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Thread: Event Trading Thread

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    none of your business


    Looking for
    GBA events you obtained yourself and is still in 4th gen.
    Events not from DJ
    PCNY events from a,b,c and d i don't have in 4th gen. must be checked
    Wish Events I don't have. again must be in 4th gen and checked.
    More DW Starters with proof
    French, German,Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish DW Eeveelutions with proof
    More DW Events With Proof
    dw events of nationalities i don't have with proof
    Proof of legitimacy means :- Picture of PGL , Befriending board , picture of serial code , and picture of already claimed DW friend board.
    french aura mews and italian channel jirachis not from dj( will keep nft if requested to)
    natures of Colosseum Ho-Oh i don't have from each language and in gen 4
    natures of 10 ANIV events i don't have in gen 4
    natures of kyushu events i don't have from any station
    other dated pal parked jeremy events and any not from dj and in gen 4
    natures of channel jirachi i don't have from each language and is in gen 4.
    other natures of gcea i have
    PCJP events i don't have)4th gen)
    Natures of Hadou events i don't have(4th gen)
        Spoiler:- PCNY:

        Spoiler:- DW Events with proof:

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    With the recent news that the Wi-Fi servers for Generations IV and V will be shutting down May 30th, I have decided to try to collect as many events and Dream World Pokémon as possible, in both generations, prior to that happening. As a philosophy, I try to obtain as many events and Dream World Pokémon as I can in the first generation they become available (the exception to this is Generation III, as Wi-Fi did not exist back then).

    With that said, the following are all of my events in Generation V games. Every single one of them is untouched, and I will be looking only for untouched events in return. I also have many shiny Pokémon that I would be willing to offer for events I do not own. For those, check the shiny trading thread. Please note that, unfortunately, at this time I cannot offer Pokémon originating from Generation V. This is because I am unable to clone them. This should change soon, and my lists will reflect this change, at that time. Also, I no longer trade for shinies, so any offers containing shiny Pokémon will be rejected.

        Spoiler:- My Events:
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    To add to my earlier post, the Arceus I want NEEDS TO BE LEGIT, as I also want it for Pokemon X dex completion.
    I'm known by the name Magiclapras everywhere. So if you think you know me from somewhere... you probably do.
    Part time shiny hunter, former competitive battler, anime watcher, dragon empress and all around top bloke.

    "The only true way to fail a shiny hunt is to give up on it" -Myself

    Lugia - Ultra Moon 8,000 SR's.
    Celebi - Crystal - 120 SR's

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    Default Wants and needs.

