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Thread: Event Trading Thread

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    I have LOADS of Event Pokemons for trade!
    PM me with what Pokemon(s) you have and i'll MOST likely HAVE them!!!
    OT: Jesse ID:
    Friend Code: 1808-3045-5838
    Pokemons i want
        Spoiler:- List:

    Pokemon's up for trade
        Spoiler:- List:

    Currently After!
    Flawless Events
    Events i dont have
    Shiny Events
    Shiny Flawless Events
    PM me if you have any↑
    Thank you

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    Looking for ut and uncloned Meloetta SPR2013 or PRI2013 03013

    I can offer ut and uncloned:
    • Deoxys Plasma 06013 Serious / Naughty
    • Mewtwo PRI2012 05012 Hardy
    • Victini PELI14 12031 Serious
    • Keldeo INV2013 01163 Calm

    PM Please
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    Shiny Hunter YT Channel:

    Last Shinies:


    My 3DS FC is 1289-9141-8371 [--Psychic-type--] PM if you want

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    I'm looking for any rare events such as shiny events, oblivia, TRU, World, VGC, Space c, alamos etc. events

    I have quite a few events for trade all of which are uncloned. The most notable ones are:-

    - Shiny Darkrai
    - Shiny Shaymin
    - Gamestop Celebi
    - Cylan's Pansage
    - Delocora Jirachis (I'm currently farming them)
    - Korean team rocket meowth's

    I have a lot more common events for trade as well.

    I am only looking for Unhacked and Uncloned pokemon


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    Hey everyone, I am looking for some more events to expand my collection. I have some events of my own to trade:
    TRU Arceus-Naive
    WIN2011 Entei
    WIN2011 Raikou-Rash
    WIN2011 Suicune-Relaxed
    Gamestop Entei-Adamant
    Wishmaker Jirachi-Mild
    SMR2010 Jirachi-Naive
    Plasma Deoxys
    Plasma Genesect-Calm
    German Worlds 2012 Pikachu-Timid
    WIN2011 Celebi-Modest
    Spanish Meoleotta-Quiet
    French Koldeo-Relaxed
    ALAMOS Darkrai-Brave

    If youre interested pm me or tag me in a post. I am into trading for any events that aren't on my list.

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    I have pokerus. I actually caught it on my game.
    Can trade on 4th or 5th gen, I prefer 5th gen trade.
    Shinys - dialga (sassy) palkia (jolly) event Pikachu (volt tackle lv. 61 jolly) raichu (lonely) gengar (quiet) seaking (docile) crobat (timid) staraptor (brave) gyarados (lv100 relaxed / lv41 impish / lv30 modest) pelipper (calm) gastrodon (timid) pidgeot (serious) kricketune (jolly) golem (relaxed) tentacruel (lax) geodude (lv12 hasty) – I caught all these shinys myself on games except palkia and dialga (gts)
    I also have all the legendary pokemon.
    I also have all the starters.
    I’ve completed my pokedex.
    I have 2 manaphys. I jap and 1 english. (brave and careful) both ranger I’d assume.
    Unfortunately I missed the events but I didn’t cheat. I got these event pokemon off of the gts. They’re not legit. Lv1 mew, lv100 mew, lv30 shaymin, lv41 shaymin, lv100 darkrai, lv100 shiny deoxys, lv100 shiny arcues, lv 100 celebi, lv 1 deoxys, lv100 jirachi, lv1 jirachi, and lv2 celebi – GREAT FOR DEX ENTRY
    Just name what you want and it’s yours.
    I am looking for shiny pokemon, and any legit event pokemon (legendaries or regular pokemon), or fake 5th gen events are okay as well just to complete the pokedex.
    I don’t care if they are Japanese or English.

