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Thread: Event Trading Thread

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    I am looking for the May Darkrai and Nagashima Spa Land and Piplup

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    none of your business


    Looking for other natures of french,german,italian and spanish zekrom and reshiram. I have these
    European Spring 2012 Reshiram/Zekrom
    03102 PRI2012 Reshiram - Gentle - Strong Willed - Mar 10 2012 French
    03102 PRI2012 Reshiram - Jolly - Mischievous - Mar 10, 2012 France
    03102 PRI2012 Reshiram - Mild - Thoroughly Cunning - Mar 10, 2012
    03102 PRI2012 Reshiram - Timid - Capable of taking hits - Mar 10, 2012

    03102 PRI2012 Zekrom - Adamant - Hates to lose - Mar 11, 2012 France
    03102 PRI2012 Zekrom - Bashful - Quick tempered - Mar 10, 2012 France
    03102 PRI2012 Zekrom - Bold - Thoroughly Cunning - Mar 16 2012 French
    03102 PRI2012 Zekrom - Brave - Somewhat vain - Mar 10, 2012 France

    03102 FRÜ2012 Reshiram - Modest - Good perseverance - Mar 10 2012
    03102 FRÜ2012 Reshiram - Quiet - Often Lost In Thought - Mar 10 2012 German
    03102 FRÜ2012 Reshiram - Sassy - Highly Persistent - Mar 10, 2012 Germany

    03102 FRÜ2012 Zekrom - Bold - Very Finicky - Mar 11 2012 German

    03102 PRI2012 Reshiram - Hasty - Impetuous And Silly - Mar 10 2012 Italian

    03102 PRI2012 Reshiram - Careful - Often Dozes Off - Mar 10 2012
    03102 PRI2012 Reshiram - Lax - Strong Willed - Mar 10, 2012

    03102 PRI2012 Zekrom - Adamant - Quick to Flee - Mar 10, 2012 Spain
    03102 PRI2012 Zekrom - Modest - Strongly Defiant - Mar 10, 2012
    03102 PRI2012 Zekrom - Naughty - Capable Of Taking Hits - Mar 10 2012

