
    japan event dragonite lv.50 ut
    10 aniv raikou shiny lv70 trained
    vgc09 milotic lv 50 trained
    mattle ho-oh lv 85 trained
    10aniv lugia lv70 trained
    event salamance lv 100
    world08 lucario lv 100
    tru shaymin ut lv 50
    movia 08 shaymin lv50 ut
    newmoon darkcri trained lv 50
    wishmkr jirachi. lv 20 trained
    fal mew ut
    summer jirachi

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    I have satoshi's zuruggu and event zoroark. I'm looking for masterballs.
    Proof of getting shiny Xerneas/Yveltal Can get you a legit, uncloned pair with your desired nature, date and language

    デゼルシティ x4/x4/x5
    おりひめ/ひこぼし/shiny x2/x2/1
    ふしぎのくに x3
    Paris/GTS Vivillon x4/x3
    えいがかん Diancie Hoopa x1/x3

    FRA/GER/ITA/KOR/SPA (also 6IV)
    Master Balls
    Shiny Vivillons

    HA Starters
    Self-obtained Shiny Xerneas and Yveltal
    Self-obtained P Scrap
    Ball/Fancy Vivillon
    Mega Stones
    Access to all Friend Safaris

    X/AS 0602-7374-3204 (Elegant Vivillon)

    Y/OR 4527-8721-8292 (Monsoon Vivillon)

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    im looking for these events
    japanese liberty island victini
    japanese event cubchoo
    japanese mystery egg pidove
    japanese mystery egg pasange
    japanese mystery egg axew
    japanese ashs scraggy
    japanese barkout (snarl)zoroark
    japanese DW arceus
    japanese DW starters

    i can offer any breedable pokemon and thier evolved forms gen 1-4
    all breedable pokemon and their evolved forms obtainable on black
    all chainble shinys
    most legendry pokemon can get some of these shiny by SR
    WINN 2011 ENTEI
    WINN 2011 RAIKOU
    WINN 2011 CELIBI
    i can ev train almost any non legendry pokemon
    shiny cresselia
    can do some egg move pokemon contack me and ill see what i can do
    note:can only start trading when i get my game which will be somtime between 9th march and 30th march though i will take reservations please PM me if you want an ansewr quick
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    Offering Zorua.

    Looking for Tepig, Snivy, Cottonee, Gothita and Vullaby.
    Currently looking for:
    Charizardite Y
    Mewtwonite Y

    Currently up for trade:
        Spoiler:- Shinies:

    Nintendo 3DS Friend Code: 0318-7800-9760

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    I am looking for a Celebi WIN2011.

    I am offering either shiny Raikou WIN2011, shiny Entei WIN2011, shiny Suicune Win2011 or a navie nature lvl100 Arceus MICHINA for it.

    Edit: TRADED, thanks!
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    I have two WIN2011 Celebis up for trade. I would like two shinies per celebi. The shinies that I want are as follows: Roggenrola, Venipede, Pawniard, Shellmet, Rufflet, and Tympole. They must be between levels 1-10. PM me.
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    I have a Timid Liberty Garden Victini for trade. PM offers.
    I clone my Pokemon. If you want clones of our trade back ask me.

    ^^Click for Shop^^
    Black FC: 0304 0608 2474
    ^^Wifi Battles^^
    XBox Live: Phetty x

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    Looking for a modest Victini will over any shiny pokemon or events I have. Which is A LOT! So pm me if you want to discuss this further.

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    Default Some Events for trade

    Hello I have a couple Event pokemon for I am currently looking for these:
    Win2011 Entei, Raikou, and Entei
    GameStop Celebi
    those are the only ones i am lookings for I have these events listed for trade:
    Jirachi lvl 5 NZ (UT)
    Shiny PKMN Movie 09 lvl 30 (UT)
    PKMN movie Shaymin 08 lvl 50 (UT)
    PKtopia surf pikachu lvl 10 (UT)
    Pearl FC: 1420-6057-3358
    Platinum FC: 5071-3279-4506

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    Hey would you want any events for one of those celebis'?

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    Anyone have a Win2011 Celebii that I could have to get my Zorua? didn't know you couldn't use the same one on both versions

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    Default Celebi

    I want a celebi (any) and i am offering a event dog (1 of 3) on platinum or HG

    FC HG 1935/4018/8592
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    Default Victinis up for trade

    Hey all,

    I have a couple Victini up for trade. I've listed their data below:

    1) Lv 15 Victini~Bold/Alert to Sounds...Stats: 55, 31, 40, 36, 37, 38
    2) Lv 15 Victini~Hasty/Proud of its Power... Stats: 56, 38, 31, 38, 35, 40

    At this time, I still haven't beaten the game, so I'm only looking for 5th generation shinys and legendaries. I don't really have a preference, as long as it is NOT HACKED or CLONED in any way. PM me your offers and I will reply as soon as I can.
    Pokedex: Completed
    Shinys: 51

    I'm currently looking for the pokemon below and they MUST be untrained (lower level preferred), and cannot be hacks or clones. If you have these, I will trade multiple shinys/items/legendaries for them.

    Shiny Deino~Hustle~Timid
    Shiny Skarmory~Sturdy~Impish w/ Whirlwind & Stealth Rock

    My name is DENNIS and my friend code(s) are listed below:

    White: 2623 2580 4802

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    Just looking for someone with a UT WIN2011 Celebi. I am willing to trade my bred Zorua that knows Detect, Suckerpunch, and Snarl(TM 95). This is NOT hacked, just bred.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mummykiller7 View Post
    I want a celebi (any) and i am offering a event dog (1 of 3) on platinum or HG

    FC HG 1935/4018/8592
    ive got a gamestop one they gave away a few weeks back and i missed out on the shiny raikou because i thought i had until midnight EST not realizing it was midnight id do Raikou for it

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    Anyone able to trade me a Michina Arceus? I have some events I can trade for it.

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    Looking for: event celebi from gamestop

    Offering: event suicune, entie and raikou for it. Also a shiny bagon.

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