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Thread: IV Bred Trading Thread

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    i am looking for legendaries, events, or shinies

    Well bred powerhouses up for trade:

    14/26/31/31/31/31, dra 70, m, hustle, modest, tackle, dragon rage, dark pulse
    *31/02/29/31/20/31,gho 47, f, hustle, modest, dragonbreathm crunch, slam

    13/03/31/31/25/02, ice 49, f, pressure, modest, pursuit, confuse ray, spite, shadow sneak
    31/01/29/31/12/08, bug 40, m, pressure, modest, pursuit, confuse ray, spite, shadow sneak
    19/08/24/31/25/31, ice 45, m, pressure, modest, pursuit, confuse ray, spite, shadow sneak
    04/31/31/31/15/11, dra 69, f, pressure, adamant, pursuit, confuse ray, spite, shadow sneak
    24/31/08/31/25/24, ele 41, m, pressure, modest, pursuit, confuse ray, spite, shadow sneak

    27/31/28/25/31/31, dra 57, f, arena trap, adamant, bite
    15/31/23/25/21/31, dar 39, m, hyper cutter, hasty, bite
    12/28/21/25/24/31, gho 37, f, arena trap, adamant, bite
    *31/28/23/14/5/31, gra 48, f, hyper cutter, adamant, bite

    31/31/31/06/26/02, fly 70, m, guts, adamant, leer, iron tail, iron head, rock slide

    20/31/31/03/12/31, ste 49, m, sand veil, adamant, tackle
    27/31/20/12/10/31, poi 57, m, sand veil, adamant, tackle
    *27/31/29/31/20/24,bug 42, f, sand veil, adamant, dragon rage, sandstorm, take down, sand tomb

    31/19/31/31/20/31, ste 49, m, technician, adamant, quick attack, leer, baton pass, false swipe
    11/31/31/31/20/31, ste 49, f, technician, adamant, quick attack, leer, baton pass, false swipe
    25/31/13/05/31/31, dar 56, f, swarm, adamant, quick attack, leer, baton pass, false swipe
    24/29/31/31/30/31, ste 68, m, swarm, adamant, quick attack, leer, baton pass, false swipe
    31/31/02/28/21/31, gra 39, f, swarm, hasty, brick break, focus energy, pursuit, false swipe
    *0/31/26/31/08/31, gho 49, m, technician, adamant, wing attack, false swipe, baton pass, fury cutter

    31/20/19/31/31/30, psy 68, m, illusion, modest, scratch, leer, taunt
    29/18/26/31/31/31, ice 69, m, illusion, modest, scratch, leer, taunt, torment
    26/11/30/31/31/31, ice 70, f, illusion, modest, scratch, leer, taunt, torment
    11/30/01/31/31/31, dra 67, m, illusion, modest, scratch, leer, taunt, torment
    10/30/31/31/31/31, dra 70, m, illusion, modest, scratch, leer, taunt
    *31/31/14/31/31/11,dra 70, m, illusion, modest, taunt, foul play, toment, agility

    22/31/31/26/25/31, gra 49, m, rock head, adamant, rage
    31/31/31/09/04/31, ste 39, f, rock head, adamant, headbutt, focus energy, ember, dragonbreath
    31/22/14/30/31/31, wat 70, m, rock head, adamant, rage
    15/31/19/27/31/31, dar 70, m, rock head, adamant, leer, headbutt, focus energy, ember
    19/31/19/11/31/31, dar 70, m, rock head, lax, rage
    23/31/30/31/11/31, dra 70, m, rock head, adamant, rage
    31/25/26/31/29/31, dra 48, m, rock head, adamant, rage
    16/31/31/20/31/31, gra 59, f, rock head, adamant, rage
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    adamant DW 31/31/31/31/31/29

    I breed iv's upon request. What i have in stock: pm me for a detailed list



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    i have a flawless german ditto up for trade (perfect for IV breeding and masuda method). Looking for shinies, flawles/near flawless pokemon and also events. PM me if youre interested

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    LF Shiny Flawless/near flawless or events I don't have

    OF: Flawless events/shiny flawless/non-shiny flawless/events/dwf's/ shinies
    I also have EVERY tradeable item, and I can clone/ev train/ev removal(berries)/level up e.t.c.

    pm/vm me if your interested clones are fine but no hacks/pokecheck pokemon

    Also got my hands on a semi-redis naive flawless dw bulbasaur(meaning I can trade it to you but you can't trade it to anyone else check out my sig for more)
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    Looking for adamant natured swinub and sassy natured larvitar both UT
    I can offer all gen 3 starters, and some others.

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    Looking for DW(female only) vulpix, Gligar, dratini, gible, poliwag, slowpoke, heracross, eevee, abra, sandshrew, snorunt

    I have pokerus and can breed for egg moves and Iv for quite a few pokemon

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    Looking for Outstanding mankey's with atleast 3 max iv's.

