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Thread: Event Trading Thread

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    Hello im am looking for

    korean keldeo
    shiny recital piplup
    Korean Recital Piplup
    vgc cloyster
    4th gen events om files
    other natures korean cinema celebi
    Walmart DW Sinnoh Starters
    More DW Events With Proof
    STAMP Pichu
    XD pokes with good ivs
    shiny xd/colosseum pokes

        Spoiler:- Dream Worlds With Proof:

        Spoiler:- Dream World:

        Spoiler:- Korean:

        Spoiler:- Events:

        Spoiler:- XD Pokes:

    Please Join A great Website for All of us Pokemon Lovers

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    Looking for a legit non-shiny flawless ut timid manaphy.

    Offering customized RNG (Breedable Pokemon Only)

    Check my shop.
    Dragonheart Sanctuary (OT: Ilane)
    Trade Shop || Sinnoh || Unova || Kalos

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    I have these untouched dream radar legendaries I caught up for trade. I'm looking for untouched shiny starters and shiny legendaries. I also interested in untouched event pokemon as well. Will be adding two more of each of these legendaries in about three to four days but I don't know what the nature and stats will be. Will keep updating dream radar list with these legendaries until I grown bored with it.

    Giratina Level 5/Naive/Alert to sounds/Stats 31/15/17/15/15/16
    Giratina Level 5/Quiet/Good Perseverance/Stats 30/15/18/16/18/12
    Giratina Level 5/Calm/Thoroughly cunning/ Stats 30/13/17/16/19/14
    Giratina Level 5/Serious/Often dozes off/Stats 31/15.18/15/17/14
    Giratina Level 5/Bashful/Sturdy body/Stats 30/15/18/16/17/14
    Giratina Level 5/Hardy/Often scatters things/Stats 31/1517/15/17/14
    Giratina/Level 5/Bold/Thoroughly Cunning/Stats 30/13/18/16/17/14
    Giratina Level 5/Calm/Hates to lose/Stats 30/13/17/15/19/14
    Giratina Level 5/Lonely/Highly Curious/Stats 30/16/15/16/17/15
    Giratina Level 10/Hasty/Quick to flee/Stats 50/27/27/26/30/27
    Giratina Level 10/Bashful/likes to thrash about/Stats 52/28/30/27/31/24

    Dialga Level 5/Adamant/Impetuous and silly/Stats 25/18/17/18/16/15
    Dialga Level 5/Careful/ Very Finicky/ Stats 25/17/17/18/17/14
    Dialga Level 5/Naughty/Loves to eat/ Stats 26/18/17/20/13/14
    Dialga Level 5/Brave/Thoroughly cunning/Stats 25/18/17/21/15/12
    Dialga/Level 5/Calm/Mischievous/ Stats 25/16/17/21/16/14
    Dialga/Level 5/Mild/Hates to lose/ Stats 25/17/15/23/16/14
    Dialga Level 5/Bold/Quick to flee/Stats 25/15/18/20/15/14
    Dialga Level 5/Hasty/Somewhat stubborn/Stats 25/18/16/21/16/15
    Dialga Level 5/Brave/Quick Tempered/Stats 25/19/17/20/15/13
    Dialga Level 10/Hardy/Somewhat stubborn/Stats 41/31/31/37/27/24
    Dialga/Level 5/Serious/Sturdy body/ Stats 25/17/18/20/15/14

    Ho-oh Level 5/Bold/ Proud of its power./ Stats 25/17/15/17/20/14
    Ho-oh level 5/ Naughty/Sturdy Body/ Stats 25/19/15/16/18/14
    Ho-oh Level 5/Serious/Likes to fight/ Stats 26/19/14/16/21/14
    Ho-oh Level 5/Docile/Highly Curious/ Stats 27/19/14/17/21/15
    Ho-oh Level 5/Sassy/Alert to sounds/ Stats 26/18/14/17/22/13
    Ho-oh Level 5/Quirky/Sturdy body/ Stats 25/18/15/16/21/14
    Ho-oh Level 5/Rash/Proud of its power/ Stats 26/19/15/17/18/14
    Ho-oh Level 5/Calm/Often dozes off/Stats 27/16/15/16/22/14
    Ho-oh Level 5/Rash/Likes to thrash about/Stats 26/19/14/17/18/15
    Ho-oh Level 5/Relaxed/Quick to flee/Stats 26/18/16/17/20/13
    Ho-oh Level 10/Careful/Likes to thrash about/Stats 42/33/24/26/40/24