    I have:
    1. Movie 13 えいがかん Genesect (07133) *Hasty*
    2. Plasma Genesect (10072) *Naive*
    3. SUM2013 Giratina (09303) *Timid*
    4. SUM2013 Giratina (09303) *Lonely*
    5. SUM2013 Dialga (08193) *Gentle*
    6. SUM2013 Dialga (08193) *Impish*
    7. SUM2013 Palkia (09093) *Calm*
    8. SUM2013 Palkia (09093) *Timid*
    9. WIN2011 Raikou (02071) *Ras*
    10. WIN2011 Entei (02141) *Adamant*
    11. WIN2011 Suicune (02211) *Relaxed*
    12. GAMESTP Raikou (01031) *Rash*
    13. GAMESTP Entei (01171) *Adamant*
    14. GAMESTP Suicune (01311) *Relaxed*
    15. FEB2012 Mewtwo (02112) *Hasty*
    16. SPR2012 Zekrom (03102) *Quirky*
    17. SPR2012 Reshiram (03102) *Modest*
    18. World 13 Smeargle (08113) *Jolly*
    19. Movie 14 Victini (12031) *Lonely*
    20. Pヒルズ Mewtwo (06153) *Timid*
    21. 10 ANIV Charizard (00010) *Timid*
    22. 10 ANIV Absol (00010) *Sassy*
    23. 10 ANIV Alakazam (00010) *Quirky*
    24. 10 ANIV Blastoise (00010) *Lonely*
    25. 10 ANIV Espeon (00010) *Brave*
    26. 10 ANIV Umbreon (00010) *Sassy*
    27. 10 ANIV Blaziken (00010) *Naughty*
    28. 10 ANIV Typhlosion (00010) *Serious*
    29. 10 ANIV Bulbasaur (00010) *Serious*
    30. 10 ANIV Celebi (00010) *Lax*
    31. 10 ANIV Entei (00010) *Naughty*
    32. 10 ANIV Suicune (00010) *Lax*
    33. 10 ANIV Raikou (00010) *Hardy*
    34. フクオカ Kyogre (03172) *Naughty*
    35. VGC09 Milotic (05309) *Timid*
    36. Movie 11 カリータ Hydreigon (06171) *Timid*
    37. WORLD09 Weavile (08159) *Jolly*
    38. リサイタル Piplup (07202) *Timid*
    39. TRU Dragonite (11088) *Mild*
    40. PCYNc Seviper (00459) *Quiet*
    41. PKTOPIA Magmortar (06257) *Modest*
    42. PKTOPIA Electivire (06257) *Adamant*
    43. Pokémon Centre ブイコレ Eevee (12068) *Lonely*
    44. ANNA Kangaskhan (13814) *Naive*
    45. Hadou ハドウ Regirock (50901) *Sassy*
    46. Hadou ハドウ Regice (50901) *Serious*
    47. Hadou ハドウ Registeel (50901) *Mild*
    48. 10ANIV Latias (06227) *Jolly*
    49. 10ANIV Latios (06227) *Bold*
    50. NZ Jirachi (06199) *Lax*
    51. 10 ANIV Zapdos (00010) *Sassy*
    52. 10 ANIV Moltres (00010) *Naughty*
    53. 10 ANIV Articuno (00010) *Lonely*
    54. 10ANIV Ho-Oh (06227) *Gentle*
    55. 10ANIV Lugia (06227) *Hasty*
    56. Space C Deoxys (00010) *Mild*
    57. JBHF Manaphy (11077) *Gentle*
    58. World Hobby Fair みずのたみ Manaphy (12226) *Naive*
    59. E4ALL Manaphy (10187) *Naive*
    60. NWS Manaphy (10017) *Careful*
    61. MYSTRY Mew (06930) *Relaxed*
    62. Almia アルミア Darkrai (03208) *Quirky*
    63. WIN2013 Keldeo (01163) *Naive*
    64. SPR2013 Meloetta (03013) *Modest*
    65. Plasma Deoxys (05083) *Serious*
    66. 10 ANIV Tyranitar (00010) *Hasty*

    I am currently looking for UT Ruby/Sapphire Groudon and Kyogre events. I am also looking for the train event of Kyogre.

    Just send a PM if interested.

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    looking for psystrike mewtwo

    I have these pokemon for trade

    All on pokemon X



    Palkia / jolly - pressure lv.100 (GTS) 1iv
    Dialga / sassy – pressure lv.100 JPN (GTS) 1iv
    Gyarados / relaxed – intimidate 6iv lv.100 impish – intimidate 1iv lv.41 modest – intimidate lv.30 1iv
    UT Geodude / hasty – sturdy lv.12 1iv
    Golem / relaxed – sturdy lv.100 1iv
    Pidgeot / serious – tangled feet lv.100 1iv
    Kricketune / jolly – swarm lv.100 1iv
    Seaking / docile – swift swim lv.100 1iv
    Crobat / timid – inner focus lv.100 6iv
    Raichu / lonely – static lv.100 2iv
    EVENT Pikachu / jolly – static lv.61 1iv
    Staraptor / brave – lv.100
    Tentacruel / lax – liquid ooze lv.100 1iv
    Pelipper / calm – keen eye lv.100 1iv
    Gastrodon pink/ timid – sticky hold lv.100 1iv
    Gengar / quiet – levitate lv.100 1iv
    UT Dratini / mild – shed skin lv.1 1iv
    UT Haxorus / jolly – mold breaker lv.60 2iv
    deoxys / modest – pressure lv.100 (GTS) 6iv

