Reporting: TheShiningCaterpie
Game name: Tyler
FC: 0905 8992 2644
He was interested in my WISHMKR Jirachi, as can be seen from my shop posts. Then when decided I was interested in his neutral-natured Tepig when I was told he RNG'd, we proceeded with the trade.
His connection was awfully glitchy, which made a little skeptical on the trade, but went with it.
I had Hiyy11 begin to clone it for me, but then found out one of his friends that had traded with TheShiningCaterpie was given a hacked Growlithe. I had him check it for me before cloning, sure enough it's a hack.
I sent him a PM less than an hour ago, he was on. No word for 20 minutes, so I proceeded to post the Pokecheck link on his VM and told him I expected an immediate return on my Jirachi. Then he's off.

I have SS of the conversations and he says he's an RNGer on his signature as well. But clearly is giving out hacks.

Also, I'm not sure if I did this correctly, but Hiyy11 told me to come here and post the event that happened.