Just a reminder that there's no need to say 'oh don't trade with ____ they are a liar/etc'; happy or not with the outcome there's no place for that here.
As you can guess, this is not the result I'm looking for. With all due respect, I'm kinda surprised someone like him is still on here. He's proved a hacker, he's proved a liar, he's very disrespectful, and he's immature. It surprises me.
Because, as the system here is set up and a multiple-mod decision, he did trade backs and there is yet no proven case that he traded/scammed anything since then. Other points there besides trading hacked Pokemon that's actually against the rules (last I checked being supposedly immature on a Pokemon forum isn't against the rules =p) had been dealt with separately and have no bearing on being the trade blacklist or not; only hacks/scams have to do with it. (Think of it as the 'forum blacklist' in a way with infractions/bans).

Will post if more relevant info comes through, still some stuff being checked as mentioned before.

(Also no, wouldn't call myself a movie nut).