    Looking for any foreign dw eeveelution(korean,japanese,french,spanish,german, italian), dw starter(korean or japanese), english dw espeon and vaporean, other korean rayquazas and lucarios with proof of legitimacy. i have the following with proof.
    52811 Korean Dw Lucario Jolly 5-6-2012 ot 앤드류안 Likes To Thrash About(ot will provide proof tomorrow)
    58835 Dw Altaria Adamant 11-20-2011 ot カイル Capable of taking hits HP 108 flawless good offers proof available
    58835 DreamWorld Charmader Naive 10-13-2010 ot カイル Sturdy body Proof available
    58835 Dreamworld Mudkip Brave 12-1-2010 ot カイル Highly persistent Proof available
    50865 Dream World Flareon Mild 11-29-2011 ot Shannon Strong willed proof available
    15086 Dream World Glaceon Modest 5-31-2011 ot 2Fast Quick to flee proof available
    62344 Dream World Jolteon Naughty 5-21-2011 ot Gary Sturdy body proof available
    09295 Dream World Leafeon Lonely 5-23-2011 ot Lep Scatters things often proof available
    28309 Dream World Umbreon Quiet 5-19-2011 ot Marius Somewhat stubborn proof available
    23893 Japan Blissey - Calm Nature - Good Perseverance - Dec 11, 2011 proof available
    55067 Dream World Mudkip Brave 11-24-2010 ot くろう Alert to sounds HP 30 for other(proof available)
    15441 レクイエム Famitsu Lucario Jolly 11-23-2011 Good Endurance HP 35 Proof available
    25426 Korean Dw Blissey 3-16-2012 ot Sabr Gentle Thoroughly cunning Hp 71 proof available
    20323 Dw Chimchar 11-20-2010 ot Dom Adamant Often lost in thought HP 30 proof upon request
    25426 DW Sabr Banette(Korea) - Adamant Nature - Somewhat Stubborn - Oct 22, 2011 proof available
    26562 Croagunk [FRA - Gaetan] Relaxed [Nov 10, 2011] Strong Willed (Proof upon request)
    52235 Dw Torchic 5-8-2011 ot TURLS Jolly Often dozes off HP 31 proof upon request
    Korean Dw Squirtle 5-15-2011 ot 미카엘 Naughty Sturdy bdy HP 29 Good offers only or other starters with proof(proof upon request)
    21011 Dw Bulbasaur 4-22-2011 ot テイルズ Capable of taking hits HP 31 Good offers only or other starters with proof(proof upon request)
    21077 Dw Treecko 3-8-2011 ot テイルズ Adamant Thoroughly cunning HP 28 Good offers only or other starters with proof(proof upon request)
    18580 Korean Dw Leafeon 12-22-2011 ot 이영기 Timid Likes to thrash about HP 34 Good offers only proof upon request
    39326 French Dream World Arceus 3-4-2012 ot Ronnie Naive Proof upon request
    3932 French Dream World Lucario 3-4-2012 ot Ronnie Naughty Proof upon request
    12453 German Dream World Arceus 3-4-2012 ot Otto Lonely Proof upon request
    12453 German Dream World Lucario 3-4-2012 ot Otto Hardy Proof upon request
    49426 Italian Dream World Arceus 3-4-2012 ot Alfredo Impish Proof upon request
    49426 Italian Dream World Lucario 3-4-2012 ot Alfredo Naughty Proof upon request
    07186 Spanish Dream World Arceus 2-2-2012 ot Lenneth Bold proof upon request
    59472 Dw Lucario 2-6-2012 ot Kevin Lonely(my lucario)proof upon request
    55250 Dream World Lucario ot RANDY Adamant Flawless proof upon request
    49426 Italian dream world Mamoswine 10-26-2011 ot Alfredo rash proof upon request
    49426 Italian dream world Banette 10-26-2011 ot Alfredo naive proof upon request
    12453 German dream world Mamoswine(Mamutel) ot Otto 11-1-2011 careful often scatters things proof upon request
    12453 German dream world Banette ot Otto 11-2-2011 jolly likes to run proof upon request
    12453 german dream world Croagunk(Glibunkel) 11-18-2011 ot otto Careful proof upon request
    33146 Spanish Dream World Mamoswine ot Juan 12-7-2011 Jolly proof upon request
    33146 Spanish Dream World Togekiss ot Juan 12-7-2011 Calm proof upon request
    33146 Spanish Dream World Croagunk ot Juan 12-8-2011 Adamant proof upon request
    33146 Spanish Dream World Banette ot Juan 12-8-2011 Brave proof upon request
    34122 Korean Dw Rayquaza Quirky 9-4-2011 ot 로니 poof upon request
    34122 Korean Dw Togekiss Bold 9-5-2011 ot 로니 proof upon request
    33675 korean dw rayquaza adamant proof upon request

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    Looking for any of the Shiny Crown Beasts, must be UT or BT.

    In return I can trade a Jirachi, Uxie, or Latias. PM me if interested. c:

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    #025 UT Ash's Pikachu
    #025 UT わっしょい Pikachu (Serious)
    #025 UT ANA Pikachu
    #133 UT WCS Eevee
    #151 UT Eppie Mew
    #151 UT MYSTRY Mew (Timid)
    #169 UT WORLD10 Crowbat
    #172 UT GAMESTP Pichu
    #197 UT 10 ANIV Umbreon
    #202 UT サンデ-Woobbuffet (Docile)
    #212 UT グーン Scizor (Adamant)
    #243 UT WIN2011 Raikou
    #244 UT WIN2011 Entei
    #245 UT WIN2011 Suicune
    #248 UT 10 ANIV Tyranitar
    #249 UT 10 ANIV Lugia
    #250 UT 10 ANIV Ho-Oh(Quiet)
    #251 UT WIN2011 Celebi (Modest)
    #349 UT 신세계 Feebas (Calm) (KOR)
    #359 UT PCNYc Absol (Careful)
    #385 UT SMR2010 Jirachi (Bold & Careful)
    #386 UT オブリビア Deoxys -defense form (Bold)
    #447 UT Kiko Riolu (Serious)
    #448 UT WORLD08 Lucario
    #461 UT WORLD09 Weavile
    #466 UT PKTOPIA Electivire (Adamant)
    #467 UT PKTOPIA Magmortar (Modest)
    #485 UT Oblivia Heatran (Quiet)
    #486 UT ESTEU09 Regigigas
    #486 UT TRU Regigigas (Adamant)
    #491 UT ALAMOS Darkrai (Timid)
    #492 UT Oblivia Shaymin –land form (Modest)
    #493 UT TRU Arceus (Bold)
    #493 UT 영화관 Arceus (Adamant) (KOR)
    #494 UT Movie14 Victini (Adamant)
    #494 UT Liberty Garden Victini(Modest)
    #495 UT トウホク Snivy (Hardy)
    #511 UT Cilan's Pansage (Brave)
    #519 UT Ash's Pidove Pidove (Hardy)
    #559 UT サトシ Scraggy (Adamant)
    #571 UT EVENT11 Zoroark
    #610 UT Iris' Axew (Naive)
    #613 UT ポケスマ Cubchoo (Brave)
    #616 UT SMR2011 Shelmet (German)
    #623 UT ジャンタ Golurk
    #635 UT カリータ Hydreigon ★ (Modest)
    #643 UT サトシ Reshiram (Timid)
    #644 UT サトシ Zekrom (Adamant)

