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Thread: Event Trading Thread

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    I have these untouched dream radar legendaries I caught up for trade. I'm looking for untouched shiny starters and shiny legendaries. I also interested in untouched event pokemon as well. Will be adding two more of each of these legendaries in about three to four days but I don't know what the nature and stats will be. Will keep updating dream radar list with these legendaries until I grown bored with it.

    Giratina level 5/ Queit/Hates to lose/ Stats 30/15/17/16/18/12
    Giratina Level 5/Naive/Alert to sounds/Stats 31/15/17/15/15/16
    Giratina Level 5/Quiet/Good Perseverance/Stats 30/15/18/16/18/12
    Giratina Level 5/Calm/Thoroughly cunning/ Stats 30/13/17/16/19/14
    Giratina Level 5/Serious/Often dozes off/Stats 31/15.18/15/17/14
    Giratina Level 5/Bashful/Sturdy body/Stats 30/15/18/16/17/14
    Giratina Level 5/Hardy/Often scatters things/Stats 31/1517/15/17/14
    Giratina/Level 5/Bold/Thoroughly Cunning/Stats 30/13/18/16/17/14
    Giratina Level 5/Calm/Hates to lose/Stats 30/13/17/15/19/14
    Giratina Level 5/Lonely/Highly Curious/Stats 30/16/15/16/17/15
    Giratina Level 10/Hasty/Quick to flee/Stats 50/27/27/26/30/27
    Giratina Level 10/Bashful/likes to thrash about/Stats 52/28/30/27/31/24

    Dialga Level 5/Docile/Proud of its power/ Stats 25/18/18/20/15/14
    Dialga Level 5/Adamant/Impetuous and silly/Stats 25/18/17/18/16/15
    Dialga Level 5/Careful/ Very Finicky/ Stats 25/17/17/18/17/14
    Dialga Level 5/Naughty/Loves to eat/ Stats 26/18/17/20/13/14
    Dialga Level 5/Brave/Thoroughly cunning/Stats 25/18/17/21/15/12
    Dialga/Level 5/Calm/Mischievous/ Stats 25/16/17/21/16/14
    Dialga/Level 5/Mild/Hates to lose/ Stats 25/17/15/23/16/14
    Dialga Level 5/Bold/Quick to flee/Stats 25/15/18/20/15/14
    Dialga Level 5/Hasty/Somewhat stubborn/Stats 25/18/16/21/16/15
    Dialga Level 5/Brave/Quick Tempered/Stats 25/19/17/20/15/13
    Dialga/Level 5/Serious/Sturdy body/ Stats 25/17/18/20/15/14

    Ho-oh Level 5/Adamant/ Proud of its power/ Stats 25/20/14/14/21/14
    Ho-oh Level 5/Bold/ Proud of its power./ Stats 25/17/15/17/20/14
    Ho-oh level 5/ Naughty/Sturdy Body/ Stats 25/19/15/16/18/14
    Ho-oh Level 5/Serious/Likes to fight/ Stats 26/19/14/16/21/14
    Ho-oh Level 5/Docile/Highly Curious/ Stats 27/19/14/17/21/15
    Ho-oh Level 5/Sassy/Alert to sounds/ Stats 26/18/14/17/22/13
    Ho-oh Level 5/Quirky/Sturdy body/ Stats 25/18/15/16/21/14
    Ho-oh Level 5/Rash/Proud of its power/ Stats 26/19/15/17/18/14
    Ho-oh Level 5/Calm/Often dozes off/Stats 27/16/15/16/22/14
    Ho-oh Level 5/Rash/Likes to thrash about/Stats 26/19/14/17/18/15
    Ho-oh Level 5/Relaxed/Quick to flee/Stats 26/18/16/17/20/13
    Ho-oh Level 10/Careful/Likes to thrash about/Stats 42/33/24/26/40/24