    easily trade ^
    something good for >

    UT druddigon / relaxed JPN – rough skin lv.50 6iv
    UT deino / quirky – hustle lv.38 SPA 2iv
    Mewtwo / jolly – pressure lv.74 6iv
    UT Rapidash / modest – flash fire lv.49
    Sceptile / sassy – overgrow lv.49 6iv
    UT gyarados / rash – intimidate lv.33 1iv
    UT gyarados / quiet – intimidate lv.30 GER 1iv
    Arbok / bashful – shed skin lv.62 2iv
    Chandelure / careful – flash fire lv.51 1iv
    Watchdog / modest – keen eye lv.21 1iv
    Linoone / rash – pickup lv.21 JPN 1iv
    Girafarig / timid – inner focus lv.25 JPN 1iv
    Zoroark / sassy – illusion lv.100 6iv
    Golduck / relaxed – cloud nine lv.38 1iv
    Starmie / adamant – natural cure lv.25 1iv KALOS
    UT Relicanth / rash – swift swim lv.35 SPA 1iv KALOS
    UT Gigalith / lonely – sturdy lv.34 1iv
    Donphan / impish – sturdy lv.100 6iv
    UT roggnerola / hardy – sturdy lv.1 6iv
    UT Growlithe / adamant – flash fire lv.1 2iv
    Hippowdon / relaxed – sand stream lv.71 1iv
    Charizard / timid – blaze lv.100 6iv
    Ninetails / docile – flash fire lv.50 1iv
    Haxorus / adamant – rivalry lv.100 ITA 1iv
    Machamp / careful – no guard lv.30 2iv KALOS


    darkrai / naughty – bad dreams lv.100 (GTS) 2iv
    jirachi / careful relaxed – lv.100 (GTS)
    shiny deoxys / modest – pressure lv.100 (GTS) 6iv
    EVENT Pikachu / jolly – static lv.61 (Volt Tackle) 1iv
    UT manaphy / brave – hydration lv.1 1iv careful – hydration lv.76 JPN 1iv
    + can breed phione (natures will vary)

    Something amazing for>

    Event UT Celebi / hardy – natural cure lv.10 3iv KALOS
    EVENT UT Celebi / gentle – natural cure lv.10 3iv KALOS
    Event Celebi / brave – natural cure lv. 42 KOR 3iv KALOS
    Event Meloetta / hasty – serene grace lv.70 4iv
    Event Blaziken / bold – speed boost lv.72 1iv KALOS
    EVENT Keldeo / modest – justified lv.50 2iv
    EVENT Blaziken / docile – speed boost SPA lv.42 3iv
    UT EVENT keldeo / jolly – justified JPN lv.15 2iv
    UT EVENT meloetta / hasty – serene grace lv.50 4iv
    EVENT Celebi / lonely – natural cure lv.41 ITA 3iv
    EVENT Keldeo / timid – justified lv.74 SPA 1iv
    UT EVENT Keldeo / gentle – justified lv.15 1iv
    EVENT Zekrom / docile – teravolt lv.1001iv
    EVENT Genesect / serious – download lv.80 JPN 1iv
    UT EVENT Mew / naďve – synchronize lv.5 2iv
    UT EVENT Mew / naďve – synchronize lv.5 2iv
    UT EVENT Shamin / naďve – natural cure lv.30 2iv
    UT EVENT Victini / lax – victory star lv.50 1iv

    gts pokemon - not sure if theyre legit or not. I obtained on the gts and transferred them to x. They went through poke bank. So don’t ask.

    HA 5IV

    Sandile – intimidate / moxie / anger point
    Eevee – run away / adaptability / anticipation
    Charmander – blaze / solar power
    Froakie – torrent / protean
    Dratini – marvel scale

    HA 6IV

    Eevee - anticipation


    All except Landorus, Tornadus, & Thundurus



    Other Pokemon

    Close to all


    2 blazikonite
    1 mawhilite
    1 scizorite
    1 medichamite
    1 lucariontie
    1 douse drive (water cassette for genesect)
    Destiny knot
    Macho brace

