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Thread: Eggmove Trading Thread

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    I'd kill for an adamant nature Pikachu that knows volt tackle. I don't have much to offer, but I just wanted to have one that I can teach iron tail to and transfer it over to my X game... but PM me, and we'll talk.
    Casual player. Looking for having a fun time or to experiment. Singles, double or triple are perfect!
    No mega evolution or legendaries, please. Will not disconnect just because I'm "losing", neither will I stall. I'm playing for fun. Losing or winning: I'm having fun. Henchfore, if I disconnect or if I remain inactive for a long time, I have valid reasons to do so (90% of the time, it is parental inference).

    My FC is: 1950-8871-1916.
    The safari... I'm normal-type apparently.

        Spoiler:- My wish list:

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    I'm looking for a male lileep with stealth rock, please pm me~

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    Could someone teach my shiny yamask pain split and knock off? i don't have black 2...
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    need larvitar with stealth rock offering phione or other pokemon pm me
    Looking for: <<crown event

    Offering: shiny tons of regular pokemon and starters

    Friend Safari:

    3ds friend code: 3368-2875-5297

    Looking for any friend safari: especially sableye or marril

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    Been Breeding Larvitars for a while currently have 3 of them with 6IVs
    Move set is Pursuit, Stealth Rock, Dragon Dance, and Outrage
    adamant nature guts ability
    seeking shinies or other 6IV pokemon that might breed for a shiny later

    Pm if interested
    3DS FC:0559-6817-0288
    Pokemon in Safari are Octillery, Floatzel, and Frogadier, Water Type

    MMing: :679: 10 Eggs so far
    Success: 135 Eggs

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