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    i am looking for flawless dw females
    bonus points if in a dream ball

    natures other than modest of korean celebis
    europoean crown beasts (not uk)

    comment in my thread

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    i got some singapore pikachus! pm me!

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    I have Emerald Glitch Clone capabilities for:

    MYSTRY Mew UT Hardy Nature

    Now due to I am able to glitch clone these, I am willing to offer more than one* per trade.

    Two of mine for one (pokemon) event
    Six of mine for one (pokemon) event that is shiny and not normally shiny

    Also because I own both Black and White I am running through on white to obtain a lot of the 2012MAY Darkrais. If you want a specific nature let me know.

    I also have a few SPR2012 Reshirams(6) and Zekroms (2), and FEB2012 Mewtwo's (8 some UT some T).

    I have almost two boxes of Liberty Garden Victinis, Most T and some UT. 10ANNIV T Lugia is also available (Hasty).

    I am looking for any In-Life events, TRU UT Arceus, PC Chandelure, Movie14 Victini UT, Cubchoo Event, Ash's Scraggy, the Tornadus and Thunderus event (I can't remember what it's called) and basically anything else you have to offer.*

    If you want to know the natures of the multiple events I have, or anything else, just send me a note. Thanks. n.n

    * I am not accepting T Liberty Garden Victinies.
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    Black Friend Code: 3697 3078 7902

    I always have available due to Emerald Glitch Cloning:
    MYSTRY Event Mew UT Hardy
    Shiny Spearow
    Shiny Trapinch

        Spoiler:- Want List:

    Hiring someone to Pokécheck for me!

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    I'm looking for Shinsegae Manaphy
    Korean Cinema Celebi (natures I don't have)
    Korean Liberty Island Victini
    Shiny Korean Sinjoh Ruins Palkia
    Korean in-game events
    Italian eeveelutions I don't have
    Movie Keldeo
    Shiny Kyushu Train Events (Stations and pokemon I don't have)
    Wish events I don't have
    Pokemon Box events
    PCNY events I don't have
    Other events I don't have
    Different languages of events I have

    Post in shop for offers.
    Check out my shop!

    FCs for pokemon on:
    1st post of shop:
    2nd post of shop:Black fc: 0347 8768 4305

    Credit for banners and userbars goes to Mew_ and -Sarah, Pkmfn

        Spoiler:- Claims:

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    North of you, probably.


    I'm looking for the recent event Reshiram AND Zekrom.
    I don't have much to offer on my black game... but I'd really appreciate it!
    (Preferably UT/no nickname, don't care about nature)

    I do have extra DW event pokemon I wouldn't mind trading.
    Croagunk with poison touch ability, modest, jolly
    Banette with cursed body ability, jolly, sassy, mild
    Mamoswine with thick fat ability, bashful, naive

    Please feel free to message me!

    Platinum FC: 0389-9742-3861
    Black FC: 0948 6257 0075

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    I'm looking for a legit WIN2011 Celebi that unlocks Zorua in Black/White Unused please, I want the Zorua.

    To trade I have:
    Shiny Eevee - Level 5 - Timid
    Victini - Level 15 - Adamant - Untrained
    Cobalion - Level 42 - Naive - Untrained
    Virizion - Level 42 - Lax - Untrained
    Terrakion - Level 42 - Hasty - Almost to level 43
    Kyurem - Level 75 - Naive - Untrained

    I can list the moves for you, but sadly I don't know how to check EV/IV stats.

    I will have to trade using my White game.

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    i'm offering May2012 Darkcri, just let me know what nature you want and i can set it up

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    can offer the korean voltolos!

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    plz! i need that bagon event from 2003. the one that learns wish or iron defense. looking for the wish one. i have a relaxed shiny spiritomb, full 30 ivs.