    I'm an IV breeder myself, so we can settle a fair trade.
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    Looking for a Skill Link Shiny Flawless Adamant Cloyster.
    Looking for pokerus this times
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    anyone have 31 Atk IV bug pokemon? I could offer some IV bred pokemons, and pkrs pokemons.

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    Some IV bred pokemon for trade
    IV Order: HP, Atk, Def, SpAtk, SpDef, Spd

    x/x/x/31/x/31, Hasty, Male
    x/x/x/x/31/31, Hasty, Male
    x/x/31/x/x/31, Hasty, Male

    x/x/x/31/x/x, Modest, DW Ability, Female
    x/31/x/31/x/x, Modest, DW Ability, Female
    31/x/31/x/x/x, Modest, DW Ability, Male
    x/x/x/31/x/31, Modest, DW Ability, Male

    31/x/x/x/x/31, Modest, Female

    x/x/31/x/31/x, Timid

    x/31/x/x/31/x, Adamant, Female

    Looking for Yellow or Red shards, any non-elemental evolutionary stones, or any other IV bred pokemon.
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    Closed - No longer have IV breds
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    Hi. I'm pretty new here and I was recommended to come here to look for untrained pokemon with high/near flawless IVs. I would be very appreciative if I could obtain 3 specific flawless/near-flawless pokemon.

    Nature: Jolly
    Ability: Toxic Boost
    Shiny if Possible

    Nature: Adamant
    Ability: Torrent
    Not Shiny

    Nature: Impish
    Ability: Intimidate
    Not Shiny

    Pm me if you can help me with my dream team. I'd like if these guys were all untrained so I can do the EVs myself.
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    Really looking for a Ditto Adamant/Modest/Careful/Timid Flawless !

    Looking For:

    1. Scizor OT:クリスマス ID: 12213 Lv 25 Pokémon Center/Toys 'R' Us Christmas Event JAP
    2. Scizor OT: 새해복많이 ID: ???? Lv25 (Greetings for the New Year Pokémon) KOR
    3. Schyter Lv 5(SonicBoom Scyther) Gotta Catch 'Em All event JAPAN 2003
    4. Sneasel Lv 5(Moonlight Sneasel) Gotta Catch 'Em All event JAPAN 2003
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    Default Eevees with IV's (and some DWF's too)

    Stacked the Masuda Method with the Shiny Charm and I still hatched entirely too many Eevees. I tried to hang on to some of the ones with good IVs, but after a while I just hard to start releasing everything that wasn't shiny. When I finally got my shiny it only had one perfect IV, but at least I got the hidden ability.

    Anywho, I've got a ton of Eevees now that I'm putting up for trade. The only problem is: There's not very much left that I still want. My Pokédex has everything except for a few event legends. However, there are a few items that interest me. I might consider other offers, but it should be something pretty exciting, considering all of the time I've spent on breeding.

    I have a total of 64 of them up for trade. I've tried to prioritize them by their approximate value. Most valuable first, least valuable last. Starting with the Quadruple Flawless, then Triple Flawless DWF, Triple Flawless DWM, Triple Flawless regular, Double Flawless DWF, and Single Flawless DWF. If I don't specify a gender or ability, then it is Male with a regular ability.

        Spoiler:- Eevees for Trade:

    For the Quadruple and Triple Flawless, I will accept the following items:
    Muscle Band, Wise Glasses, Focus Band, Choice Band, Choice Specs, Choice Scarf, Focus Sash

    I'd also accept any legit UT Event legends if anyone thinks it's a worthwhile trade. (I don't think it is, but if someone wants one of my Eevees that badly, I won't complain.)

    For the DWF Double and Single Flawless, I will accept any DWF's that I don't already have.
        Spoiler:- My DWF's:

    I'll also accept PP Max, Rare Candy, Comet Shard, Pearl String, Relic Band, Relic Crown, or Relic Statue for the DWFs.

    I'll edit this post as trades are completed.
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    Interested in legit Pokémon in Dream or Apricorn balls.

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    Hello all
    looking for

    Ghastly lv1
    timid nature
    perish song egg move
    flawless (if its low in attk that ok but I need the other stats to be 31)
    Don't care about the gender or if its shiny or not

    Magnamite lv1
    Modest nature
    Sturdy ability
    flawless (same as the ghastly, low attack is fine)
    Don't care about shiny

    Sawk lv1
    adamant nature
    Sturdy ability
    flawless (for this one, I just care about 31s in attack and speed everything else I don't care. But hey the higher the better XD)

    Nincada lv1
    jolly nature
    flawless(don't care about special attk but I need at least HP and speed to be 31s)

    As for what I can offer?
    I can get you anything that can be bred with a ditto (including all starters), pokerus, any non-event legendary and certain event ones, and most battle point items.
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    Hi! I am offering IV Bred Mawiles. Here's a list of their natures and IVs:

    these Mawiles have the Jolly Nature below:

    F Mawile - Likes to thrash about - ability: Intimidate
    IVs: 12 / 31 / 31 / 29 / 15 / 31

    F Mawile - Likes to thrash about - ability: Hyper Cutter
    IVs: 13 / 31 / 31 / 10 / 19 / 30

    F Mawile - Often dozes off - ability: Intimidate
    IVs: 31 / 31 / 02 / 30 / 00 / 23

    This Mawile has the Adamant Nature below:

    F Mawile - Somewhat vain - ability: Intimidate
    IVs: 31 / 27 / 31 / 07 / 31 / 18

    I am looking for other IV bred Pokemon in the field (ground) egg group Only. Pm me if you're interested in any of these few Mawiles.

