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    Quote Originally Posted by marufzubery View Post
    list of shinies i have(warning-this may be unbelievable for many many and i mean many people but its true).i have shiny-charmander,deoxys,ARCEUS,lugia and rayquaza

    how i got them u ask? well its easy it takes forever .to get arceus it toook me 10344 times to turn on/off my ds and talk to it.same with lugia and rayquaza but i dont remember how many times ...36 times with times to get charmander and 88468 times to get deoxys.

    breeding charmander, number of times tried-27.may trade for another shiny pokemon -???????????????
    or for these pokemon-celebi,ho-oh,darkrai
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    Quote Originally Posted by The 4th KIRA View Post
    Well, as I posted back in the HG/SS thread, I had been soft resetting for a Shiny Mewtwo at the Cerulean Cave. I was there for about a week and I went all the way to 7000+ soft resets in my quest for a Shiny Mewtwo. Finally, just two days ago, I managed to find that Shiny Mewtwo at long last. Here is a picture of the encounter screen when the Shiny finally appeared before me. I weakened it and then captured it in a Dusk Ball since that was easier. I didn't nickname it, since I plan on trading it at some point. Anyway, I really like the green coloration of the Shiny Mewtwo sprite. I'm going after a couple more Shinies next. I'll update with those as soon as I find them
    Great job! U've done many SR's. Which nature he has?
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    My current shiny hunting progress...

    - [Pt] Eevee for Leafeon, Flower Paradise, Matsuda Method - 172MM's..
    - [Pt] Gastly, Old Chateau - 4200RE's..
    - [Pt] Cresselia, for Route 210 - 2005SR's..
    - [SS] Raikou/Entei, for Route 44 - 228SR's..
    - [SS] Absol, Sinjoh Ruins, Matsuda Method - 910MM's..
    - [SS] Koffing, Burned Tower - 2505RE's..
    - [SS] Abra, Goldenrod City - 4550x5SR's..


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