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    I am looking for any shiny that I don't have, but there are some that I would prefer over others. These include:

    Nidoran F/Nidorina/Nidoqueen
    Any starters and their evolutions
    Most legendaries
    Eevee family

    Offer me any of the Pokemon on the list above and I will give you two event Pokemon, and if it's some other shiny, I will trade you one. I may even be interested in any events that are not on the list below. If you would prefer to trade me a clone, and keep your original Poke, I'm cool with that.

    My events are:

    3 TRU Arceus (Hardy)
    ALAMOS Darkrai (Brave)
    MICHINA Arceus (Calm)
    VGC09 Milotic (Timid)
    TRU Shaymin (Mild)
    10 ANIV Latias (Jolly)
    10 ANIV Latios (Gentle)
    EIGAKAN Arceus (Quiet)
    TRU Regigigas (Hasty)
    Japanese Deoxys (Jolly)
    TRU Manaphy (Mild)
    GAMESTP Pichu (Jolly)
    GAMESTP Jirachi (Hasty)

    PM me if you're interested.
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    Offering win2011 celebi
    Gamestop Jirachi
    Movie 11, Shaymin
    Fall2010 Mew
    Spring2012 zekrom
    Movie 14 Victini
    First Aniversary Mewtwo

    Looking for shinys, lvl 100's and stuff plz pm me
    #TeamRowlett (Amanda is the one whom created this magnificent image)
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    any one have a legit mew? pm me.

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    I am looking for a UN USED event dog, that i can still activate the Zoroak event, I have a Gamestop jirachi level 5 with Draco Meteor, and i can pm you with more of its info, i also have a GAMESTP Sucuine (relaxed) it was the one to unlock Zoroak with but it was used, so im not interested in it, so at the moment im highly into
    -ANY UNTOUCHED dogs that i can still do the zoroak event with
    -Maybe a nice event pokemon i would need a pm on it for more info about the pokemon
    PS i have a event deoxys. Nature: Hasty
    Friend code:
    PM ME for offers or etc!

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    Looking for these:

    - Korean Milos Island Tornadus & Thundurus of natures I don't have (see spoiler for what I do have)
    - Korean Dream World Lucario with Proof and full-redis.
    - Nagashima Spa Land Piplup of all natures other than Brave & Gentle
    - Kyushu Blaziken, Sceptile & Swampert from Miyazaki & Kagoshima stations
    - Kyushu Ludicolo, Milotic & Walrein from Beppu & Kagoshima stations
    - Kyushu Gardevoir, Metagross & Salamence from Kumamoto, Saga, Beppu & Kagoshima
    - European Spring Zekrom and Reshiram I don't have (see spoiler for what I do have)
    - VGC12 Larvitar from Spain & Italy
    - Korean Han Jiu Reshiram of all natures other than: Bold, Calm, Careful, Naughty, Sassy.
    - Milos Island Tornadus of these natures: Bashful, Bold, Careful, Docile, Gentle, Hardy, Impish, Lax, Lonely, Mild, Naughty, Quirky, Relaxed, Serious
    - European Winter Darkrai that I don't have (see spoiler for what I do have)
    - Korean Janta's Golurk of these natures: Bashful, Lax, Quiet, Rash
    - Korean Carlita's Hydreigon of these natures: Bashful, Bold, Brave, Calm, Docile, Hardy, Impish, Lax, Quiet, Quirky, Rash, Sassy, Timid
    - Pokesmash Mewtwo of these natures: Adamant, Gentle, Hasty, Jolly, Lax, Mild, Rash, Sassy
    - Korean Home Plus Darkrai that I don't have (see spoiler for what I do have)
    - ANA Pikachu of these natures: Bashful, Docile, Hardy, Impish, Lax, Rash, Sassy, Timid
    - Satoshi Reshiram of these natures: Adamant, Bold, Brave, Calm, Careful, Gentle, Jolly, Lax, Lonely, Naive, Quirky, Relaxed, Sassy
    - Carlita's Hydreigon of these natures: Adamant, Bashful, Docile, Gentle, Hasty, Jolly, Lonely, Rash
    - Summer Shelmet & Karrablast I don't have (see spoiler for what I do have)
    - Eind Victini of natures I don't have (see spoiler for what I do have)
    - Dream World Events with proof
    - Fuyuyasumi Darkrai of all natures other than Brave, Docile, Hardy, Quiet, Quirky, Serious & Timid
        Spoiler:- Events:

    Offering things in my shop, 1000's of events and shinies. Link in my sig, post there or PM me with offers.
    Visit my trade shop here

    Looking for Events!.
    White friend code: 1721-2433-6767

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    Idk XD


    I have the 2012 wi-fi event darkrai and zekrom and also DW arceus. I'll give all for a deoxys or a shaymin or one for a registeel/groudon/suicune.
    Pokemon X FC: 2063-0035-5069

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    Searching for Wish Bagon with good IVs or EV'd Wish Salamence. I have quite a bit to offer, including events, flawless, shiny flawless and more, but I'm not going to post a list, since I'm not really expecting to find this. But if you do happen to have one, pm me and I'm sure we can work something out.