    I will update this post as I go, that's it for now!
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    *Offer ended*
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    I've been hatching Zoruas for a shiny, and I have some leftovers with 2-4 flawless stats. I want some power and choice items, but feel free to make any offers. I'll take many different items/pokemon. PM offers

    Gender - Nature - Ability - IVs

        Spoiler:- Four Flawless IVs::

        Spoiler:- Three Flawless IVs::

    I have too many 2-flawless stats to list, so feel free to make a request too! I'll see what I have

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    I'm looking for a DWF Kabuto with the following IVs

    30-31/31/30-31/x/25-31/31 Any nature. As you can see only a select few need to be perfect.

    I can offer DWFs, items, I breed as well.

    Breeding female kabutos is a real pain so I'd appreciate some help.

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    Looking for an IV Bred Charmander from a Non-English Game.

    Default name in Japanese, French, German or Korean.
    IVs - Four Perfect IVs (31) in either HP / Attack / Defence / Special Defence / Speed.
    Gender - Female
    Ability - Blaze(Non-Dream World)
    Nature - Adamant
    Level - 1
    OT - Yours

    Dratini - Female - Adamant - Marvel Scale - Extreme Speed - IV(x/31/31/x/31/31)

    or Dream World Females, Eggmove Males or IV bred pokemon. PM me.

    Edit : Received.
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    I'm looking for 3 near flawless Softboiled Magic Guard Clefairys/cleffas, Bold, Modest, and Calm, named Selena, Diana, and Luna, if possible. PM if this is something you can do.
    Some things I have to give in return:
    [SPOILER]Events: -VGC 10 Eevee
    -Fal2010 Mew
    -Win 2011 Celebi x3
    -SMR2010 Jirachi
    -SPR2010 Pichu
    -GMSTSP Jirachi (Don't have an untouched one D: )
    -Japanese Movie Celebi
    -Gmstp Entei
    -Gmstp Raikou
    -Gmstp Suicune
    -Japanese Raikou
    -All Gen V Wifi Events except Darkrai
    -Gamestop Keldeo
    -Gamestop Meloetta

    -Wobbufett (Female)
    -Mr. Mime (touched)
    -Weezing (touched)
    -Swampert (Touched)
    -Gardevoir (touched) [/SPOILER]
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    Hey, I'm kinda new here. I'm looking for a flawless/near flawless naive regenerator mienfoo/mienshao with HP Ice, flawless/near flawless (may accept 31 SPatk/31Speed with others being poor) timid Magic Guard Abra (HP fire preferred but not required. HP ice also quite nice), and flawless/near flawless timid magnet pull magnemite with HP fire.

    I can offer a very good IV Darkrai, DWF slowpoke, bagon, dratini, poliwag, eevee, gligar, heracross, tentacool, tangella and swinub. I also have a very good IV relaxed pineco, timid eevee DW, and 1 bold eevee DW and 1 bold vaporeon(lvl1 no evs). I also have a good naive cloyster with skill link EV trained and EV/IV trained careful shed skin scrafty. I can breed extreme speed dratini, icicle spear swinub/seal/corsella and have a number of items as well, including leftovers, air baloon, eviolite, power band, power lens, rocky helmet, a master ball, some evolution stones and expert belt. PM me if interested

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    looking for 2 eevee (or umbreon and glaceon) that has at least near flawless iv's, shininess i'm not too bothered about. one eevee/umbreon be careful nature and the other/glaceon a modest nature, ev's is optional (umbreon 232 HP / 44 Def / 232 SpD ) glaceon 248 HP / 12 Def / 248 SpA , and for the moves (if possable) (umbreon: toxic/endure or yawn/dream eater,wish and double team) glaceon: wish,ice beam,shadow ball and hidden power(ground)
    as a side note the ev's and move are optional though i would appreciate it. i'll be offering 2 starter eggs of any of the following= bulbasaur, charmander, squirtle, treecko, torchic or cyndaquil (i can hatch them before trade if need be, it'll just take longer)
    message me if your interested
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    i have a ut nicknameable bold magic gaurd female sigilygh with eggmoves psycho shift and stored power its ivs are 31/3/31/11/31/29. i would like a LEGIT shiny or another poke with very very good ivs. please pm me
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    I'm looking for flawless dittos of all natures for IV breeding/nature breeding.

    Offering shinys/events.
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    Trading:eevee, bulbasaur, charmander, squirtle, cyndaquil, raikou, (legendaries must be discussed)
    For: skitty, raltz (female), growlithe, poocheyena

    Preferably just bred or EV train lower thdn evel 30


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