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    Looking for an event-move victini with an adamant or modest nature preferably, and a relic song meloetta of any nature.
    Can offer a kinds of shinies all cloned, including a ducklett, rufflet, grimer all UT and a few trained shinies. PM me if you have them

    Black 2 FC: 3311-5646-0089
        Spoiler:- Currently seeking:

        Spoiler:- UT flawless shiny offers list:

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    Mumbai, India


    I have the following Event Pokemon:
    WIN2011 Shiny Raikou UT - Rash Nature
    WIN2011 Shiny Entei UT - Adamant Nature
    WIN2011 Shiny Suicune UT - Relaxed Nature x3
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    3DS FC: 3480 3588 2591

    Visit my Trade Shop!


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    Looking for team rockets meowth, preferably ut. PM if you'd like to make a deal, but I'd prefer to trade some dwfs for it.
    3DS Friend Code: 3840 6221 2180
    Dragon Friend Safari: Dragonair, Fraxure, Druddigon.

        Spoiler:- My Shinies:

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    Looking for unused DW starter serial codes (Korean and American), have Shiny Wish Bagon and Leech Seed Oddish (non-redis, see sig for more details on them), shiny Red and Green Pichu (the 2008 event here, non-redis) Japanese DW Pan monkeys with proof, English/German/French/Korean DW Gothorita with proof, English and German DW Pikachu (PGL event, not bred) with proof, Korean DW False Swipe Jumpluff (PGL event exclusive move) with proof and English DW Turtwig/Chimchar/Piplup with proof to offer (all my own OT).
    FC: 2921-9432-9088 IGN: David

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    Lookin for event meloetta

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    I am desperately looking for Nobunaga's Rayquazza. PM me and I can see if we can work something out.

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    Offering level 30 far away island mew from emerald, pm me if interested
    Pokemon white friend code: 5415 8273 3402
    Nintendo 3ds friend code: 4382-3407-6709

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    Looking for an Unnerve Mewtwo, pm me.
    IGN: Nick
    3DS FC: 4897 - 7040 - 0177
    Current MM:
    Previous MM's: Chansey, Furfrou, Mawile

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    Looking for an UT English Mew. Don't care if it's cloned/hacked.

    I am not sure of all the Mew events in history, but the lower level the Mew the better. My partner wants a Mew to do the story with, so the lower levelled it is the better.

    Would prefer a decent nature but it's not essential.

    I have Events, DWF, shinies, EV trained Pokemon and Items to offer. Please PM me to negotiate.

    Much appreciated x
    Pokemon X
    Name: Ry
    FC: 3926 5477 2209
    Badges: 8
    True Champion of Kalos

    Dogs of War

    HA Pokemon I have:
    Froakie, Fennekin, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Goomy, Fletchling, Venipede, Sableye, Natu, Shroomish, Mienshao, Litleo, Emolga, Blitzle, Phantump, Pumpkaboo, Dratini

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    Got these following events for trade Loooking for other natures of these events or other events,or shiny,shiny flawless,or shiny flawless