    Palkia Level 5/Careful/Impetuous and silly./ 24/18/15/18/18/16
    Palkia Level 5/Sassy/ Often scatter things/ Stats 25/17/15/20/18/13
    Palkia Level 5/Brave/Likes to relax/ Stats 24/18/15/20/17/13
    Palkia Level 5/Naive/Strong willed/ Stats 24/17/15/20/16/16
    Palkia Level 5/Brave/ Highly curious/ Stats 24/18/16/21/17/13
    Palkia Level 5/Brave Strongly defiant/ Stats 25/18/15/20/18/14
    Palkia Level 5/Quiet/Quick tempered/Stats 25/18/16/22/17/13
    Palkia Level 5/Sassy/Sturdy body/Stats 24/18/16/20/18/13
    Palkia Level 5/Adamant/Like to thrash about/Stats 24/19/16/18/18/15
    Palkia Level 10/Calm/Often scatter things/Stats 40/27/27/36/33/25
    Palkia Level 10/Jolly/Hates to lose/Stats 39/29/25/32/31/28

    Lugia Level 5/Docile/Somewhat vain/ 25/14/18/14/21/16
    Lugia Level 5/ Impish/ Highly Persistent/ Stats 25/14/20/12/21/17
    Lugia Level 5/Bold/Likes to thrash about/ Stats 26/13/19/14/21/16
    Lugia level 5/Jolly/Highly persistent/Stats 25/14/19/12/20/17
    Lugia level 5/Hardy/Hates to lose/Stats 25/14/16/15/21/17
    Lugia Level 5/Brave/Alert to sounds./ Stats 25/15/18/14/20/15
    Lugia Level 5/Jolly/Good endurance/Stats 26/14/19/13/20/17
    Lugia Level 5/Lax/Proud of its power/Stats 25/15/19/14/18/16
    Lugia Level 10/Naive/Hates to lose/Stats 41/23/33/25/34/29
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    Looking for:
        Spoiler:- WANTS:

    I'd prefer if these events are self-obtained, as I'll trade a lot more if they were (especially the Japanese events). I'll still trade for most of these even if they were not self-obtained.
    And these are just my main wants. If there's something you have that's not on my list, feel free to suggest it.

    What I have to trade:
        Spoiler:- HAVE:

    I clone all of my Pokémon, so I'm fine with clones. I'm also willing to make Pokémon you trade me NFT. PM or VM me for a trade. Thanks!
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    events i have
    masuda deoxys
    nobunaga's rayquaza
    jp movie meloetta and keldeo
    plasma genesect
    10th anniv kyogre
    10th anniv groudon
    crown entei

    looking for UT Shinies
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    Looking for
    DW Befriend a Pokemon Jolteon
    DW Befriend a Pokemon Vaporeon
    DW Befriend a Pokemon Espeon
    Walmart Chimchar
    FC: 0089 8122 5244

    Please visit my trade shop HERE

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreamcoat View Post
    Offering Zorua.

    Looking for Tepig, Snivy, Cottonee, Gothita and Vullaby.
    I could give you Tepig or Snivy for Zorua

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    have walmart chimchar looking for shiny modest charmander or dw modest charmander

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    How is this relevant?


    So I'm looking to make a deal here. I want to RNG the DW starters but I don't have $120 to go buy 3 new games and hope I get a new code for each, so, if anyone has a code and wants a flawless DW starter, I propose that you give me the code, I will RNG it for you to your exact specifications, and then trade it to you. In return I get to keep a copy as well. You can decide on the nature, the IVs, the ball choice, and I can even nickname it if you want. RNGing the starters shouldn't take terribly long, especially since I have nothing go on right now, so you shouldn't have to wait long at all. As an added bonus, I can even tutor it a B/W2 exclusive move or something. So, if anyone want a flawless DW starter, doesn't mind it having my OT/ID, and is okay with me keeping a copy as part of the deal, send me a message!
    My FC is: 1118-1633-7306
    Friend Safari: Poison - Cascoon, Venomoth, and Muk.

