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    I am looking for a 3rd gen Deoxys, UT and with a good nature. I can offer anything in my signature. Pm me if you are interested. Also I am lookin for a Manaphy and a Phione, again with good natures.
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    If there is any pokemon you are looking for just pm me and i will see if I have it or if I can get it.
    Also I do trade and accept clones. If you are ever unhappy with a trade or think the pokemon is hacked I will trade back.

    (Some of the pokemon I can trade, I do have more)

    (I have these shiny)

    Platinum friend code: 0304 6943 4051
    Trainer name: Matt

    HG friend code: 5458 6538 2849
    Trainer name: Melissa (I am a guy I just sometimes play as a female)

    White friend code: 1808 0407 5622
    Trainer name: Matt

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