    HAVE POKERUS – contracted it myself on PEARL. Can infect pokemon for you 

    Looking for

    - Mega stones: Blastoise
    - Ability capsule
    - leftovers
    - amulet coin

    - ANY legit event pokemon (the right OT or cherish ball) need darkrai!!!
    - Any shiny pokemon (especially KALOS native)
    - tornadus (good nature)
    - HA (Hidden Ability Pokemon 2+IV)

    PM me with offers

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    Looking for:
    Meloetta (OT: SPR2013 ID: 03013)

    I have:
    Darkrai (OT: 2012MAY ID: 05092)
    Genesect (OT: Plasma ID: 10072)
    Keldeo (OT: SMR2012 ID: 08272)
    Victini (OT: Movie14 ID: 12031)
    Deoxys (OT: Plasma ID: 05083)
    Reshiram (OT: SPR2012 ID: 03102)
    Zekrom (OT: SPR2012 ID: 03102)
    Mewtwo (OT: FEB2012 ID: 02112)

    Edit: Offer taken.
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    Don't know the full details but I have the following event pokemon
    -Pikachu (I know that it can't learn surf. Ability: Static)

    Please PM me thanks

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    Looking for the following:


    I'm willing to trade the following- yes, they are legit.

    Shiny Deoxys (I have three)
    Celebi (I have four- three from special distributions in 4th gen and the Pokemon bank one)
    Jirachi (I have three)
    Shiny Empoleon
    Shiny Infernape
    Shiny Misdreavus
    Shiny Weavile
    Shiny Swampert

    I also have a handful of extra non-event legendaries.

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    Looking for Arceus and Regice, I have Jirachis and Mewtwo to offer (all legit) if anyone is interested!

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    Have a 5iv movie14 victini FT open to offers.

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    Repost, I have someone who can give me on on X, still needing one on Black 2.
    I'm known by the name Magiclapras everywhere. So if you think you know me from somewhere... you probably do.
    Part time shiny hunter, former competitive battler, anime watcher, dragon empress and all around top bloke.

    "The only true way to fail a shiny hunt is to give up on it" -Myself

    Lugia - Ultra Moon 8,000 SR's.
    Celebi - Crystal - 120 SR's

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    LF: Gamestop SUM2013 Dialga

    FT: Gamestop SUM2013 Giratina
    Gamestop SUM2013 Palkia
    Mark FC: 2406-2416-2274

    The banner was over 46800 pixels so it was removed by the Signature Reaper. Please read the signature rules.

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    looking for: event keldeo (timid nature) (evs untouched) or (252 SPatk, 252 Speed)

    offering: many pokemon with DW abilities and Egg Moves (female for breeding purposes) or (male for preference) anything you need

    GEN 5 BTW
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    looking for movie events, carlitas hydreigon, vgc pokemon, worlds pokemon, pikachu events, rnged events. For trade I can rng any legend in pokemon bw and bw2. I also have a lot of events.

    pm me

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    I have several self-obtained, untouched, and uncloned RUBY and SAPHIRE shiny Zigzagoon up for trade. In exchange for your choice of any of these Pokemon, please surprise me! I am receptive to any one-for-one offers of a roughly equivalent value, such as for legendaries, shinies, and events. My only request is that the Pokemon you offer me be uncloned in turn. Please feel free to contact me via PM for further details.
    Resources and Related Services:

    6 complete Living Pokedexes (Platinum, White, White 2, Y, Omega Ruby, Sun)
    1 complete Regional Pokedex (Ruby)

    --> Available for complimentary Pokedex entry trading, or for past Generation breeding

    Access to all main-series games, as well as to all compatible GameCube and Wii titles
    --> Happy to help with activities exclusive to a specific title, such as Bank Balls, tutor moves, and more

    Access to all available breedable Hidden Ability Pokemon & Pokemon Dream Radar
    --> All reasonable Hidden Ability breeding requests honored

    Access to: 2 Complete Ditto Nature Sets (Y, Omega Ruby)
    1 Complete Ditto 0 IV Stat Set
    --> Able to breed any Pokemon with any nature and/ or 0 IV stat value

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    Offering Sum 2013 shinies Dialga, Palkia and Giratina. Looking for: Shaymin, Arceus, Darkrai, Victini, Keldeo, Meloetta, Tornadus, Mew, Jirachi, Deoxys,Celebi, Genesect
    FC: 2766-9478-4272 Friend Safari: normal type Minccino, Dunsparce and Smeargle

    Latest shiny via MM:

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    I am looking for a Shiny Eevee. Lots to trade!