    Palkia Level 5/Gentle/ Quick to flee/ Stats 24/17/13/20/18/16
    Palkia Level 5/Careful/Impetuous and silly./ Stats 24/18/15/18/18/16
    Palkia Level 5/Sassy/ Often scatter things/ Stats 25/17/15/20/18/13
    Palkia Level 5/Brave/Likes to relax/ Stats 24/18/15/20/17/13
    Palkia Level 5/Naive/Strong willed/ Stats 24/17/15/20/16/16
    Palkia Level 5/Brave/ Highly curious/ Stats 24/18/16/21/17/13
    Palkia Level 5/Brave Strongly defiant/ Stats 25/18/15/20/18/14
    Palkia Level 5/Quiet/Quick tempered/Stats 25/18/16/22/17/13
    Palkia Level 5/Sassy/Sturdy body/Stats 24/18/16/20/18/13
    Palkia Level 5/Adamant/Like to thrash about/Stats 24/19/16/18/18/15
    Palkia Level 10/Calm/Often scatter things/Stats 40/27/27/36/33/25
    Palkia Level 10/Jolly/Hates to lose/Stats 39/29/25/32/31/28

    Lugia Level 5/ Quriky/ Good endurance/ Stats 25/14/19/14/20/16
    Lugia Level 5/Docile/Somewhat vain/ 25/14/18/14/21/16
    Lugia Level 5/ Impish/ Highly Persistent/ Stats 25/14/20/12/21/17
    Lugia Level 5/Bold/Likes to thrash about/ Stats 26/13/19/14/21/16
    Lugia level 5/Jolly/Highly persistent/Stats 25/14/19/12/20/17
    Lugia level 5/Hardy/Hates to lose/Stats 25/14/16/15/21/17
    Lugia Level 5/Brave/Alert to sounds./ Stats 25/15/18/14/20/15
    Lugia Level 5/Jolly/Good endurance/Stats 26/14/19/13/20/17
    Lugia Level 5/Lax/Proud of its power/Stats 25/15/19/14/18/16
    Lugia Level 10/Naive/Hates to lose/Stats 41/23/33/25/34/29
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    Have these for trade

    Walmart Chimchar (flawless)
    Jap DW Bulbasaur
    Jap DW Befriend a Pokemon Jolteon
    Korean DW Squirtle
    Jap DW Charmander

    Looking for events
    FC: 0089 8122 5244

    Please visit my trade shop HERE

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    I have a few Selfdestructing Munchlax (from the HeartGold/ SoulSilver event Pokewalker course Winner's Path) up for trade. They are all untouched, uncloned, and personally caught (and then transferred forward) by me. Please PM me or post a VM on my wall if you are interested.

    Also bear in mind that Selfdestruct is now an egg move for Munchlax, so you can also breed the move onto a Munchlax of your choice (all of the ones I have are male).

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    looking for Pokemon Center Chandelure, Modest. can offer the following
    *entei/hp fight/adamant/lv30/gamestp/1-29-10-0-18-10
    *keldeo/ut/lv15/timid/SMR2012/hp ground/8-26-29-12-28-7
    *meloetta/ut/hp ground/lv15/modest/movie 12/26-9-22-1-14-10
    *victini/movie11/lv5/jolly/31 all but atk
    *jirachi/lv5/gamestp/lonely/hp steel/23-8-8-22-27-8
    *darkrai/ut/lv50/2012may/Hasty/hp ground/29-22-15-20-10-19
    *genesect/plasma/docile/hp ghost/21-29-12-9-26-11
    *shellder/skill link/adamant/lv 32/hpgrass/31-30-30-10-31-31 rock blast
    *torterra/Shell armor/lv32/ hpgrass/18-18-7-20-29-11
    *suicune/ut/relaxed/hp dragon/gamestp/lv30/18-11-5-27-1-29
    *raikou/ut/rash/lv30/hp electric/gamestp/18-26-0-11-25-8
    *shiny tentacruel/ut/lv38/sassy/clear body/hp bug/31-30-24-17-26-29
    *shiny tyranitar/brave/sandstream/hpice/lv56/24-22-8-29-29-9
    *shiny starmie/Roserade/
    X FC: 1006 0385 8652 IGN: Mr.Brightside
    Come try your hand at solving my questions, and win yourself some pokemon

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    Seeking Pokémon Center Shaymin, have Shiny lv 100 Kyogre for trade PM/VM if interested
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    Y Team:
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    White Team:
    Platinum Team:

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    I have a shiny bold Numel to trade for any of the event 'mons. PM me if interested.

    3DS FC: 1719-3694-1541

    Shinies (Not counting trades)

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    Mind your business


    Any one have a Light Ball. You can trade any Pokemon as long as it has a Light Ball. I'm offering the Unova starters.

