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    Default Trade Forum Blacklist

    Note that this blacklist is also for the 4th gen & 5th gen, but there will only be one now to avoid confusion.

    Post here if you have been scammed in the trade forums. Remember to provide as much evidence as you possibly can (including screenshots of PMs and such, note that you can use the Report button on a PM to send an exact copy to all mods), so that we can determine if the scam happened.

    Follow this form when you post, filling out as much as you can:

    Username of Scammer
    In-Game Name
    Friend Code
    What happened (post the story of what happened here, including all evidence you may have)

    Any members caught scamming will receive a 3 week ban.

        Spoiler:- Blacklist:

    Also remember this is only to report scammers. If you want to know if your Pokemon is hacked, find the thread in the main forum.

    I am also including some tips for saving evidence when trading so that if your trade partner does end up being a scammer, we can properly punish him/her.

        Spoiler:- Tips:
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    be sure to read the rules of every section before posting ;)
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