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    Still trading some little guys;

    IV Bred Pokemon:


    V5EM: 12/4/14/23/4/31
    FM3V: 26/28/14/23/18/31
    J5S8: 14/28/2/10/26/31
    EN3X: 2/31/14/3/28/31

    HN34: 12/18/24/23/28/31

    D4Z5: 12/16/4/12/12/31


    I4VY: 31/16/31/16/26/6
    72XA: 31/6/31/18/31/31 Traded!
    C38K: 31/10/31/2/31/28
    G47C: 28/14/31/22/26/14
    G5X7: 28/24/31/20/31/16

    Scraggy w/ Dragon Dance, Drain Punch and Ice Punch

    D6Q9: 16/31/12/1/31/31 F Moxie
    58JR: 20/31/31/28/31/31 F Shed Skin
    BL2W: 28/31/18/18/8/31 M Moxie

    Shroomish W/ Spore, Leech Seed, Charm and Seed Bomb

    U2E9: 16/31/18/8/12/31 Poison Heal
    HV37: 28/31/6/31/16/31 Poison Heal Traded!
    R4Z9: 26/31/10/28/6/31 Effect Spore
    B2WA: 16/28/31/24/8/31 Effect Spore
    2ZA8: 16/31/0/2/24/31 Effect Spore

    Vullaby W/ Roost

    W31F: 10/31/24/28/31/26 Traded!

    Deino W/ Dark Pulse


    8EUK: 6/10/18/31/31/31
    62EL: 6/21/6/31/31/31
    A37G: 8/31/31/4/16/31 Traded!
    7BM8: 31/21/8/31/6/31
    RN48: 2/14/2/31/31/31

    Looking for impish skarmory with roost, whirlwind and good IVs but other offers are welcome too =D
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    PM me if you're interested in a trade! Looking for other IV bred pokes, but I'll consider anything

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