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    Offering keldeo, dw event porygon and banette.
    Looking for shinies, legendaries preferred. ( event shinies would be great. )
    Sig Under Construction
    I have claimed Malamar and Mario Kart 8

    Friend Code: 2680-9330-2666
    National Pokedex complete-Gen V / National Pokedex Complete-XY / National Pokedex Complete-ORAS
    Ground Type Pokémon Club Co-Leader
    Shiny Count: 200+
    Shiny Clauncher Magnet

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    Looking for an unused Walmart Sinnoh Starter code. I can RNG that for you in return, or anything else you'd like. I've also got a legitimate Timid Leech Seed Oddish, and an Adamant Wish Bagon (both with my OT, traded from an event save with the eggs still on them).

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    events i have
    masuda deoxys
    nobunaga's rayquaza
    jp movie meloetta and keldeo
    plasma genesect
    10th anniv kyogre
    10th anniv groudon
    crown entei

    looking for pokemon with good egg moves and shinies
    3ds fc 1864 8625 6813
    fire safari: fletchinder,pyroar,pansear

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    Got an event keldeo lookin' for an recital piplup(japan)
    else ut genesect.!or any other shiny pokemons

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    Looking for unused DW Sinnoh starter serial codes, have Shiny Wish Bagon and Leech Seed Oddish (see sig for more details on them), Japanese DW Pan monkeys with proof and English DW Turtwig with proof to offer.
    FC: 2921-9432-9088 IGN: David

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    offering everything below pm me offers but please keep mthe offers only to rare events that are not on pokecheck

        Spoiler:- Dream Worlds With Proof:

        Spoiler:- Dream World:

        Spoiler:- Korean:

        Spoiler:- Events:

        Spoiler:- XD Pokes:

    Please Join A great Website for All of us Pokemon Lovers

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    Events/Legendaries up for trade:

    UT Event Wi-Fi Gift Mewtwo Lvl 70 Nature: Careful
    Jhoto in game Mewtwo touched Lvl 78
    Japanese Moltres
    English Articuno
    English Zapdos
    Japanese Lvl 100 Zapdos
    Shiny Event Gamestop Suicune, Entei, and Raikou
    Japanese Latias
    English Latios
    English Kyogre
    Two Japanese Rayquazas touched (Lvl 50 and Lvl 55)
    English Uxie
    English Mesprit
    English Cresselia
    Touched Event Darkrai Lvl 60, Nature: Mild (EV Trained it best way I could)
    Japanese Jungle Tour Event Celebi UT Lvl 10
    Event Gamestop Celebi Touched
    Japanese Raised from Lvl 1 Dialga (Now Lvl 40)
    Japanese Palkia Lvl 70
    Event MICHINA Lvl 100 Arceus (Modest)
    DW Event Lvl 100 Arceus (Modest)
    Event Wi-Fi Gift Lvl 100 Reshiram
    Lvl 15 Event UT Genesect
    Lvl 15 Event UT Keldeo

    Looking for a Legit Event Shaymin, Jirachi, and Mew
    Also looking for a Legit Shiny Pichu/Pikachu holding a Light Ball
    PM me for details, and I will want details too. Hope to hear from you soon!
    3DS FC: 2879-0175-7289 Zelda (X) & Maybell (AS)

    Friend Safari: Fire Type Ponyta / Braixen / Larvesta

    Below is my trade shop:

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    Searching for japanese dw eeveelutions
    FC: 0089 8122 5244

    Please visit my trade shop HERE

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    Missed out on the Virbank Garchomp, so looking for a TPCI Virbank Season Garchomp UT. Don't care about nature. Don't really have anything so willing to trade for a clone; pm me if you would trade a cloned one for crap.

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    Have these events. Looking for more events. PM me for more info on my pokemon.

