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Thread: Join my GTA:Online crew - Grove St Revival

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    Default Join my GTA:Online crew - Grove St Revival

    Hey errbody,

    With the release of GTA V just a few dozen hours away and the the release of Online shortly following it. I've made a new crew, called "Grove St Revival", on R* Social Club. It's only me at the moment but I have several friends that will be joining soon.

    Anyone can join, only it's preferred that you're 16+ years old, speak fluent english, and don't suck.
    And the only requirement once in the crew is that you wear at least one piece of green clothing(hat,shirt,jacket,etc.)
    Of course you must also fight anybody thats dressed in purple and refers to themselves as a "Balla" (rival gang/crew)

    So anybody interested please follow the link, create a R* Social Club account and link your gamertag, if you haven't already done so, then click "request invite" or "join" I'm not sure which it will say for you. If you have any problems joining, or questions feel free to comment.

    Thanks errbody and can't wait to see you around Los Santos!

    socialclub.rockstargames .com/crew/grove_st_revival_
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    I'm not sure if this is allowed here.
    Your a Xbox user, right? I might join since I'm not part of a crew.
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