    genesect serious lv 50 ut

    meoletta serious lv 15 ut

    keldeo careful lv 15 ut

    genesect relaxed lv 50 ut

    meoletta modest lv 15 ut

    daisuki metagross brave lv 62 t

    Jeremy vulpix female quirky lv 18 ut

    korean nok 2008 manaphy mild lv 1 ut

    shiny vgc12 larvitar male adamant lv 5 ut

    dw arceus brave lv 100 t

    sing piplup female jolly lv 15 ut

    susuma mew hardy lv 5 ut

    birthday charmander male mild lv 40 ut

    korean dw squirtle male calm lv 20 t

    oblivia heatran male quiet lv 61 t

    mystery mew rash lv 10 ut

    movie 12 keldeo naughty lv 15 ut

    stongest electrivire event male serious lv 50 ut

    poke movie 11 golurk rash lv 70 ut

    feb 2012 mewtwo quiet lv 70 ut

    birthday togekiss male modest lv 10 ut

    shiny nubungas rayquaza hardy lv 70 ut

    spr2012 reshiram docile lv 100

    smr2010 jirachi mild lv 5 ut

    movie 12 meoletta hasty lv 15 ut

    movie 14 victini naughty lv 50 ut

    movie 11 shaymin relaxed lv 50 ut

    michina arceus calm lv 100 t

    tru arceus hardy lv 100 t

    crown raikou rash lv 30 ut

    crown suicune relaxed lv 30 ut

    crown entei adamant lv 30 ut

    goons scizor male adamant lv 50 ut

    10 aniv moltres quiet lv 70 ut

    2012 may darkrai relaxed lv 50 ut

    10 aniv latios male gentle lv 70 ut

    eigakan arceus quiet lv 100 t

    10 aniv latias female jolly lv 70 ut

    win2011 entei adamant lv 30 ut

    shiny japanese volt tackle pichu male jolly lv 30 ut

    peli11 shaymin timid lv 50 ut

    hadou mew sassy lv 12 t

    spr 2012 zeckrom quirky lv 100 t

    tru regigigas impish lv 100 t

    poke movie 11 hydregion male sassy lv 70 ut

    fal 2010 mew naughty lv5 ut

    reds metagross brave lv 62 ut

    esteu09 Regigigas bashful lv 100 t

    dw arceus quiet lv 100 t

    dw arceus mild lv 100 t

    win2011 suicune relaxed lv 100 t

    vote to befreind a pokemon event arceus brave lv 100 t

    gamestp raikou rash lv 30 ut

    gamestp pichu jolly lv 30 ut

    Event11 zoroark quirky lv 50 ut

    10 aniv celibe lax lv 70 ut

    pc fukuoka kyogre bold lv 80 ut

    shiny eppie mew adamant lv 30 ut

    kyushu train blaziken male naughty lv 50 ut

    gamestp jirachi careful lv 45 ut

    win2011 celibe naive lv 50 ut

    movie 12 keldeo modest lv 15 ut

    TRU shaymin mild lv 50 ut

    pcnyd salamence female sassy lv 50 ut

    space c deoxys jolly lv 70 ut

    japanese celibe sassy lv 34 t

    alamos darkrai timid lv 50 ut

    VGC 10 eevee male hardy lv 50 ut

    carlitas movie 11 hydregion male docile lv 70 ut

    shiny extreeme speed pikachu female timid lv 50 ut

    eon stone latios shiny male timid lv 35 ut

    gamestp deoxys sassy lv 66 t

    vgc 12 larvitar male adamant lv 5 ut

    pokemon ranger hatched manaphy calm lv 1 ut

    Ashes pikachu male naughty lv 50 ut

    PC fukuoka audino female serious lv 30 ut

    10 aniv typlosion male serious lv 70 ut

    10 aniv balbasaur male sassy lv 70 ut

    10 anni charizard male calm lv 70 ut

    10 aniv espeon male modest lv 70 ut

    10 aniv umbreon male careful lv 70 ut

    wishmkr jirachi bashful lv 5 ut

    genesect naive lv 50 ut

    genesect timid lv 50 ut

    german aura mew brave lv 10 ut

    hayleys mew modest lv 50 ut

    Genesect modest lv 50 ut

    meoletta jolly lv15 ut

    poke movie 11hydregion timid lv 70 flawless

    genesect relaxed lv 5o ut

    korean nok arceus adamant lv 100 t

    korean nok mew bashful lv 30 ut

    korean shin she geah febas calm lv 5 ut

    korean shin she geah munchalax relaxed lv 5 ut

    PCNYd flygon female modest lv 45 ut

    SMR2010 jirachi mild lv 5 ut

    Genesect rash lv 50 ut

    gamestp deoxys lv 50 ut flawless

    shiny kyushu event metagross lv 50 ut

    FAL2010 mew timid lv 5 ut flawless

    V create rayquaza adamant lv 100 t