        Spoiler:- DW Events:

        Spoiler:- English Events:

        Spoiler:- JAP Events:

        Spoiler:- KOR Events:
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    FC: 0089 8122 5244

    Please visit my trade shop HERE

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    ill trade you for your celebi

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    I trade you for either one of jirachi's or your deoxys

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    none of your business


    Looking for
    GBA events you obtained yourself and is still in 4th gen.
    Events not from DJ
    PCNY events from a,b,c and d i don't have in 4th gen. must be legit checked by an event checker
    Wish Events I don't have. again must be in 4th gen and legit checked.
    GCEA events i don't have in 4th gen( i would prefer gcea getting legit checked before trading them to me)
    More jp guidebook gothorita with proof
    More DW Starters with proof
    French, German,Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish DW Eeveelutions with proof
    More DW Events With Proof
    Proof of legitimacy means :- Picture of PGL , Befriending board , picture of serial code , and picture of already claimed DW friend board.
    other natures of korean movie reshiram
    other natures of korean carlita's hydreigon and korean janta's golurk
    other natures korean cinema celebi
    other natures of single strongest battle class events
    other natures of kanto sicker events
    other natures of Multirama events and characteristics of multirama zoroarks i don't have
    french aura mews and italian channle jirachis not from dj( will keep nft if requested to)
    other natures of adventure camp fossils
    complete nature set of ierukana singing pikachu ot:いえるかな
    natures of Colosseum Ho-Oh i don't have from each language and in gen 4
    more summer league pikachus with proof
    natures of 10 ANIV events i don't have in gen 4
    natures of super strong events i don't have from any statiion
    other dated pal parked jeremy events and any not from dj and in gen 4
    natures of channel jirachi i don't have from each language and is in gen 4.
    complete characteristic sets of english and foreign crown beast event
    complete nature sets of French, German and Italian Winter Celebi plus missing natures of Spanish Winter Celebi
    Nature set of Spanish Day Pikachu ot VER2012
    natures of french, german, italian and korean day pikachu i don't have.
    other natures of gcea i have
    PCJP events i don't have)4th gen)
    Natures of Hadou events i don't have(4th gen)
    unused codes for english sinnoh dw starters
        Spoiler:- PCNY:

        Spoiler:- GCEA:

        Spoiler:- DW Events with proof:

    1000s of events in my shop in my sig.
    pokecafe are only for trade for other japanese dw events with proof
    proof is not pokecheck analysis. read the highlighted bold part for what proof is. i do not trade for dw events that don't have proof
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    gen 6 Fc 3067 5372 2038 Kevin
    second 3ds fc 1607-3951-9913
    Event Shop
    update 1
    update 2

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    ill trade you a UT Genesect for your meloetta and the three legendary dogs for your celebi

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    I have a few Selfdestructing Munchlax (from the HeartGold/ SoulSilver event Pokewalker course Winner's Path) up for trade. They are all untouched, uncloned, and personally caught (and then transferred forward) by me. Please PM me or post a VM on my wall if you are interested.

    Also bear in mind that Selfdestruct is now an egg move for Munchlax, so you can also breed the move onto a Munchlax of your choice (all of the ones I have are male).

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    Started taking offers for the upcoming PGL DW Dragonite Event.
    PM offers (I accept clones and RNG) and we'll discuss details.

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    I'm offering Kyurem, Zekrom, Cobalion, Virizion, Terrakion, Mesprit, Azelf, Uxie, Cresselia, Thunderus, Heatran and Phione for event legendaries. I can trade multiple legendaries for the one event and I can check their nature and IV's if you like. Event legendaries I'm after are anything besides Keldeo, Genesect, Manaphy and Melloetta.
    I'm also after Kyogre for which I can trade one of the above.

    I can also trade an untouched level 15 Keldeo for an event legendary.

    PM me if you're interested
    National 'Dex completion: 649/649 (27/6/2013)

    Shiny Pokemon: (Black Tower) (Lake of Rage) (Nature Preserve) (RFT) (RFT) (RFT) (RFT) (RFT)
    *RFT=Received From Trade

        Spoiler:- Lvl 100's:

    Black 2 FC: 2151 6093 4069


    Shiny Pokemon: (RFT) Skrelp (RFT) (RFT) (RFT)
    *RFT= Received From Trade

    Currently looking for all Vivillon wing patterns besides River.

    Friend Safari: Normal

    X/Y FC: 3909-8660-6786

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    Interested in near flawless/ flawless celebi's with high IV's. any event one will do, offering multiple shiny flawless mons per celebi

    ^You ever have that moment you realize you forgot to give credit? Sorry Irra!!^

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