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I am not here because I am wondering if my pokemon are hacked, I KNOW they are hacked. I traded with Miss Emo Girl for a Mew and Shaymin from her trade shop. When I received the Pokemon, I learned that they were caught in Johto. This isn't possible. I am not the only one in this boat. There are others who've checked their Pokemon from her in the Hack Check Thread, and they were deemed hacks. Khybon asked her if they were legit and she said yes. He has no proof other than the Pokemon themselves. I wasn't told they were hacks, and feel cheated since I gave her shinies. The only proof I have are the Pokemon themselves.

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Well, I'm pretty sure it only says when they got migrated I.e. My Ho-oh only said "arrived at level 74". If that's the case, then she could have just traded them over from Platinum to use them.