I would also like to report Cuava
We were arranging a trade last week, I think Friday, Cuava kept changing our arranged trade saying oh I want this thing, or I want that, we arranged to trade Saturday morning EST but then they randomly said sorry can't trade til maybe 7:30 pm your time, also kept bugging me asking for my bear flawless adamant DW torchic and saying they'd trade me their DW torchic for it, I asked about the torchic's OT and everything they never really said what it was, also wouldn't drop that I said no that I didn't want the torchic after about 20 PM's later, I ended up getting 220+ PM's from Cuava since Friday, I didn't take pictures cause I deleted all their PM's you can understand cause over 200 in less than 2 days is complete bull Crap -_- they ALSO kept saying they'd trade me this Pokémon, or that, then I'd say sure and they'd go and say sorry its taken, why the F*** would you offer something then randomly say its taken, I don't get why Cuava is doing this but at least I know I wasn't the only person who knows of this circumstance