    shiny WISHMKR jirachi lonely lv 5 ut

    meloetta naive lv 15 ut flawless

    shiny WISHMKER jirach timid lv5 ut

    austaralien SMR2010 jirachi naive timid lv 40 t

    shiny oaks letter shaymin timid lv 33 t

    PCNYb zangoose female brave lv 18 t

    PCNYc wailord female modest lv 50 t

    PCNYc exploud male naughty lv 50 ut

    JEREMY tauros male docile lv 25 ut

    JEREMY gengar female hardy lv 23 t

    WISH absol male lv 5 ut

    10 Aniv entei lv 70 ut

    JEREMY machamp male lv 38 t

    JEREMY ekans female lv 14 t

    WISH bagon male calm lv 5 ut

    JEREMY staryu timid lv 18 t

    Channel jirachi naughty lv 100 t

    10 ANIV zapdos naughty lv 70 ut

    10 ANIV articuno modest lv 70 ut

    10 ANIV celebi lonely lv 75 t

    ALAMOS darkrai gentle lv 50 ut

    World08 lucario(Adamant) lvl 30 UT FLAWLESS

    team plasma genesect lvl 15 slightly touched

    habo mew(docile)(luacrio movie/japan) lvl 10 UT

    susumu mew(japan)(impish) lvl 5 ut

    Baba's Flygon lvl 50 UT(japanesse)

    new movie mewtwo Movie 13 Timid lv 100 UT

    team rocket meowth Pokémon cartoon Lv 15 UT Jolly

    R&S 10th anniv. Groudon(japanese)(Adamant)lv100 UT

    R&S 10th anniv. kyogre(japanesse)(Modest) Flawless lv100 UT

    Almia Darkrai Naďve lv 50 Ut Flawless

    Keldeo Win2013 Modest lv 50

    10ANNIV Lugia Gentle lv 70 ut

    Win2013 Hasty lv 50 UT

    Decolora Adventures Jirachi Modest Lv50 UT

    Pokémon movie 12 Keldeo Modest lv 15 UT

    white :0047-4223-6840
    I now take dws,dwfs,events,and shinies and im lookin to get them all

    Free Cloning service here if want a pokemon cloned please tell me only thing is I get a copy of it

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    V create victini tMeloetta ut
    Keldeo ut
    Jap. Genesect t
    Space c deoxys ut
    Haze zekrom ut

    Shiny jirachi
    Shiny ho- oh
    Shiny electrike lvl 1
    Shiny trapinch lvl 1
    SHINY bagon lvl 1
    SHINY beldum lvl 1
    Shiny celebi

    all must be legit or no trade
    pokemon y-5215-1007-9222- gira
    Friend safari - electric - snorunt,piloswine. beartic
    completed all kalos dex's
    completed national dex

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    I have an event keldeo, meloetta, victini and deoxys i can trade , and im looking for a genesect, doesnt matter if its cloned or not im simply looking to complete the pokedex
    White 2 unova pokedex completed
    Pokemon y - foreign pokemon hunting for masuda method

    White friend code :5201 2508 7784
    White 2 friend code :4471 1042 4114
    Pokemon Y friend code : 0748-2127-6900

    Check out my youtube channel :

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    I'm interested in the Plasma Deoxys, either Calm (1st Choice), Timid or Modest in nature. I'm also seeking an unused code (or 2, one for each B2/W2) for the Sinnoh starters that walmart started putting in games shortly after it's release. I'll also take a female version (Doesn't matter if it's been leveled, evolved, whatever - if it's female that is). For the Sinnoh Starters (Code or Female) I'll trade up to 5-7 pokemon.

    Offering (ALL pokemon are UT/Flawless and legit):
    Genesect (Plasma) - you can most likely specify the Nature for this, I put the time in to get SEVERAL of it.
    Keldeo (Gamestop) - Same as above, Nature can be specified most likely, as I wasted a whole day there.
    Mighty Mewtwo (FEB2012) - Jolly
    Deoxys (Gamestp) - Rash
    V-Create Victini (Movie14) -
    Shiny Raikou (GAMESTP) - Rash
    Shiny Entei (GAMESTP) - Adamant
    Shiny Suicune (GAMESTP) - Relaxed
    Darkrai (2012MAY) - Lax
    My Pokemon Ranch Mew (Hayley) - Serious

    Please PM me if you're interested!!!

    I can also add Pokerus to whatever pokemon you want, making EV training that much easier! (Plus ya get a Medal!)