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    Looking for uncloned events such as Movie events, Genesect, Arceus, Shaymin, Darkrai, Victini, Celebi, VGC events or any other events.

    Some events I have are Meloetta, Keldeo, VGC Larvitar and Movie Pichu

    PM me with Offers.

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    Ninja Lair in Hoenn


    I am hoping to be able to get all the event legendaries that I don't have before the closure of gen 4-5 wi-fi.
    I am looking for:
    -Event Entei, Raikou or Suicune (for the Zoroark)

    For trade:
    -All BP items
    -Uncaught Member Card Darkrai (Nature of your choice!)
    -Modest shiny Woobat
    -Shiny Umbreon
    -Shiny Leafeon
    -Almost all non-event legendaries

    I will accept clones.
    pm me with offers!
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    Looking for any/all event pokemon I have the following to trade :


    Lapras (OT PETER)Nature: Docile, Ability: Water Absorb, Move Set: Growl, Water Gun, Rain Dance, Ice Beam ITEM Held PP MAX


    Keldeo (OT SMR2012)Nature: Rash, Ability: Justified, Move Set: Aqua Jet, Leer, Double Kick, BubbleBeam ITEM Held PP MAX

    Deoxys (OT Plasma)Nature: Gentle, Ability: Pressure, Move Set: Nasty Plot, Dark Pulse,Recover,Psycho Boost, ITEM Held: NONE

    MEW (OT FAL2010)Nature: lax, Ability: Synchronize, Move Set: Pound , , ITEM Held: None

    Pikachu colored Pichu (OT SPR2010)Nature: Jolly, Ability: Static, Move Set:Charge,Volt Tackle ,Endeavor,Endure, ITEM Held: NONE

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    I can offer Japanese events and I'm looking for foreign Dittos and the following berries:

    Figy (1), Wiki (2), Mago (2), Aguav (3), Iapapa (2), Razz (4), Nanab (4), Wepear (4), Pinap (4), Cornn (4), Magost (4), Rabuta (1), Nomel (4), Spelon (4), Pamtre (4), Watmel (4), Yache (1), Chople (3), Tanga (3), Kasib (3), Haban (2), Babiri (2), Liechi (4), Ganlon (4), Salac (4), Petaya (4), Lansat (4), Starf (4), Custap (4), Jaboca (4), Rowap (4)
    Last edited by alakazam^; 21st April 2014 at 4:19 AM.
    Proof of getting shiny Xerneas/Yveltal
        Spoiler:- LF:

    X/AS 0602-7374-3204 (Elegant Vivillon) Y/OR 4527-8721-8292 (Monsoon Vivillon)

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    soft resetting


    Hey guys. haven't played in like 3 years. my platinum and white cartridges have a full pokedex except for genesect so i'd like to trade a pokemon for a genesect. I have like a dozen event mews because i kept resetting my gold cartridge. i have every legendary pokemon starting from original through white/black. i have some other event pokemon too i could maybe trade. a couple darkrays a couple shaymins. i have a bunch of shiney shinxes from the radar thing. im sure we can work out a trade. let me know! thanks.

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    I am desperately seeking the following events, at this time: Mighty Mewtwo, Spring 2012 Reshiram, Spring 2012 Zekrom, 2012 May Darkrai. I have tons of events and shinies I'd be willing to offer in exchange for any of them.

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    Hey guys I'm currently looking for a mew, shaymin, jirachi, and genesect. I have a shiny bulbasaur and shuckle up for trade. Both untouched as well! PM me if interested!

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    Hey! Looking for an good ol' normal yveltal, can offer a johto's mewtwo, a cobalion or an Arceus
    Pokemon X: 0447-6125-1872

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