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Thread: Official 4th Gen Shiny Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by CuteyLauren View Post
    first one with a Master Ball. I then flew to Hearthrome and checked the stats of both Beldum. The one caught in a Master Ball had an Adamant Nature, the other one had an Impish Nature. I then saved the game three times to ensure I would not lose it.
    I do the same thing on my games, though not always in 3s.

    Dominate shiny video:

    There will be more to come, including the end.

    Sorry for the video's longevity. An editor has my permission to trim it to leave any 'good' parts and cut the dead silence.

    The best for this next one is 29:14.

    Tell what you all think.

    The finale in 3. But they're not long.:

    Please do comment.
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    Actually, how did you all get your own shinies?
    When my first shiny ever i caught , ralts , i use the method which is using an expel then walk along the grass and finally i get my first shiny. There is also a method that is known as the masuda also works!

    Tell me how did you all catch shinies.


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    as with all my Shiny pokemon, i have found another one at random.

    I had just Started a new game of Soul Silver.

    I was training a Sentret on Route 30, and out pops a Shiny Pidgey.

    I have the Best luck with Shinys in HG/SS.

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    I ran into a shiny bidoof in Platinum. I also ran into a shiny diglett which actually had 5 ivs xD not in all the right stats but still 5 ivs and the 6th one was like 15-24. It was jolly nature two but thats because i had a jolly xatu at the front of my party with synchronize even though jolly sucks for xatu it was my in game team

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    Found a random shiny Staravia outside Turnback Cave in Pearl and got a shiny Torkoal over the GTS in Soulsilver in exchange for a legendary (don't remember what exactly). My favorite shiny of my 19 (5 random, 2 trade, 2 fixed, 10 event) total across my games would be the shiny Zapdos (With Modest Nature ) I caught randomly in Soulsilver. Best game moment ever.
    I've spent a ridiculous amount of time looking for a shiny Pinsir in Pearl with Pokeradar but no luck as of yet. Also got the shiny Gyarados and event legendary dogs, but those aren't exactly a surprise.
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