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    looking for pokemons in my sig. prefer legit PM me tell me if legit or not plz<-click plz or use ye5 as refferer

    Looking for: Metang safari only please message me I really need one.

    My 3ds is 4167 5084 5892 Friend safari is Rufflet, Woobat, and Spearow!

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    Looking for unused Sinnoh starter codes from Walmart with proof of legitimacy meaning picture of the serial code, also looking for
    PokéPark Egg Pokémon ESPECIALLY Sing Spinda I mainly want them if they are shinies or UT only, shiny T or UT non shinu is also fine however I mainly just want them UT, I am also looking for PCJP Distribution #1 and #2 shinies or non shiny and any other rare Japanese event from 2003-2004,
    Wish event Pokémon
    Teeter-Dance pichu
    ExtremeSpeed zigzagoon
    pikachu events from last year shiny flying pikachu from America from last years event self obtained in person yourself
    10aniv Pokémon of any nationality the event was
    Shiny events
    Shiny Kyushu event Pokémon from all stations
    PCNY Pokémon a, b, c, d, any of them
    WISHMKR jirachi non shiny
    Colosseum disc Japanese download Celebi
    I can offer almost anything from my shop for what I want from these events thanks
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    3DS XL FC for Pokemon Sun 2595-0724-5772 IGN SmeargleRock

    first successfull (and accidental) MM Shelmet timid 31/1/19/31/31/31 4:25 pm EST 4/14/14
    Shiny XD Gale of Darkness Zubat caught September 17th 2012 @ 4:24 pm EST cave PokeSpot

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    I'm looking for:

    Nobuanga's Rayquaza
    Event Keldeo
    Event Meoletta

    I can offer:

    HGSS Groudon
    HGSS Kyogre
    COLLOSEUM Raikou, Entei, Suicune or Ho-oh
    XD Lugia, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres
    Movie 11 Shaymin
    Gamestop Deoxys


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    I'm looking for a darkrai lvl 50 or below, that has an English name (ie. Darkrai) lol not something in Japanese, untouched would be cool. Also I'm looking for a celebi lvl 60 or below, or a deoxys!
    PM me ASAP
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    My events list

        Spoiler:- 3rd Gen:

        Spoiler:- 4th Gen:

        Spoiler:- 5th Gen:

        Spoiler:- DW:

    My Shinies:

    3DS FC : 0645-5808-1475
    Pokemon in My Safari: Dedenne, Helioptile, Manectric

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    x.a.x., I'm interested in your Japanese Movie 12 Meloetta. I have some events to offer for trade.

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    See sig, looking for unused Walmart DW Sinnoh starter codes.
    In addition to the Bagon and Oddish, I also have Japanese DW Pan-monkeys with proof available for trade (I can get as many of them as I want in case you're interested in a specific nature).
    FC: 2921-9432-9088 IGN: David

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    Looking for Pokemon Centre Birthday Chimchar
    FC: 0089 8122 5244

    Please visit my trade shop HERE

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    Hello good people! It’s been a while since I’ve been here, so you’ll have to forgive me if I’m too vague/detailed with my descriptions. As always please double check the event database to verify authenticity of both my own and your pokemon, and PM me if you feel an arrangement could be made. Better to be safe than sorry, right? One more thing, I live in Australia, so I go by the (GMT+10:00) Brisbane time zone.
    Edit: Due to work hours, I will only be on the forums during the weekends, but feel free to send me a PM during the week if you're interested in a trade.

        Spoiler:- What I have on BLACK:

    I would like any of the following event pokemon:
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    FC: 5112-3443-5620
    Y In-Game Name:
    Omega Ruby In-Game Name: Emperor
    Friend Safari: Poison - Ariados, Cascoon, Drapion

    Keep in mind when trying to contact me I'm in GMT +10:00 time zone

    Reliable Traders: sroogna, toawest1, nalhutta, Terry!, KiwiDude, Lady Ariel, skinny spartan, ADXP37, Bathrezz, Kea, Mudkipz_Lulz, BlackShadowRose, Skobby, hectorplz, Mazzriot, J-ManBlast, varanus_komodoensis {+1, repeat trades never disappoint }, XxMegaGlurakYxX, SCEPTILE_4_EVER, Spinal, darkrai77.