    P.S - I would like Legitimate Pokemon in return, as mine are Thanks!
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    TRU Shaymin - Lvl 50 UT Gentle
    TRU Shaymin - Lvl 50 UT Relaxed
    WISHMKR Jiriachi Lvl 5 UT Relaxed
    TRU ARCEUS lvl 100 Hardy

    In return i'm looking for Mew, Melotta, Genesect, all preferably UT.
    Pm me to arrange a trade. AJ
    Black fc: 1808 0084 3806

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    Looking for ut and uncloned Meloetta SPR2013 or PRI2013 03013

    I can offer ut and uncloned:
    • Deoxys Plasma 06013 Serious / Naughty
    • Mewtwo PRI2012 05012 Hardy
    • Victini PELI14 12031 Serious
    • Keldeo INV2013 01163 Calm

    PM Please
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    Last Shinies:


    My 3DS FC is 1289-9141-8371 [--Psychic-type--] PM if you want

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    Hello. If anyone has a spare one of ↓ these, please let me know. Thanks!

    Thanks to FairyWitch for the profile pic!

    National Dex Completed 2/13/2014, at 12:12 A.M., with 212:16 Game Time, and thanks to my friends who traded me over 200 times that week

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    Brentwood, NY


    oferring many rare and hare to find shiny's pm and let me know if interestee in them. looking for legendaries and events

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    Brentwood, NY


    i'll trade for that victini or keldeo

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    none of your business


    Looking for
    GBA events you obtained yourself and is still in 4th gen.
    Events not from DJ
    PCNY events from a,b,c and d i don't have in 4th gen. must be legit checked by an event checker
    Wish Events I don't have. again must be in 4th gen and legit checked.
    GCEA events i don't have in 4th gen( i would prefer gcea getting legit checked before trading them to me)
    More jp guidebook gothorita with proof
    More DW Starters with proof
    French, German,Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish DW Eeveelutions with proof
    More DW Events With Proof
    dw events of nationalities i don't have with proof
    Proof of legitimacy means :- Picture of PGL , Befriending board , picture of serial code , and picture of already claimed DW friend board.
    other natures of kanto sicker events
    other natures of Multirama events and characteristics of multirama zoroarks i don't have
    french aura mews and italian channle jirachis not from dj( will keep nft if requested to)
    natures of Colosseum Ho-Oh i don't have from each language and in gen 4
    more summer league pikachus with proof
    natures of 10 ANIV events i don't have in gen 4
    natures of super strong events i don't have from any statiion
    other dated pal parked jeremy events and any not from dj and in gen 4
    natures of channel jirachi i don't have from each language and is in gen 4.
    complete characteristic sets of english and foreign crown beast event
    other natures of gcea i have
    PCJP events i don't have)4th gen)
    Natures of Hadou events i don't have(4th gen)
    unused codes for english sinnoh dw starters( will trade 10 gen 5 events for a code, excluding dw events with proof)
        Spoiler:- PCNY:

        Spoiler:- GCEA:

        Spoiler:- DW Events with proof:

    1000s of events in my shop in my sig.
    pokecafe are only for trade for other japanese dw events with proof
    proof is not pokecheck analysis. read the highlighted bold part for what proof is. i do not trade for dw events that don't have proof
    Last edited by Kevin24; 24th July 2013 at 9:31 PM.
    fc 1607-3951-9913 Kevin
    second fc 5258 3034 6289 Kevin
    rare gba events-gen4&5events
    Event Shop
    update 1
    update 2
    update 3
    gen 7 events

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    Looking for Shiny Movie 16 Genesect UT *not cloned or hacked* with proof. PM me. Thanks.

    I have for trade:
    UT Lv. 100 Pokemon Center 15th Anniversary Infernape *Legit with Proof & not cloned*
    UT Lv. 50 Decolora Jirachi *not cloned*
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    SoulSilver (Japanese Version) FC: to be added
    Black (Japanese Version) FC: to be added
    Black 2 (Japanese Version) FC: 1722-4361-2108

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