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    In abyss we're trampling u


    Still Looking for French\German\Spanish\Italian VGC Larvitars offering a lot including Korean Lucario,Blissy,and lots of amazing events.

    20307 Events ,and Continuing

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        Spoiler:- Flawless/ Near-flawless:

        Spoiler:- Other:

    Looking for:

    Any UT events that I don't have. In particular:
    • #151 UT FAL2010 Mew (Timid) (ENG) Top want
    • #489 UT Hayley Phione (Timid) (ENG) Top want
    • #490 UT TRU Manaphy (Timid) (ENG) Top want
    • #492 UT TRU Shaymin (Timid) (ENG) (Random IVs) Top want
    • #493 UT TRU Arceus (Adamant) (ENG) Top want
    • Any Flawless/ near-flawless events
    • Any UT KOR events
    • UT Wish events: #083 Kangaskhan #096 Drowzee #102 Exeggcute #108 Lickitung #113 Chansey #172 Pichu (JAP) #208 Ralts (JAP) #359 Absol (JAP) #371 Bagon (JAP)
    • ^Most GBA events

    Please make all offers in my trade shop, see sig.
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    I'm looking for 10th Anniversary events (of all regions; *certain natures*) of the legendary bird trio, Ho-Oh, and Lugia.

    Also looking for Navel Rock Lugias and Ho-Ohs I don't have, as well as Colosseum/XD Ho-Ohs and Lugias.

    If interested, PM me or CMT (link in sig)


    KiltedTrainer and Miss Wolveram's Trade Boutique

    Trainer Info / Wants
        Spoiler:- clicky here:

    Use Wolveram as a referrer if you do join!!!!
    Credit goes to pkmnfn for the Ho-Oh bar

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    my events:
    movie11 shiny golurk and hydregion,zekrom and reshiram ,victini(jap),
    event11 zoroark,
    tru shaymin,
    wishmkr jirachi,
    smr2010 jirachi,
    pokesmash mewtwo and zoroark,
    spr2010pichu(t) &jap version,
    vgc evee,milotic,
    mystery egg pidove and pansage,
    world scrafty,crobat,weavile,lucario.
    Alamos darkrai,
    win2011 suicune,
    oblivia deoxys,
    movie11 shaymin,
    palcity lucario,
    old sea map mew,
    aura mew,
    hayley mew,
    tru regigas,
    pokemin center snivy,
    birth island deoxys,
    gamestp deoxys,
    birthday charmander,
    enigma stone latias and latios,
    oaks letter shaymin,
    pc tokyo healer audino,
    ash scaggy (jap)
    gamstp entei,raikou,
    e4all manaphy,
    jap dw arceus,
    birthday togekiss,
    dw chimchar,piplup,torchic,mamoswine.
    Evee evolutions espeon(t),leafeon,umbreon(t), flareon, jolteon,
    im looking for the events in my signature but my pokes must be cloned and returned.
    3DS friend code:2320 6121 5558
    black friend code:2452 0304 5156
    white2 friend code:0605 7094 3972

    WANTED EVENTS: dw glaceon from dw event, birthday chimchar, NZ manaphy,member card darkrai,pc shay min, YotD deino,baton,drudigon. fes pikachu, pikachu festival(jap),bullet train pikachu,ÉTÉ2012 pikachu, Celebrate pikachu, world12 pikachu,smr2012 pikachu, hayley pikachu, TCGWC pikachu, PKTOPIA pikachu, 10 aniv pikachu, PCNY pikachu, sum2013 palkia & giratina, world13 smeargle, toler ludicolo, rays metagross, ナゴヤ shiny magikarp,

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    I'm looking for the event Arceus in HGSS that activates the Ruins of Alph event. (Must be traded in 4th gen) I can give you back the Arceus once the event is finished. I can offer two dream world Pokemon in return.


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