    To help you verify the authenticity of any event pokemon I offer.

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    Looking for
    GBA events from 3rd or 4th gen you obtained yourself and is still in 4th gen.
    Events not from DJ
    PCNY events from a,b,c and d i don't have in 4th gen. must be legit checked by an event checker
    Wish Events I don't have. again must be in 4th gen and legit checked.
    GCEA events i don't have in 4th gen( i would prefer gcea getting legit checked before trading them to me)
    More jp guidebook gothorita with proof
    More DW Starters with proof
    French, German,Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish DW Eeveelutions with proof
    More DW Events With Proof
    Proof of legitimacy means :- Picture of PGL , Befriending board , picture of serial code , and picture of already claimed DW friend board.
    other natures of korean movie reshiram
    other natures of korean carlita's hydreigon and korean janta's golurk
    other natures korean cinema celebi
    other natures of single strongest battle class events
    other natures of kanto sicker events
    other natures of Multirama events and characteristics of multirama zoroarks i don't have
    french aura mews and italian channle jirachis not from dj( will keep nft if requested to)
    other natures of adventure camp fossils
    complete nature set of ierukana singing pikachu ot:いえるかな
    natures of Colosseum Ho-Oh i don't have from each language and in gen 4
    more summer league pikachus with proof
    natures of 10 ANIV events i don't have in gen 4
    natures of super strong events i don't have from any statiion
    other dated pal parked jeremy events and any not from dj and in gen 4
    natures of channel jirachi i don't have from each language and is in gen 4.
    complete characteristic sets of english and foreign crown beast event
    complete nature sets of French, German and Italian Winter Celebi plus missing natures of Spanish Winter Celebi
    Nature set of Spanish Day Pikachu ot VER2012
    natures of french, german, italian and korean day pikachu i don't have.
    other natures of gcea i have
    PCJP events i don't have)4th gen)
    Natures of Hadou events i don't have(4th gen)
    unused codes for english sinnoh dw starters
        Spoiler:- PCNY:

        Spoiler:- GCEA:

        Spoiler:- DW Events with proof:

    1000s of events in my shop in my sig.
    pokecafe are only for trade for other japanese dw events with proof
    proof is not pokecheck analysis. read the highlighted bold part for what proof is. i do not trade for dw events that don't have proof

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    Looking for a Lv.15 Genesect from the begining off BW2.Will give a Arceus with Judgement,Shadowforce,Roar of Time and Spacial Rend.

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    Looking for crown city entei and raikou(or just the shiny version of entei and raikou), jirachi, deoxsys, mew, and shaymin. Also an unused serial code for dream world chimchar.
    Light Ball with a Pikachu is what I really want though so that'll get you something good!
    Offering: keldeo, shiny porygon-z, Dream World Female pokemon(magikarp, swinub, poliwag, vulpix, murkrow, gible, igglypuff, swablu, bagon, dratini, tentacool, eevee, riolu, and kangaskhan)
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    Offering events in my sig. Looking for other events i don't have mainly japanese ones.
    FC: 0089 8122 5244

    Please visit my trade shop HERE

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    Looking for events and legendaries, particularly Shaymin, Mew and Victini, but any are good. Can breed any pokemon, IV breed, EV train.
    Shop-Events/Shiny Legendaries/6IV Ditto/Breeding/Items

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    Can offer a numerous amount of different DWF's in exchange for a Jirachi or Shaymin, stats and natures dont matter

    Willing to trade more than 1 DWF for them if asked

    Can also offer Event Keldeo, Mewtwo, Darkrai or Cresselia and Regice

    PM me for details

    Pokemon Black 2 - Friend Code: 1850 9508 4595
    in game name: Kyria

    Pokemon X - Friend Code: 2766 9126 5077
    in-game name: Kyria Faye
    safari type: Grass (Tangela, Gogoat, Ivysaur)

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    Dulverton, UK


    UFT: TRU Arceus. OT TRU. ID 11079. PM offers. Looking for other events/shinys.
    Black 2 FC: 4728 7067 7735

    I have my own trade shop. Please visit!

    All my shop artwork was made by chrishastie. Awesome. Immortalized through signature!

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